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Romans 8:28: A Reflection

Winson Jim Toledanes is a BSED-English student at Central Philippine Adventist College. He wants to explore the world of writing.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 KJV).


God’s Assurance and Comfort

Have you ever experienced challenges, sufferings, persecutions, or felt like everything seems wrong with your life?

This particular verse found in the Book of Romans chapter eight, verse twenty-eight, is written by the apostle Paul, a faithful man that has suffered so much in doing the work of God. A man filled with so many trials and struggles in life and placed in many situations and environments. He experienced imprisonment, persecution, aggression, hatred, physical abuse, and other life-threatening experiences.

Considering how much Paul has suffered, agonized, and endured, it is incredible and astounding to perceive that he still has the confidence to say that in doing the work of God, “all things work together for good.” It displays a sincere gesture of conviction and trust that he genuinely believes that in doing the mighty work of God, despite whatever circumstances he might face, he knows that it is a part of the plans of God for him.

He believes that no matter what happens, God has a purpose for everything, a good plan ahead, and all things will work out as long as he remains in God.

Therefore, the statement "all things work together for good” is a message and a reminder for us to trust more in God, that He has a plan for us, and that however big or small our troubles might be, God will give us victory over them. It is a simple yet heart-warming and comforting message that gives us a glimpse of God's great love, protection, and assurance.

Love God

The message of Romans 8:28 has sorted out specific qualifications for us to attain and experience the promise it offers, and one of them is to love God.

As a creation of God, our innate perception and reaction must be to love our Creator. More than that, our God has done so much to give us many reasons to love and appreciate Him. He even sent His only begotten Son that we may restore our relationship with the Father, receive salvation, and an opportunity to attain eternal life. And the greatest reason that we must love God is that He first loved us.

When we love God, we have so much to gain and nothing to lose. It will be for our best to love the One True God and Creator. To love the One who truly loves us despite our imperfections.

However, loving God is not simple. It is not done by simply saying that you love God. Showing love to God does not end only in being active in the church or always being present in every church outreach. God searches through our hearts, and He knows whether we truly love Him or not. He knows if we are true and sincere in doing His ministry and serving His people.

Therefore, let us continue to show our love and appreciation to God by spending more time with Him and sharing and imparting the love of God to others. Lastly, let us always remember that in such efforts, we must sincerely have that love for God and the love of God deep within our hearts.

Answer the call of God

Each of us is called to do the will and purposes of God, but it is up to us whether we answer or not or do we obey His will or not.

Once again, Roman 8:28 says,

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 KJV).

This wonderful promise of God is applicable and available for everyone as long as we love God and do His will.

We know that in every mistake or wrong decision, we are bound to experience and suffer consequences, for it is because of sin that we experience drawbacks, difficulties, troubles, and other miserable things. But, in the apostle Paul's case, he was experiencing so much trouble because of his faith in God.

In doing God's work, will, and purpose, we are not bound to experience all the best in life while we are here in this sinful world. We will never avoid or prevent ourselves from experiencing constant struggles, challenges, and trials.

However, if we are in Christ, doing His work, will, and purpose, we have this hope, comfort, and assurance that we are guaranteed victory and the power to overcome any obstacle we might face in our daily walk with Christ.

The difference between experiencing hardship through the consequence of sin and doing the will of God is that being bound by sin makes us hopeless, lost, and worthless, but when we do the will of God, our hardships drive us to pursue God more, depend more on Him, and do more of His will.

Closing Thoughts

Therefore, let us hold onto this promise of God in Romans 8:28, follow the example of apostle Paul, and live a life filled with assurance that as long as we love God and do His will, we are guaranteed to be okay.

© 2022 Winson Jim Toledanes