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Why I'm Looking Forward to Going to Heaven: My True Home

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


People might have different reasons for wanting to go to heaven and spend eternity there. Then on the other hand, perhaps some people have never thought about it or don't think about it often.

Many disciples of Christ have admitted that they are not necessarily looking forward to their eternal home because they think they might be missing out on something here on earth. Earth is a temporary place, but heaven is forever. What we have on earth is pale in comparison to what we will enjoy in heaven.

I am not ashamed to say that I look forward to going to heaven because heaven is my true home. I am just passing through this earth, but my true citizenship is in heaven and I should eagerly wait to go there, according to Philippians 3:20. I think about heaven on a daily basis. In fact, I pray "Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:20).

God made our bodies for the earth where we have our physical being, but we were created for the new heaven and the new earth. Heaven will not be a boring church service; rather, it will be a place of endless joy and peace.

There are several reasons I look forward to going to heaven, and I long to be there.

1. To Be in the Presence of God

I look forward to being in the presence of God to look upon His face and to worship Him continually. Worship in heaven will be so much different than it is done in churches or in the privacy of our own homes.

In heaven, we will be able to see God as we worship Him, and it will be true worship. It will not be a response to a pastor telling us to do so. It will not be because a choir director tries to usher us into the presence of God. We will always be in His presence without anyone coaching us to do so.

We will say like the twenty-four elders in the Book of Revelation who bowed before God. We will be like the heavenly host who sang "Holy, Holy, Holy."

Instead of preaching, teaching, and writing about God, I will be able to be in His presence forever. I will never be alone again. I will always be with Him and He will always be with me (1 Thessalonians 4:17). I will have the freedom to serve God without limitations or instructions from dictators in the church who want things done their way.



2. To Love and Be Loved Unconditionally

There is pure love in heaven, and I look forward to experiencing that kind of love. It is more superior than the love we could ever experience on earth. No matter how much we love our mates, children, and other family members, that love is nothing like the pure emotion we will feel in heaven. There will be no conditions or strings attached to the love in heaven. Pure love will exude from us because we will embody love just as God does. We will experience love in its purest form for God, for others, and for ourselves.

3. Genuine Fellowship

We have friends on earth, but sometimes they fail us. They hurt us and misunderstand us. We often mistrust them because of some unkind act they have done to us. They mistrust us because they don't understand who we really are under our masks.

Only good things will be heaven, including genuine friendship and fellowship. No one will hurt, harm, or mistreat others.

I will be surrounded by God’s people in heaven. Like me, they will be a holy people, a redeemed people, and a people who also love and are loved.

4. No Inequality

Everyone in heaven will be equal. God will not choose one person over another. On earth, people are admired and treated differently because of who they are and what they have. No one will have political or celebrity status.

There will be no head tables or VIP sections, and no one will go to the front of the line just because of who they are. There will be no ticker-tape parades or red carpet treatment. There will be nothing that separates or puts one person higher than another. There will be no divisions in heaven. Everyone will be on the same level. There will be no "keeping up with the Joneses" or saying "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence."

5. No Pain, No Death, No Grief

Only physical bodies ache and have pain. Therefore, there will be no pain of any kind in heaven. Physical, mental and emotional pain will be non-existent. There will be nothing to hurt, harm, or trouble us. I will never have anything to cry about again. No death, pain, sorrow, tears, or grief will befall me (Isaiah 60:20, Revelation 21:4). There always will be peace and comfort always in heaven.

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away." (Revelation 21:4)

Our doctors, specialists, and other medical personnel are doing a fantastic job on earth taking care of the sick. However, they will not have a job in heaven. There will be no more surgeries and medicines to take. No one will be sick in heaven according to Revelation 22:2. No one will ever get tired or worried (Revelation 21:25).

No churches in heaven

No churches in heaven

6. No Churches

According to Revelation 21:22, there will be no temple in heaven. That also includes churches, synagogues, and houses of worship. I am so glad that there will be no religious facilities competing for worshippers and tithers.

On earth, there is some religious organization on almost every street corner. I have seen churches located side by side where both churches use the same parking lot. Some people go to the church on the left, and some go to the church on the right. When visitors show up at that location, they are totally confused and often go to the church they hadn't intended to visit.

I am glad there will be no religious organizations in heaven because on earth one church claims to be better than other churches because of the number of members who attend and how big their budget is.

In heaven, the pastor and religious leaders will have no more prestige than anyone else. There will be no more bishops, pastors, preachers, first ladies, or chairmen of the trustee board or deacon board. There will be no more special people in the church because there will be no church. I am so glad God planned it that way. In heaven, everyone will hear the same things and see the same things and worship the same God.

7. No Aging

There is no time in heaven. Therefore, no one ages. Physical bodies age only while people are alive on earth. People won't age in heaven because there is no time there. Time is based on the sun, moon, and night (Revelation 21:23, Revelation 22:5). Since neither of those things will be in heaven, no one will age. Besides, aging leads to death, and there will be no death in heaven.

Perhaps the best part of eternal life is going to be getting an immortal, incorruptible, glorified, and spiritual body (1 Corinthians 15:50-58, Philippians 3:20-21). In heaven, there will be no eye failure, hard of hearing, hair or memory loss, hip replacements, and those things that cause us to be uncomfortable. Everybody will be at peace and in perfect health.

8. No Failed Relationships

Many people have experienced the pain of failed relationships. Friends have turned their backs on their friends. Lovers have left them for someone they thought was better. Husbands and wives have divorced. None of that will be in heaven because there will be no marriage, according to Matthew 22:30. Everyone will be loved and respected to the same extent.

Everyone will have the same capacity to love. If marriage would be in heaven, it would denote a selection of one person over another. Remember, everyone will be equal in heaven, even those who were married or single on earth.

Every relationship will be perfect. There will be no unfaithfulness or faultfinding among God's redeemed (Revelation 21:27).



9. Nothing Evil in Heaven

Evil will always exist on earth. However, there will be nothing evil in heaven because Satan will be in the lake of fire. There will be no mocking, bullying, jealousy, slandering, name-calling, body shaming, or anything negative. There will be no need for competition because God will not play favorites.

No temptation to sin and no disobedience will exist, according to Revelation 21:27. There will be no opposition, no friction, and no contradiction of any kind. Nothing will be done to harm, hurt, belittle me, or anyone else.

10. Rewards Promised

It is not unusual for some people to be treated as second-class citizens on earth and not be recognized for what they do even when they preach the gospel of the saving power of Jesus Christ, teach Sunday School, or perform other duties in the kingdom of God. However, the Bible promises rewards in heaven.

The Bible tells us to rejoice because it is better not to get pats on the back from men on earth because "greater is your reward in heaven (Matthew 5:12). In other words, when unfair leaders and authority figures withhold what you deserve on earth, they are doing you a big favor. What they can give you is inferior to what God has in store for you. A greater reward awaits us in heaven, but if the world gives us pats on the back now that will be all we will get. Waiting for our reward in heaven is far greater.

Rewards on earth are given from one human to another human, and they are not always fair. God’s rewards are fair and just. They will be given in heaven to those who deserve them for the work they have done on earth. Ephesians 6:8 states that any good thing believers do will receive a reward from the Lord, even if they are not recognized on earth.

Perhaps you, like me, have not received the good things you should have gotten on earth. Some authority figures have neglected me, rejected me, and withheld promotions, raises, and other good things from me. I always say, "God will make up the difference." While the difference might not come on earth, rewards will surely be given out fairly in heaven.

Longing for Heaven

I long for heaven based on the reasons I have given above. God wants me there, and that settles it. He assured me that if I confess Jesus as my Savior and live as if He is my Lord, then I will meet Him there to live with Him forever. God wants you there also!

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Antonio50S on October 02, 2019:

To Margaret.

I love the Gates. The best thing i like about Parks is their Grand MAJESTIC Gates. You know once you enter them, You're going to witness something spectacular. But at the same time, we all need to be found worthy to enter them since nothing impure will enter the Kingdom of God.

Richard Parr from Australia on September 07, 2019:

We read that Jesus endured the cross for the 'joy that was set before him.' Heaven is meant to motivate and encourage us to persevere in our pilgrimage through this world. To give our all here, in the knowledge that something eternally better awaits. To love through the hard times here, because God promises ultimate victory over all difficulties there. To forget heaven while here is to set ourselves up for a failure of faith. Jesus anchored his sacrificial faith in a future joy, we need to as well. Thanks for sharing Margaret!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on July 01, 2019:

Michael, everything I wrote is based on my Christian faith that there is an afterlife. I provided scripture to substantiate my belief. The Bible lets me know that I am a citizen of heaven and earth is not my home.

Michael Radford on June 30, 2019:

Might not your hope of these good things to come inhibit your efforts to give attention to them in the present. Suppose there is no afterlife - we certainly should not assume that there is. So a life lived in dreaming about something better to come is a life that is distracted from the life that we know that we have here and now.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on June 17, 2019:

Readmikenow, thanks a lot for reading and commenting on my article. It is always good to know what others think.

Readmikenow on June 17, 2019:

Margaret, good article.

I try not to think about heaven. I try to remain focused on doing what I believe is my purpose in this world. I will allow myself to think about it when I am getting close to going there. I know it will be wonderful, so I don't worry about it.

Enjoyed reading this article.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on June 17, 2019:

Thanks, MsDora, for reading and commenting on my article about going to heaven. Based on your comment, I see I will be in good company!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 17, 2019:

Everyone of these reasons appeal to me. Thanks for highlighting these meaningful incentives.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on June 12, 2019:

Thanks, Cheryl, for reading and commenting on my article about longing for heaven.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on June 12, 2019:

What a beautiful heartfelt article.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on June 12, 2019:

Lori, No problem. I figured that's what happened.

Larry, thanks for reading my article and commenting,

Lori Colbo from United States on June 12, 2019:

Margaret, I apologize for calling you Pamela. I had just gotten done reading a hub by someone named Pamela.

Larry Slawson from North Carolina on June 12, 2019:

Very nice article. Enjoyed reading it :) Thank you!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on June 12, 2019:

Lori, thanks for commenting on my article about going to heaven. You are right when you say many pastors don't preach about heaven. I write about it a lot and have dozens of other articles about it on this site. Feel free to check them out. I am not allowed to provide links here. Either go to my profile or type in the keywords "heaven hubpages minnicks" and a whole list will show up.

Lori Colbo from United States on June 12, 2019:

Pamela, this article is very important to me. Let me tell you why. I too long for heaven and I think about and anticipate it everyday almost for all the reasons you mentioned and more. After reading Randy Alcorn's book Heaven my passion for it was even greater. I decided to do a Bible study around it and it was the saddest Bible study I've ever been to, let alone taught. The first day what I heard was "Well heaven is great and all, but what's really important is heaven on earth." I tried to get it through their heads that the two are not mutually exclusive. Several times some women said "I don't care. I know it will be great and that's all I need to know."

The pastor of that church was asked by me once if he'd do a sermon on heaven and he pretty much gave me the same answer. Then the other day a pastor who was a guest speaker at out church brought up the issue of heaven and in passing said he doesn't think about heaven. He knows it will be wonderful and he couldn't be bothered thinking about it. The other thing I hear is that the Bible is so silent on what heaven is like, which simply isn't true. They were all so dismissive. You are the only one to express your excitement for heaven. I find the message of heaven full of hope and expectation.

Thanks for broaching this wonderful topic.

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