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Connect Aright to Collect the Best

BABATOPE ADENIRAN is a prolific writer, proclaimer of gospel & lover of God. He has M.Sc in Statistics and Ph.D Statistics in view.


This reveals that our relationship with God matters most in life because without Him we can do nothing. It has been established that those who worship God in Spirit and truth can never lack anything good. In other words, those who relate well with their maker will enjoy His endless goodness and blessing.

When you continually connect aright to God, you will constantly collect His best and something praiseworthy."

The Scripture says "But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits."

- Daniel 11:32b.

How to connect aright to God?

a. Spending quality time with God. This must be the lifestyle of every believer. To worship God in Spirit and in truth is one of the best ways to know Him and get His best because the Father desires it according to John 4:23.

b. Standing for God in the face of terrific challenges, trials and temptations: It is important to know that “true worshippers are sure winners.” This was the mindset of Daniel and his friends when they were captives in Babylon and refused to bow to the ordinary god of the King (Daniel 6:10-28, 2:48 & 3:13-30). As a result of their stand for God, they were latter promoted to rule in the foreign land.

Most importantly, you need Jesus in your life before your worship can be acceptable to God and attract His blessings, and you will be greatly blessed and mightily used to His glory.

What are the benefits of connecting aright to God?

  1. Good things await those who wait on God because it is the Father’s desire to give good gifts to His own. That is why Daniel and Joseph were filled with excellent Spirit and divine favour as a result of their sound and consistent devotion to God (Matthew 7:11, Daniel 5:12, Daniel 1:9, Daniel 6:10-28, Genesis 39:21, Genesis 41:38);
  2. Promotion. We saw this also in Daniel and Joseph who were in charge of everything and ranked top in government in the strange lands (Daniel 2:46-49, 3:30, Genesis 41:37-44);
  3. Good success and endless blessing. These are the notable hallmarks of those whose heart faithfully followed hard after God such as Joshua, David, Daniel and Joseph (Joshua 1:8 & Psalms 1:1-3);
  4. Enduring Wealth. This we saw in the life of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job and other characters earlier mentioned. Truly, Father Abraham has a generational transfer of wealth by covenant with God, deeper devotion and faith in Him (Genesis 12:1-7, Genesis 22, Job 1 & Job 42:12-17).

Therefore, make your fellowship with God the first thing in your daily agenda and do away with everything hindering you from doing it consistently because it is only in His presence lies everything good and praiseworthy. May the Lord grant you sufficient grace to do so in Jesus' Name. Shalom!

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