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Purpose During Corona

During this tough season, it is easy to forget the purpose that God has placed on each of our lives. But God still has a plan in this season

I’ve had this one word on my mind for the past day.

I keep wondering why I’ve been meditating on that word. But I’ve come to understand why.

During this season we are in, along with fear, unemployment, and set backs that this world is currently facing, I believe that purposelessness is
One of the most dangerous assignments Satan has given to us. Especially the church. And here’s why.

A lot of us are home the majority of the time, like everyone else, we feel stuck. We have lost fellowship in person, can’t do the things we’d like to be doing. Like everyone else we have lost these things. But that in itself isn’t why Satan has assignment purposelessness to us.

A lot of these questions may arise from believers and leaders of the church alike:

How are we going to reach people?
If we do reach people will it still have an impact?
What am I supposed to do with my life?

And then we feel like our purpose is lost. Our every day lives- gone. Our fellowship with one another- gone. We have lost the same thing as the world. But we have one thing the world doesn’t have. And that is Christ Jesus. And it’s because we have Him, and are living for Him, that Satan wants us to feel like we have no purpose during this time. I was listening to a pastor the other day and he said something that is nothing but truth during this time. He said our greatest battles don’t come when we are busy, they come when we are bored.

They come when we have so much free time on our hands. They come when we have more time to think. They come when we’re not sure what we should be doing. They come when we are stuck at home and there’s room for arguments, and disagreements between family members. And that is when Satan uses His designed attack specially for us, to make us feel like we no longer have an impact on this world or our lives have lost their meaning. I feel like Satan has blocked so many believer’s mind from God’s promise of purpose on their lives and their minds are clouded with confusion, which can lead to depression. And if we’re busy wallowing, we’re not busy spreading God’s word, spending time in His word, and we are satisfying Satan all the more. So I encourage you to pray for The Church during this time. Yes we should pray for this world and that it comes to know our Savior, but we also need to be praying that the Church can be the Leader that God has called it to be. That we stand firm during this time. That adaptation wouldn’t stop The Church from sharing the love of Christ. That this time we would REALLY surrender to Him. Prayer is so important. We are the church. We are built for this.


© 2020 Santria Kraft

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