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Purpose Preparation

Elder C Hall graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Business degree. She is the founding minister for Unchained Refugee Ministry.


Unchained Refugee Ministry

Unchained Refugee Ministry

Every time we look at the news channel we hear of death and cause of death notification. When we scroll down our Facebook page there is a RIH, RIP, or we will miss you from a family member. When we talk to a long-time friend that we have not spoken with in a long time and chat to just want to catch up, there is a mention of someone we both knew of has passed away. We know in this life there is a beginning and an end. We find ourselves coping and mourning, and then just moving on because we do not know what else to do.

We must learn how to celebrate death as if it is life because it is. Death is just a passage to the next life. [i]When we have funerals, we call it a “celebration of life.” If one should compare death, it should be compared to birth. I know that sounds strange, but you have to understand your heavenly roots to grasp this concept. We mortals have it all wrong. We celebrate birth, when we should feel sorrow for the one who is coming into this world.

The world, the cosmos, the system, is not designed for all people to live a life of fame and fortune. I am not speaking about money either because the love of money is the root of all evil. People will kill for money, sale their soul, and even sale their own children for money. People with the biggest houses and the most expensive lifestyles are miserable and depressed. No, I am not talking about money. If you do not value the most important thing in this world, you will never find true happiness. The most valuable thing on this earth should be YOU. Only when you can value you, love yourself, love who you truly are, then and only then, could you truly be happy in this world. You must remember you are in this world and not of this world. For we were created, yet with a purpose. For us to find that true purpose, we must know who we are and whose we are, and where we came from. I am not talking about your mother’s womb and the geographical location she was when she delivered you from her womb. I mean when God spoke into the darkness and created light. We come from the breath of God, therefore, we come from heaven.

A man and woman come together and create a child. However, the miracle happens when the sperm finds the egg. Science tells us that thousands of sperm cells are dispense but only one will fertilize the egg. At that moment, there is a light that flashes (Fiano, 2016). I believe at that very moment that God speaks and an embryo become into existence into the womb. God is so in love with his creation and He knows each of us so much so to know the number of hairs on our head as the bible explains. For us to get to know who we are, we must get to know who God is.

Who is God? God is love. Therefore, we are love. I believe that why we desire companionship and relationship. We are made up in God’s image. All of God’s creation are vulnerable to love. The love of a mother and family called storge love. The love of real friends called philia love. The love of an attractive lover called eros. The universal love, the love of God is called agape love. There are different types of love. We desire all types. We embody all types, meaning we are capable to love a stranger with agape love.

When we come to know how to love ourselves and others then we find out what we love to do. In that, we find our purpose from God.

What brings us joy. The type of joy that money can not buy. What will we do without pay and glad to do? Even if you find yourself getting paid for it, the money does not motivate you, the joy that it brings is the true reward.

There is a 7-fold mandate: to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, take dominion, live healthy, and be productive (Trimm, 2017). In these, we find our purpose.

We were created to fulfil our purpose so we can not just sit around and wait on someone to tell us. Do not go looking for someone to tell you purpose from a prayer line. I am not saying that God cannot use someone to tell you the purpose. I believe purpose finds you or you find purpose. Also, when we fail, not to give up. It is possible to have found the purpose, but it did not work, or you just found yourself unfulfilled. Failure builds character. Failure is just the omission of the expectancy. People say, ‘failure is not an option.” It is not an option to allow failure to develop fear. When we fail at something, we start questioning our purpose. We need to revisit our creator, especially if fear arises. Fear is evil and will poison you until you conform to the taste and never indulge in the taste of success.

We must go into the Holy of Holies and enter the presence of God and wait to hear from Him. Listen for his direction. Listening for God’s direction does not mean to cease in your path in finding your purpose. It just means while you are working at it, allow God to be in it. Ask God, is this what I should be doing right now? He has His way of speaking to us. Each of us hear from God. You do not have to wait on someone to tell You what God has said about You. God will tell you.

When Jesus died on the cross, this gave all men access to God through prayer in the name of Jesus. It is because of God that we have purpose, and it is through Him we must seek our purpose.

Everyday there should be a task in your daily activity that will lead to your purpose. Your purpose should allow you to eliminate your corporate or 9 to 5 job, eventually, if not very soon after. However, it is my hope, that someone who has not entered the work system, find this read, and find purpose before finding a job.

We come into this world and for certain we will leave. We will know when we find our true purpose because it should glorify the existence of God in our lives and in the world.

By Elder C. Hall


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© 2021 Elder C Hall

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