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Psalm 43: A Reflection

Ruby is a freelance writer from the Philippines. Besides writing, she enjoys gardening and studying the Scripture.


Psalm 43 is a beautiful prayer composed by one of the descendants of Korah. It is a passage that brings us the message of joy, comfort, and hope. Discover how this happened as you see it revealed in this article.

Verse 1-3: Requests and Realizations

In the first verse, the writer makes three important and fundamental requests here. First, he pleads for innocence. By making this plea, the author recognizes himself as a sinner, which is an act of humility. Second, he intreats for protection from the unrighteous. This is a realization that God is our only sure protection. God is our Protector, no other. Finally, he begs God for rescue from those unfair liars. This is an awareness that the only one who can truly save us is Jehovah—He is our Savior, and there is no other aside from Him.

In the second verse, the composer begins by recognizing Jehovah as his God. He acknowledges the Lord as His only safety--a “safe haven” he claims. This is a beautiful reminder that safety—that is our safety is found not from anyone else or from anything. It is not found in our mansion, wealth, or health, but our safety is only found in God and God alone, nowhere, and no one else.

The third verse states two more requests: First, the author asks for guidance through God’s light and truth. Here, the poet is teaching us that God is the only source of true light and truth and there is no other. Pleading to Him is an utter recognition of that fact. Next, he pleads to lead him to God’s holy mountain where he believes the Lord God is dwelling.


Verses 4-5: Joy, Comfort, and Hope

In verse 4, the writer feels so comforted. He is at peace that He could go to God. For in God, he finds joy. He acknowledges that Jehovah alone is his source of real happiness. This acknowledgement leads him to praise God with his instrument on hand. He declares, “Oh God, my God.”

In the last verse, the poet finally realizes that he does not need to be discouraged. He does not need to be so sad. This he does for two important reasons: First, he can put his hope in God. Next, He can praise the Lord again. Truly, he is very confident that God is his Savior and his God.


My Final Thoughts

This Psalm is a psalm full of comfort, hope, and assurance. Studying every verse of it has given me so many fresh insights, vital facts, and new light. It has put Bible reading and study for me in a new perspective. Here, I find God and the author talking face to face with myself listening and talking to them. What a comfort and encounter I have had; I praise God for this lovely Psalm. Thus, finding time to read, study, and meditate on God’s word, will give you the experience of true joy, comfort, and hope.

© 2022 Ruby Campos

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