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Praying Is Not a Long-Distance Call!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


You are God's beloved child. Do not forget it.

— Sean Dragon

Learning to Pray

We live in a world that exists because of the balance between opposing forces. The existence of the opposites, such as good and evil, is necessary to be able to learn our truth by experience.

How can I understand the importance of light if I do not know the darkness? How can I figure out the sweet if I do not compare it to the bitter one?

Try to explain to a blind man the difference between the red and the orange or to someone who has been born without hearing the difference between the noise and the music and you will understand how vital relativity for the knowledge is. For the knowledge which we gain from experience, because this is the only one that can change and improve our lives, not the information has given ready to us. No one can eat your food instead of you and nourish you!


In full accordance with the above, how can I experience love if I have not known the opposite?

Many people think the opposite of Love is hatred, but that's not true. The opposite of love is fear.

When you really love, you can give everything, even your life, without any hesitation because you feel that what matters is the happiness of the one you love and not your own needs. Therefore your love stands above the fear of losing anything. When you love, you really know that you exist in the one you love as an integral part of him or her or even it, so you can never lose him or her or it, because wherever you are you will be within the beloved one. So you're not afraid of losing anything.


At the same time experiencing this state, you understand that God's corresponding Love for you makes you an integral part of Him. So everywhere and always, in any situation, even the most difficult, you cannot be separated from Him who is the Source of everything! So no one can deprive you of this happiness, the experiential knowledge of your unity with One.

Fear indicates ignorance of all of them. Fear means that I have not really experienced love. It declares that selfishly, I tether myself with perishable things, I enter into situations and relationships that can easily be lost and so I am always worried because I falsely associate my happiness with all this and so their possible loss scares me. Accordingly fear creates the illusion of the need to satisfy the ego, it generates selfishness and selfishness establishes the idea of separation from others and all creation. Finally, this leads us to the most catastrophic illusion that we are separate from God. This brings emptiness and loneliness, and the need to fill this gap leads us to create other hallucinations that fill our lives and blur the way we see the world around us. Consequently, the world seems ugly and hostile and unfair, the others cease to be our brothers, and they look like a threat. So we end up with denial, condemnation, reaction, destruction and hatred. That is why fear is the opposite of love, and fear, as we have seen in essence, is the ignorance of the magic of love and all the miracles that it can accomplish.

To find happiness through Love, I must defeat fear. A potent weapon against fear is prayer. First of all, because it is a means to move away from the world of illusions in which we live and its influence over us, even for a while, as long as prayer lasts. And this world has many distractions. It has many ways to make us fear and react with condemnation and hate, infecting and pressing our Soul furthermore. To be able to overcome these distractions, we need practice.

Our body needs the training to improve and perfect its abilities, so our minds and our spirit and soul also need it.

Think about engaging in a sport or martial art. To be able to move our bodies smoothly like the body of a top athlete or martial arts master does, we should start with simple moves that we will have to repeat again and again until they become natural and spontaneous. It is necessary to repeat some steps until we will be able to unlock the freedom of movement and the ability to combine with precision and easiness each exercise. If you've seen a martial arts master fighting or a top athlete of gymnastics performing his program or a professional dancer following the rhythm of the music, I'm sure you can understand what I mean. All they started from simple basic steps.


Pray Without Ceasing

Something similar applies to prayer, which is anyway a form of exercise, it is spiritual training. The ultimate and superior spiritual state of the one who through "the art of praying" has become Love and experiences unity with God is a permanent state of meditation and prayer. Whatever such a man does, from the simplest to the more complicated process, he continually prays! When he eats, walks, works, talks, when he has fun, when he is struggling for something, whatever he does, whatever he feels, a part of his spirit continually prays. This is the "Pray without ceasing" that Apostle Paul asks us (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

For us, however, the simple people who are far from this spiritual state, the words of a prayer that we often repeat are the necessary steps that will help us to concentrate to the Higher, overcoming as long as we pray the adverse effect of the material world.

These words can be different for each one of us because of the diversity that makes us so different, but beautiful, manifestations of the same God - think about how monotonous it would be a rainbow with only one colour!

It may be some simple words of a prayer or a mantra we learned from a book or a teacher. If we exercise on them, we can gradually enrich them with our words that will represent our present spiritual state. That will make us feel that this prayer becomes our own part. This will help us move higher and higher up into this spiritual path until at some point there will be no words, but a continuous contact and communication with God within and around us in whatever we do!

Through my exercise and effort, I have come to this prayer that I shared with you, in my Hub "My Prayer". I practice it daily, and it gives me great strength. It has helped me to be strong and remember who I really am in challenging situations, giving me the capability to continue offering Love and support to my family, my students and the world, no matter how the things are in my life.

It is apparently a prayer that has come out of my own effort, and I did not share it with you because it is the best, but because I think and hope that it can help some of you. You may find some points that suit you and adapt them to your own prayers. If I manage this, it will be a blessing to me. It will connect me spiritually with someone or some of you. And this is great because we are all One, but we have forgotten it, so when we open up even the smallest communication channels again, then we all win and raise this world a little higher. Well, I wish you good practice!

My Love embraces you all!

Do not be afraid of the Light, whatever if it shows you!

— Sean Dragon

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis