Opportunities All Around Us

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

See an opportunity and take it.
See an opportunity and take it.

Opportunity: Definition

An opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. An opportunity involves the time, the place, and people associated with the chance to do something or to do something better.

An opportunity includes a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. It is a good position, chance, or prospect for advancement or success. Or it could be a good way to get something you want.

Whenever you see the word opportunity, it is often associated with jobs or employment, such as a job opportunity, advancement or success. However, opportunities are all around us. An opportunity might be something as simple as finding the right recipe to make a homemade dish for your family.

Favorable Conditions

Favorable conditions associated with opportunities are the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

WHO: Person presenting the opportunity

WHAT: The main thing that is being presented

WHEN: An appropriate or favorable time or occasion

WHERE: Place of the opportunity

WHY: Reason for the opportunity

HOW: Method for carrying out the opportunity

Unless something is beneficial in terms of a goal, success, promotion, or advancement, it is not an opportunity. It is just something to do without the desired result.

Everything could be an opportunity, but everything that comes your way is not a good opportunity.

Everything and everyone can be an opportunity for you. You must recognize the opportunity when it appears. An opportunity will not come wearing a neon sign or flashing lights announcing that it is an opportunity.

The adage that says, "Opportunity knocks!" is only half true. Sometimes it will knock. Other times, it will simply tap you on the shoulder or whisper in your ear.

Be attuned to opportunities when they come. Then have a positive attitude toward the opportunity and don't dismiss it as a fleeting thought.

The Bible is full of examples of people who saw opportunities and took them. However, don't think opportunities are only in the Bible and no place else. Opportunities are all around us if we would just open our eyes and see that they are there.

Joseph's Opportunity

Joseph's brothers were jealous of him. At first, they put him in a pit. When some Midianites came by, they saw it as an opportunity to get rid of their brother. Therefore, they sold him, and Joseph was taken to Egypt.

That set the stage for a series of other opportunities not only for Joseph but also for his entire family, including his brothers who set out to do him harm. Surely, it didn't look like an opportunity at the time, but in the long run, it was (Genesis 37-50).

Moses' Opportunity

Moses was on the backside of the mountain tending Jethro's sheep. He was doing his job for his father-in-law when he saw a bush burning. The burning bush in the desert was the opportunity of a lifetime for Moses even though he didn't realize it at first.

It was the beginning of Moses' call to deliver the slaves out of Egypt. Moses' opportunity covers four books in the book: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Ruth's Opportunity

The entire Book of Ruth shows how Ruth's opportunity came out of tragedy. She was married to Naomi's son who died. Instead of staying in mourning the rest of her life, Ruth accepted Naomi's invitation to leave Moab and travel with her to Bethlehem.

This set off a series of opportunities in Ruth's life. She met Boaz in his field. They later married and had a son named Obed who had a son named Jesse who had a son named David.

Because Ruth took advantage of the opportunities that came her way, an entire book is the Bible bears her name. Not only that, but she is in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Esther's Opportunity

Esther had the biggest opportunity of her life when she was in the right place at the right time to save her people from extinction.

Haman was out to destroy the Jewish people, but Esther was in the palace with the king at the time. Because of her bravery and compassion for her people, she went to the king. The entire Jewish nation was spared because Esther took advantages of opportunities along the way.

There is an opportunity in everything. We just need to see it!

Disciples' Opportunity

Several of Jesus' disciples were fishermen. When they went fishing one ordinary day, a carpenter walked past and offered them an opportunity of a lifetime. He merely said, "Come, follow me" (Matthew 4:19), and they did.

That ordinary day turned into a lifetime of opportunities. We have four books in the Bible that prove the fishermen did not miss their opportunity to follow Jesus and to become His disciples. The gospels that tell about the fishermen include Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Also, there are First and Second Peter written by one of Jesus' main disciples.

See EVERYTHING as an opportunity!

Opportunities come our way every single day. They just don't come to some people and exclude others. Some people see those opportunities and grab onto them. Sadly, some people miss more opportunities than they take advantage of.

We should see an opportunity in all of our surroundings. Some of our best opportunities come from what we thought were bad situations that may include losing a job, being turned down for a bank loan, a broken relationship, and so many other things.

Don't dismiss an opportunity just because it comes from a bad situation.

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    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      2 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Thanks so much, James M Lucy, for reading my article about opportunities being all around us. I like to write inspirational and encouraging articles like that. Feel free to check out some of my other ones.

    • James Lucy profile image

      James M Lucy 

      2 years ago from Nairobi,Kenya

      I love it, really an encouraging article, very nice.


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