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Opinion: The Youth in the Church

Winson Jim Toledanes is a BSED-English student at Central Philippine Adventist College. He wants to explore the world of writing.

As an individual who grew up in church, we commonly hear words from elders, speakers, or pastors pointing out that the youth are the future of the church. As a youth, these words are such a majestic tone in the ears, and it gives an encouraging and inspiring vibe knowing that we young ones hold the future of the church.

However, is it right to instill such ideas in our youth, neglecting them the opportunities to do things now?

The Misconception

The idea that the future of the church lies in the youth is factual, but there is a misconception that we need to address.

According to Mr. Jemuel Gonzales, "Our minds are so hard-wired for the future that we forget about the present." As a result, we are limiting what the youth can do and achieve now.

Mr. Jemuel Gonzales delivers an inspirational message.

Mr. Jemuel Gonzales delivers an inspirational message.

It is okay to think that the youth holds the future, but we also need to embrace the idea that they are essential for the present.

The young people of the church must know that they must act now. They need to do their part in sharing the wonderful and inspiring words of love, hope, and peace of God with others. The youth needs to know that they do not have to wait till they are older to do the ministry of Christ.

Call to Action

We must make sure to give opportunities to the youth to become part of the church. Let them sing, speak, share, interact, engage, and lead in church services. Train them and hone them through our utmost capabilities so that they might be of good use to the service and purpose of God.

That way, we can preserve and develop them to become future leaders of the church who will one day take up the role of developing future youth of the church.


Closing Thoughts

Therefore, let us all understand that despite our young age, as long as we submit ourselves to God, God will work in our lives and lead us to unfathomable heights that none of us can imagine.

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