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Om Tat Sat Shree Narayan Tu .... - A Beautiful All-Faith Prayer Explained and Elaborated in English

Vanita is an engineer-researcher-consultant-artist: a gifted singer-poetess; & writes in English-Hindi-Gujarati on her diverse experiences


Om Tat Sat Shree Narayan Tu .... - A Beautiful All-Faith Prayer

Om Tat Sat Shree Narayan Tu, Purushottam Guru Tu,

Siddha Buddha Tu, Skanda Vinayak Savita Paavak Tu,

Brahama Mazda Tu, Yahva Shakti Tu, Ishu Pitaa Prabhu Tu,

Rudra Vishnu Tu, Raama Krishna Tu, Rahim Tao Tu,

Vasudev Go Vishwa Roopa Tu, Chidananda Hari Tu,

Advitiya Tu, Akaala Nirbhay, Aatmalinga Shiva Tu !!

Om Tat Sat Shree Narayan Tu, Purushottam Guru Tu,

Om Tat Sat Shree Narayan Tu !!

Translation : The word Tu translates to Thou art.

The rest are different names of the Almighty - the Universe - the Omnipresent - the Absolute Truth, whatever we choose to call ....

Hence, the literal translation would be ....

Thou art THAT, Thou art TRUTH, Thou art Shree Narayan, Thou art Purushottam Guru,

Thou art Siddha Buddha, (Thou art) Skanda Vinayaka, Thou art Savita Paavak,

Thou art Brahma Mazda, Thou art Yahva Shakti, Thou art Ishu Pitaa Prabhu,

Thou art Rudra Vishnu, Thou art Raama Krishna, Thou art Rahim Tao,

Thou art Vasudev Go Vishwaroopa, Thou art Chidanada Hari,

Thou art Advitiya Akaal Nirbhay, Thou art Aatmalinga Shiva !!

Thou art THAT, Thou art TRUTH, Thou art Shree Narayan, Thou art Purushottam Guru,

Thou art THAT, Thou art TRUTH, Thou art Shree Narayan !!

Elaborations of the meanings are given below :

Elaborating the Essence of the Prayer ....

HindiEnglishWord Meanings / Explanations / References

Om Tat Sat Shree Narayan Tu

Thou art THAT, Thou art TRUTH, Thou art Shree Narayan

Shree : represents Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, prefixed as a symbol of honour before the names of respectable / revered men; Narayan : The Omnipresent God

Purushottam Guru Tu

Thou art Purushottam Guru

Purushottam : The best among men

Siddha Buddha Tu

Thou art Siddha Buddha

Siddha : An accomplished / enlightened seeker - in Hindu and Jain philosophies

Skanda Vinayak

(Thou art) Skanda Vinayaka

Skanda : literally means, the Leaper / the Attacker - Lord Kartikeya - the Warrior God, the first son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, the destroyer of evil; Vinayak : literally means one who bestows Vinaya, i.e. courtesy / discretion / wisdom, refers to Lord Ganesha - the second son of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, the Hindu Deity of Wisdom, Pure Intelligence and Collectivity, the Remover of obstacles

Savita Paavak Tu

Thou art Savita Paavak

Savita : literally means, the best in the universe, refers to the energy of the Sun; Paavak : that which nurtures and nourishes

Brahma Mazda Tu

Thou art Brahma Mazda

Brahma : as per the Hindu philosophy, highest Universal Principle of Existence - the Ultimate Truth; Mazda : comes from Ahura Mazda - the name of the Zoroastrian God and stands for the God of Harmony, Intelligence and Wisdom

Yahva Shakti Tu

Thou art Yahva Shakti

Yahva : youngest, newest, always young or fresh; Shakti : Energy

Ishu Pitaa Prabhu Tu

Thou art Ishu Pitaa Prabhu

Isha : One who Protects - in the Hindu philosophy; Ishu - comes from Yeshu meaning Jesus Christ; Pitaa : Father; Prabhu : Lord / God

Rudra Vishnu Tu

Thou art Rudra Vishnu

Rudra : literally means "the roarer" or the "howler", a name of Lord Shiva in the Hindu philosophy, meaning the mighty God of storm, lightning and thunder, the Purifier; Vishu : the Omnipresent - the all-pervasive, the Protector and the Preserver of Universe, the Hindu Deity of Sustainability of Universe

Raama Krishna Tu

Thou art Raama Krishna

Raama and Krishna are incarnations of Lord Vishnu - the Hindu Deity of Protection and Sustainability

Rahim Tao Tu

Thou art Rahim Tao

Rahim : one of the names of Allah in Islam, meaning "Merciful"; Tao : literally means "way", in Chinese philosophy, refers to the Absolute Principle underlying the Universe, combining within itself the principles of Yin (the Feminine power) and Yang (the Masculine power) and signifying the way, or code of behaviour, that is in harmony with the natural order.

Vasude Go Vishwaroopa Tu

Thou art Vasudev Go Vishwaroopa

Vasudev : Shree Krishna - the Universal Divinity; Go Vishwaroopa : the Almighty God - Lord Krishna - who has the universe as His body.

Chidananda Hari Tu

Thou art Chidanada Hari

Chidananda : one with a conscious mind immersed in total bliss; Hari : the Savior, a name of Lord Vishnu, the one who removes darkness and illusion.

Advitiya Tu Akaal Nirbhay

Thou art Advitiya Akaal Nirbhay

Advitiya : one without a second, unparalleled, only One; Akaal : beyond Time; Nirbhay : Fearless

Aatmalinga Shiva Tu

Thou art Aatmalinga Shiva

Aatmalinga : pure soul manifesting the formless as a form; Shiva : literally means "the Auspicious one", referring to Lord Shiva

Several recorded versions of this prayer are available online.

A couple of links are given below.

I had learnt this prayer during my childhood, regularly sung in the beginning of my dance class sessions. It has remained in my heart ever since. I can still see Ms. Hazarika, our beautiful, elegant dance teacher standing with her hands folded with us, singing this prayer, in the beginning of our sessions.

With prayers that the ordeals and griefs of the pandemic recede to make way for a renewed, rejuvenated world, full of love and peace, laughter and music, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas !!


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