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Not Today, Fear and Doubt

Think highly of yourself, think past what you can see, and imagine what God will do for you. Don't get discouraged and give in when others c

Not Today, Fear and Doubt

Sometimes fear and doubt have to be overcome or resolved within yourself. (2 Timothy 1:7 "God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of Power and Love and a Sound Mind." Build a fortress within you, get fortified, take control of your own situation, and in your own mind. Some say if you don't mind it don't matter.

Sometimes, the only time you hear something good spoken about you is when you tell yourself. Look in the mirror and look into your eyes and say, I am enough, I am more than enough, I am a Child of God.

Nobody is going to take care of you better than you. Be your own booster, cheer yourself on. Stop thinking and believing negative information that you can't do anything about. Things that come and cause you unnecessary anxiety and stress are at your control. Guard your mind against negative programming.

If you don't program your mind, your mind will be programmed by infiltration.

You're in charge, what comes in through your eyes and ears is in your system. You can't unsee or un hear "negative and unnecessary information." It will work inside you, even when you're not processing it, it begins to transform your security and strength mentally and physically. What comes in goes out and causes us to react in the manner we are programmed.

There is a story about a young boy that would walk to school every day and was deathly afraid of the neighbor's dog. Every morning the dog would run to the end of the driveway and growl and bark at the little boy. One day the young boy decided he was not going to put up with it anymore, and as the dog approached him he waited and stood his ground. When the dog grew closer to him he realized that the dog did not have any teeth. The dog had a big bark and fearful growl but that was his bluff. The dog could no longer contend, but refused to give up his intimidation, so he still acted as though he was a threat. When the little boy realized the dog was no longer and obstacle, his fear was gone.

The devil walks around as a roaring lion seeking who he may devour, but he can do us no harm that's why he roars. In the jungle, a lion's roar is his proclamation that "I am the king of the jungle." We have the strength to overcome by the power of the blood and the word of our testimony. The people who talk about you, and intimidate you, do so in hopes that others will think less of you. You can't tear someone down to build yourself up.

People are told so many times the things they can't do, that they are not aware of the things they can do. Zig Ziglar once said "Motivation and determination are like a man going to hunt down Moby Dick, in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with him".

Think highly of yourself, think past what you can see, and imagine what God will do for you. Don't get discouraged and give in when others challenge you or try to make you feel inferior.

Some find fault like there's a reward for it. If your casual about your dreams, you'll end up a casualty! A set back is a setup for a comeback.

Adverse: Don't be harmful or negative.

Diverse: Show variety and diffefence.

Repent, Regret, Reverse, Renew, Replace, Restore and Return.

Change your direction or actions, make like new, regenerate, fill that place that was once occupied, bring YOU back into the former state of mind that YOU were happy in.

Do yourself a favor, give yourself the gift of forgiveness. One day every person will say "I wish I had or I wish I could." When you forgive you release the other person of the fault, and you accept resolution.

You can either let your past beat you or you can let it teach you, but you've got to make friends with your past in order to be fully productive with your future.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, but it releases you from allowing that memory to control you. Set yourself free! You are Enough!


Wayne Dickinson

S.T.Y.L.E Life Coach Minister

© 2021 Wayne Dickinson

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