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No Birthdays in Heaven

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Disclaimer: I am not writing this from the grave or from heaven. However, I am writing this article from a biblical perspective. This is to inform those who might not know that there is no birthday in heaven. As you can see from the photo above, birthdays are celebrated all over the world. However, there are no birthday greetings or celebrations out of this world.

Birthday Greetings on Social Media

There are many posts on social media wishing deceased loved ones "Happy Birthday" as if they were still alive. Uninformed relatives go so far as to say something like, "Happy Birthday, Mom on your 107th birthday." Then you scroll down further and discover that the woman died 50 years ago at the age of 57.

The truth of the matter is that the word "die" means "ceasing to live." The moment a person takes his last breath, he dies and ceases to live and never has another birthday. While time continues for the living, physical time stops for the deceased. Besides, there is no time in heaven because there is no day or night, according to Revelation 22:5.

If your mother died at 57 and you live longer than your 57th year, then you become older than your own mother. That's because your mother's birthday stopped but your birthday continues every year you live. If your children outlive you, then they will eventually be older than you were when you were alive. Everybody's earthly age stops when they die.


Important Things to Know About Birthdays

Here are several things this writer wants to emphasize.

  1. There are no birthdays in heaven because the deceased ceases to live to add another year to his life.
  2. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a deceased person's birthday on earth, but there are no birthday celebrations in heaven because the focus is always on God and not on celebrations for particular individuals.
  3. Celebrations to honor and give tribute to deceased loved ones by those who still live are quite appropriate and there is nothing wrong with doing so. For example, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated every year on earth. King died at the age of 39 on April 4, 1968, but his birthday is celebrated every January 15 because he was born on that date in 1929. Elvis Presley's birthday also comes with many celebrations every year by millions of fans around the world.
  4. Instead of saying, "My uncle is 84 years old today" there is a better alternative. One could say, "My uncle would be 84 years old today if he had continued to live."

Birthdays Are for the Living; Not for the Dead

Birthdays are for the living while on earth. For example, a person's birthday stops when he dies, and he will not get any older after his death.

Everybody's physical body ceases to continue at the moment of death. A person's spirit is not charted by a date or time. Therefore, it is timeless and ageless.

Fresh flowers on grave

Fresh flowers on grave

Ways to Honor Deceased Loved Ones

One of the popular things a living person does to honor a dead relative is to visit the grave on what would have been his birthday. If the deceased person is buried in a cemetery where there is no caretaker, the living person could clean around the grave by pulling up weeds before leaving flowers or a wreath.

If you have been accustomed to going out to dinner or preparing a special dinner for a loved one while he or she was living, it might make you feel better to continue the tradition even though the honoree is not physically present for the occasion. This could be done in memory of the dead person.

Helpful Information

Hopefully, the information contained in this article is helpful to those who were not aware that there are no birthdays in heaven. It might be a good reason to celebrate your own birthday and the birthdays of those you love while on earth because it is the only chance you will get.

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