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My Questions to God and His Answers to Me (Personal Testimonies)

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Over my lifetime, I have asked God some profound questions. Every single time, God has given me some profound answers. It is appropriate to question God especially when you are willing to obey His answers and do what He says.

The psalmists questioned God throughout the Book of Psalms. Habakkuk questioned God throughout his entire short book. Other biblical people also questioned God. You are also entitled to ask God questions.

Below are some questions I have asked God and He has answered to my satisfaction. Perhaps this article will assure you to feel free about asking God questions and accepting His answers.

Why Am I Different?

I grew up in a household where there were ten siblings. I noticed I did not have the same views, beliefs, and behaviors of my sisters and brothers. Therefore, I wondered why that was so. Much study led me to believe that there is a big difference between nature and nurture. Just because children are born in the same family, everyone doesn't have to be the same.

I used to read a lot while my siblings were going on dates. They teased me about not wanting to go out. They would invite me to go out with them, but I had no interest to do so. I preferred staying home reading the works of William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many of the other famous poets and writers. Needless to say, I ended up with a bachelor's degree in English and Literature.

God assured me that my reading and studying would take me a long way in life. Whenever someone teased me about my reading, writing, and academic achievement, I would smile within because I knew God had a definite plan for my life's work. However, I did not know the details at the time.


Why Do I Have An Insatiable Urge?

All my life, I have had an insatiable urge for the deeper things in life. After graduating from high school, I took a gap year to work and save money to go to college. In college, I was still joked about because I stayed in my dormitory room studying and getting all the knowledge I could get. Like my siblings teased me about studying so much, my roommates in college did the same thing.

What kept me going was God assuring me that I was on the right track. He had a plan for me and I had to suck up the negative comments and obey Him who created me in His own image instead of being thrown off track by the opinions of others who wanted me to do what they were doing.

I lost a lot of so-called friends along the way, but it was a small price to pay to have God on my side.

The "Would You Rather Have Another Person's Problems?" Answer

I once asked God why I was not like another person who seemed to be doing the least but progressing more. His answer was short and to the point. In fact, His answer came in the form of a question.

He asked me, "Would you rather have that person's problems?" I immediately knew what God meant because I was aware of some major issues the person had. That shut me up about asking God why I was not like someone else. God confirmed His answer by reminding me of Psalm 37:1, 3: "Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. Trust in the Lord, and do good, so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed."


The "100 Percent" Answer

It was a struggle when I first started my ministry over five decades ago. I saw couples working together while I was doing ministry alone with very little support. God gave me an answer that shocked me, but over the years I realized exactly what He meant. God explained to me that the total value of anything is only 100 percent whether it is done by one or two people.

It is not 100 on the part of the husband and 100 percent on the part of the wife which would give them 200 percent. God said that's not His math. In a marriage or in a couple's ministry, 100 percent is the total amount that can be achieved by the two people. In the same manner, 100 percent is the maximum that can be achieved by one person. The way God explained it was quite impressive.

He assured me that I was achieving the same 100 percent alone as a couple was achieving together. God added that I was not really alone because He would be with me every step of the way to help me make up the maximum amount that anyone can achieve, the 100 percent.


The "Get Out of Dodge" Answer

I know when God wants me to let go of certain things and people. I know when He wants me to move from one station in life to another. I have been an entrepreneur with several businesses, but when God said move to something else, I did not hesitate. To confirm that I did the right thing, I have never looked back on those things I left behind.

God assured me that I had to be willing to "lay down my Isaac." It was the right thing to do in order to move ahead. In Genesis 22, Abraham didn't sacrifice Isaac on Mt. Moriah, but since he was "willing" to do so to please God, God prepared a ram in the bush instead. I thank God often for my "ram in the bush."

One of the hardest and most heartbreaking decisions I ever made was to leave a church where I was loyal and helped so many people by teaching them the word of God. I stayed there long after God told me to leave. When I didn't leave, things went from bad to worse. I could not worship God or hear from Him. My God-given gifts were suppressed. Without going into specifics, sadly I had to leave that particular church in order to get healed. It took me three years of going behind the veil and laying before God to get back on the right track.

When I questioned God about that very painful experience, He answered through an image. He showed me with a ball and chain on my ankles. I could no longer move freely and surely I could not worship Him freely in spirit and in truth.

Now that I am out of that toxic environment, I am noticing God's presence and His blessings that had been held up. The lesson I learned through that traumatic experience is that when God tells me to "Move," "Go," or "Leave," it is best for me to do what He says when He says it. After I left, God rewound the tape and showed me how much spiritual bondage I had been in. It was much more than I realized when I was in that situation.


What I have shared is based on my personal experiences with God. God might speak to you in different ways. I am not recommending to anyone to make their decisions based on how God has directed me. God deals with us depending on our personality, spiritual gifts, our relationship with Him, and His plans for our lives.

I wanted to impress upon readers that it is fine to question God about their situations. Then, they must be obedient without hesitating.

I praise God that I am now in a good place. I am at peace. I feel comfortable asking God questions and following through on the answers He gives me. And just to be clear: I am free without having to live and move and have my being with a ball and chain on my ankles. I am not a prisoner, and surely I don't have to live like one.

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