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Meet Him in the Morning

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The Morning Drill

We have our own different daily routines and sometimes we get tired already because we do them every day repetitively. Don't get me wrong, there are times that we want to change our to-do list a bit like inserting a new task in between just for us to be boosted again and won't get tired of them. Sometimes we create our own motivation to get up from the bed by asking ourselves "Who you are getting up for?" or "Who you are working hard for?" and then when we are already reminded of our "why" we will get boosted or motivated again to do our tasks. I think for the majority of us the answer is our "family" because I have the same answer too.

I know the feeling when looking at your to-do list, that sometimes it looks so exhausting because you have to do them every day until you either achieved your goal for the day or your body said stop. Others would think this way, that they will only stop doing these things once their body has told them to do so due to being exhausted, lack of motivation and strength, and no purpose.

I hope that we don't get to this point where we are only doing the important tasks because we need to. May we have a purpose for why we are doing them because, with that, we won't even get tired of doing our daily routines no matter how many times we need to do it.

Having a purpose in life is the key.


Be Motivated With A Purpose

Living in this imperfect world is exhausting, I know that. That's why God is never leaving us because we need Him no matter how hard you deny it, You need God! That's the truth.

Let me share with you some tips on how we can survive a day with repetitive tasks.

  • Pray and thank God - As soon as you get up, while still sitting on your bed, call upon His name and give thanks for receiving an additional day of your life. Ask for help to go through your daily routine.
  • Allot an hour of meeting with God - Making God our priority each day, will make us motivated before we start doing our tasks, whether house chores, working in the office, meeting people with appointments, or running some other errands. Make an adjustment in your alarm clock, if your alarm is at 6:00 AM, make it 5:00 AM, so you have an hour to talk to God before anything else.
  • Turn on your Spotify, and play those worship songs - This is so effective and helpful. It gives you a warm-up before meeting the Lord through bible reading. It will make your heart full of hope and joy. You will feel the hunger and thirst for the word of God.
  • Grab your bible, journal, and coffee - Read the bible. God's words will make you energized for being tired from yesterday's tasks. Read at least one chapter, highlight those verses that stuck you the most, and meditate on them. Write everything you want to say to God in your journal, be honest, have self-reflection, ask for strength and grace and ask Him to give you joy with purpose while doing your tasks. Don't forget to enjoy your coffee too.
  • Pray again for receiving the word of God - Praying after your meeting with the Lord, is acknowledging that you have learned something from what you read in the bible, also thanking Him for giving you a brand new hope, filling your heart with Joy, adding strength for your body to be energized and purpose why you are doing your daily tasks.

I hope by doing these tips, you won't feel the same thing as you have felt in the past. After doing this, you will be back on track as if you haven't started this task ever since. You will feel like doing new things over and over again because as long as you are doing these tips prior to jumping into your tasks, the Lord will give you brand new hope every day, and will never get tired because you are going to do it our of LOVE not because you just need to.

It still feels good to do something out of love with purpose. Through God's grace, you will be able to finish all your tasks every day without being exhausted.


God Is the Omnipotent Source of Strength

While we are in this imperfect world, we are like batteries, we can either be recharged or remain drained. My question for you is, do you want to be recharged or remain drained forever? We were born with capabilities and with an amount of energy to be consumed in a day. That energy doesn't last, it needs to be refilled. Sleeping, eating and drinking to gain energy are indeed the things we need to get up and work hard, but the question is, will that suffice? Let's face the truth that even if we sleep over 8 hours or eat and drink all day, that will not suffice and will never make us feel energized or sufficient because these are the earthly things, these are the things we know based on our own understanding.

Others would rely on doing earthly things that's why sometimes even if they have slept over 8 hours and eaten and drank all their favorite food and drinks they still feel so tired. No satisfaction and still have the same feeling. It is because they did not reach out to God to fill them. When we are tired, everything in us is drained. Such us joy, strength, peace, hope, and mental and physical health, so who do we call when these things are no longer with us? Only God can redeem and restore these to us. Let's not deny the truth.

We may become drained and run out of energy after a long day but there is no need to be afraid so long as we know who is our redeemer, provider, and restorer. For everything that we have lost during the day, God can restore it to us. He can fill us with so much strength again to face another day. Remember that God is composed of three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is powerful and omnipotent, if we need strength, ask our source, He will give us more than we deserve.

God will never leave us drained forever, He is our omnipotent source of strength and so He will recharge us so long as we seek Him.

Choose to be recharged by God, and sleep, eat, and drink will just follow as one of the bite pieces in getting our strength back.


Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Psalm 33:22

Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone.

Job 19:25

I know that my redeemer lives and that in the end, He will stand on the earth.


Worship Songs For You

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