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Make Prayer a Priority

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What is Prayer?

Prayer is our means of communication with God and it is the most powerful thing that God can even move the mountains through it. Never underestimate the prayer because it can go beyond more than you could ever think of. When we pray to God it doesn't mean that we will a small voice from Him, that doesn't work that way. We pray because we have so many things to tell God, like our reaction to the behavior of one of our colleagues, our debts, our promotion, waiting for your God's best, and a lot more. For us to hear what the Lord is telling us, we must read the Bible, in that way, we will never be lost nor confused about what we have prayed for.

There are days that we feel so happy or we have so much joy in our hearts. Let's not forget to pray even if our situation is in a good shape. Give thanks to the Lord for having a wonderful day and receiving the things that we have been waiting for. Let's make it a habit that whether we are happy or not we still pray.

Praying is not just being done when you are in the middle of a predicament. It is being done everywhere and any time of the day and in any event in our lives. For example, before driving, taking an exam, eating, or even traveling. These things are not an example of having a bad day, so it means that we can also pray even in these times.


Those Not-So-Good Days

Our life is not perfect and fair, and it will never be, but for as long as we are not living the way how the world is showing us, we can do something about it while we still can in order to avoid having an earthly living.

Things will never go our way, no matter how hard we try to get what we want on the day we want it to arrive because first, we are not in control. And I think it is a good thing because if we are all in control of all things here on earth, we probably get things messed up, broken, unorganized, unpleasant, and there will be war. I think I can't live in the world anymore if that happens and that would be the scariest thing event of my life.

Even if we are not in control, we can do something about the hardships or predicament we are in. So don't lose hope, remember, they are only temporary and God is in control.

Here are some tips that you can do when you are on the not-so-good days:

Stop overthinking- When we are in the middle of something difficult, we love and we tend to overthink things, don't get me wrong because I myself do that too sometimes, because we all know that it is inevitable. But I hope you will choose to have peace of mind rather than thinking things over and over again.

Stay calm - We can do so much if we are calm because we can think of a solution easily. Our minds are powerful, so when we think about something that will not give us peace, we will only end up hearing a lot of noise in our heads. Let your emotion subside and don't let it rule you instead, rule your emotions.

Get inside your room and read the Bible - This is the most relaxing and peaceful moment when we are in the middle of a war in our minds because only God can give us the comfort that we all ever need. His word is the most powerful that can even give us peace, calm, and comfort in just a few minutes of spending reading the Bible. When we are about to give up, this gives us hope and if we are discouraged, this gives us encouragement. Know that God is our rest.

Pray about everything - Praying is something that gives us joy because when we pray and if our hearts are full of pain, it makes us talk from the bottom of our hearts and that's what God wants us to do. He wants an honest prayer. Pray humbly, open your heart, tell God about everything, and ask Him to sustain you, provide for you and heal you. God will never leave you alone. Your fight is His fight. He got your back!

Choose to have better sleep - We all have choices in life, we can all make a decision and we can do anything we want, but not all the things that we can think of are good for us. After reading the Bible, God's wisdom will be upon you, and that is one of the amazing works of our God because He will make you wise in choosing things to be done because He doesn't want His children to be foolish and do the wicked ways. Choose to sleep at night and you will be at peace instead of choosing sleepless nights and being anxious.


How Do We Pray?

People have their own ways of praying to God, but even if there are lots of different ways, know that God can hear our prayers just be honest and open your heart. Sometimes even if we don't speak or if we are running out of words, or don't know where even to start caused of the circumstances, He knows what's in our hearts. Just be honest and pray humbly.

Here are some of the ways how to pray to God:

Pray by crying - When we are in the most toughest situation, we can no longer speak and don't know what to say and God understands it. That's why when He wants us to come to Him, He is taking our backpacks full of loads even without saying a word because there is nothing we can hide from Him. Our tears can travel to our God and that is the most genuine way of praying.

Pray with family, friends, or churchmates - Sometimes it is better to pray surrounded by people we love because it gives us the vision of being thankful first for having these people in our lives before proceeding with our concerns. Praying is not just for ourselves but for others too and it will trigger us to make it a habit of praying at all times because the more you get used to praying with people after hearing their concerns, the more you will still pray for them too even if you are not together.

Pray in a room privately - There are people who also pray alone inside the comfort of their rooms. They do this if their prayers are too private and just want to talk about it between them and God. They want to pray in solitude. Normally, after they pray, they start to open their bible and read.

Pray by writing - There are some people who do this way of praying. For them, they can express themselves easily and the more they write about it the more they feel the presence of the Lord. By doing this way of praying, when your concerns got answered, it is nice to go back and see how you were up to present.


Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Matthew 6:6

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Matthew 26:41

Stay alert and pray so that you won't give in to temptation. The spirit is eager, but the flesh is weak.

Psalm 66:19

But truly God has listened, He has attended to the voice of my prayer.

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