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Joy of the Christian's Salvation Turns to Sorrow

Woman's Joy Turns To Sorrow


Jesus Gives Us Salvation

The fall of man caused Christ to come into the world. He came as the restorer to bring us into right fellowship with God. The devil seeks to oppose the will of God for our lives. Every good thing comes with challenges and our precious salvation is no different.

Bible Tells How The Devil Robs Our Salvation

There are many influences that threaten our salvation. The Bible tells us in Matthew 13: 18 – 23 that there are those who hear the word of God and do not understand it. The wicked one then comes and takes away that which was sown in the heart. The spiritual life of such person is like the seed that fall on the way side. Such person did not a chance to be nourished understand from the knowledge that was given to the teaching or preaching of the word.

There are also those who receive the word of God with joy such persons are liken unto the stony places. The seed of the word did not form root even though there was evidence of influential impact. The joy lingered for awhile but trial and persecution comes even because of the word that was received. The trial and persecution caused the Christian to be offended and give up.

There are also those who received the word among thorn but the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word so such persons become unfruitful. These are they who know the truth and decide to compromise for gain. The thorn of life inflict the pain of the needs

There are those who receive the word on good ground. These people understand the word and bear fruit. Even though there were challenges they stand in faith seeking to excel in the things of God.

Opening The Scriptures


Word Of God About The Joy Of Salvation

When there is practice of sin the joy of one’s salvation will become sorrow. If the church is not effective in the development of her members then the cares of this world can affect their spiritual life. They can make choices contrary to the word of God. This can happen if they are capable of hearing other teachings that are itching ears teaching. The Church must be equipped and ready to build the spiritual life of the members especially the new converts.

The Bible tells us that “the Joy of the Lord is our strength”. When we allow this joy to be continuous, we will be empowered to ride over the storms of life. The Bible also tells us in Isaiah 12: 3 “With joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation” We are able to be nourished spiritually with God’s provisions for our spiritual life. There is a song that says “Water my soul Lord, water my soul when I get weary, when I get weary, water my soul Lord, water my soul” The Bible also tells us in Isaiah 44: 3- 5 “For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. I will pour my spirit upon thy seed and my blessings upon thy offspring”

The Lack Of The Joy Of Salvation

Lack of the joy of salvation causes us to become thirsty. This thirst is not for the physical water but the outpouring of the spirit likening unto the pouring out of water. With this lacking people can make wrong choices. Remember King Saul who wasn’t able to hear from God he eventually made a bad choice by going to a witch. Some people can become swallowed up by “vain words” (1 Timothy 1: 5-7). Their spiritual stamina will decrease and the enemy will have an upper hand.

The lack of the joy of salvation can also cause confusion which will eventually lead to backsliding. This then increase the sorrow as the person will walk with that guilt everyday.

How To Maintain The Joy Of Our Salvation

It is very important to never break fellowship with God. He is our source and He has great plans for our lives.

We must maintain our salvation by

  • Constantly praying this is our tool of communication with God.
  • Studying the word. The word of God is spirit and life and it will empower our spirit
  • Listen to messages which are Bible base and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to receive what is right
  • Obey godly instruction
  • Be a law abiding citizen
  • Ask God to place the right people in your life and remove the wrong people so you can be influenced to better spiritual growth

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