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A Good Day Today

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.


And God saw that it was good."

-- Genesis 1:10

Have a Good Day

! believe there lies a powerful goodness at the heart of existence, the same potent goodness that exists deep in our hearts. This makes today a good day in a very fundamental way, a good day because God sees it that way. The goodness is built in and, like God's love, is always present. It enriches and empowers. It turns our ways towards peace. We join in this goodness by being open to all the good that surrounds us, and by allowing the good that's within us to flow. We turn our eyes towards any little bit of good that we happen to notice, letting in all things pleasant. We do our best to use the goodness that we possess as beings of God to make pleasant this day for others. God's love always shines upon us, and this helps us to see more of the beauty and wonder in this world, and the love in the hearts of those who occupy it. So, whether it is sunny or cloudy on this fine spring morning, it remains a good day today.

Taste and see that the Lord is good."

-- Psalm 34:8

Experience the Goodness

God's goodness fills our senses. Our eyes smile at the lilies of the field and our ears dance to the songs from the birds of the air. We see the soothing greens of an early spring morning, and we enjoy the fragrance in the air after a summer rain. We see the vibrant colors of autumn, and the pristine white of a snow-covered field. And whatever season it happens to be, we see.

We feel the goodness, from the quiet beauty of a mountain range to the sounds and smells of a seaside surf. We feel the beauty when we listen to fine music and look at fine art. We savor the tastes and smells of our daily breads. We breathe it in and let it fill our bones. We stop to smell the coffee, and the roses as well.

We take a moment to be thankful, and as we do, our senses become more finely tuned, leading us to discover more things in this world that are good, and more for which we can be thankful.


This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

-- Psalm 118:24

Many Good Days

A great many days, time almost beyond imagination, have brought us to this day, yet it is still a day of creation. With God's goodness and love in our hearts, we can create good days for ourselves and others. Being kind and cheerful, we increase the good in the world. Through understanding and compassion, we expand the love. Every day is a new day, every moment a new moment. We create good days whenever we do anything that brings peace to any situation, large or small, increasing the peace in the world, bit by bit. We can create peace and we can increase it. We can do it today. We do not need to wait for the world's problems to suddenly disappear before we allow ourselves to smile. Despite all of the not so good which sometimes surrounds us we know we are in a fundamentally good space, even when it seems to be hidden from view.

The difficulties of life often obscure its elemental goodness. But we have the ability to stop and breathe, and remind ourselves of the light and the love, and all the good things in our lives. We approach the day with smiles on our faces, anticipating all things good. We have enthusiasm. We have faith. Our cheer and our joy can help reveal more of the brightness in this world, and the more goodness and beauty we uncover, the more we are able to rejoice, and the more we rejoice. the more wonderfulness we find. We become thankful, and the power of our gratitude really starts to open things up, illuminating more of the beauty in our world.


Let there be light."

-- Genesis 1:3

Good News

It is a good day because God sees it that way. We look around and see much that does not appear to be good: the often not so peaceful state of the world, our daily dose of media provided not so good news, and sometimes some unfortunate not so good news of the more personal kind. There may be events from the past, some not so good memories, as well as some present not so good habits or circumstances that make it difficult to experience or accept the goodness of this day, or any other day. But it is indeed a good day, and we are invited to participate in it. We are invited to let God's light shine upon us and from us. We shine when we are loving and caring, kind and forgiving. We remind ourselves of the immense power of our own light, and the power in even the smallest amount of joy and gratitude. With faith we practice these things while we continue to expose more of God's light, which can lead to a more peaceable world. We all desire peace, but it begins with us, so at times we may need to let go and allow God's goodness to bring peace to our moment. Again, we open our hearts and let in the light and then allow it to flow. The good news is that behind all this good stuff is God's perfection which is love. There is no limit to this love, and no limit to the love that we can share in this world. With this love in our hearts, we get a God's eye view of the world and see that it is indeed good. We rejoice and give thank

And so, there was evening and now morning, sun shining or perhaps a bit of rain, and God sees that it is very good.


© 2012 Paul K Francis

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