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It Must Be Holy or It Must Be Destroyed

Charissa is a current student at Upperroom School of Ministry and has her bachelors degree in Worship Arts & Ministry.


The Holy & Powerful Presence of God

During church service this morning we were singing about the holiness of God.
There is so much life, joy and revelation when You get around Him and take in His holiness.

This morning, as we were singing, I was moved into a place of holy fear and reverence for the Lord and I couldn’t help but think about the utter purity and power of His holiness.

He is pure radiance. Pure light. Pure perfection. Pure beauty.
Pure, unhindered, uncontaminated holiness.

This is a strength and a power we cannot begin to comprehend.

He. is. Holy.

I had a phrase come into my mind along the lines of, “Everything that comes in contact with You must become holy”.

I was initially thinking about the transformation that happens when we come in contact with Him. I was thinking about how He makes us holy and He makes us pure as we draw nearer to Him. He cleanses us by the blood of Jesus, but there’s a purifying that continues to take place the closer we come, the more we encounter.

I have been praying for purity in heart these last few months. It has been a priority and deep desire to be pure before Him at all times in all areas. I want every motive, every desire, every word, every thought, every ounce of worship to be pure before Him.

I have realized how dependent I have to be on Him and how needy I have to stay in order for this to happen. I know He is the consuming fire; He is the one who purifies. So the more I open myself up to Him and the more I ask Him to come and clean my hands and my heart again, the more He will come and do exactly this. The more I look at Him and the more I draw near, the more His holiness will transform me from the inside out.

Everytime I look at Him and everytime I touch Him, I take something irreplaceable away; or rather, I receive something irreplaceable and incomparable.

Everything that comes in contact with You becomes holy.


As I began to think about it, I realized the truer statement is “Everything that touches You must be holy or it will be destroyed”.

I began to think about the Old Testament & the Old Covenant and how this is still the same glory, the very same God we are encountering.

This is the same glory that came down and covered Sinai. It’s the glory that transformed Moses’ face so the people of Israel couldn’t look at it without a veil covering it.
This is the same glory that came and rested in the ark of the covenant and dwelled in the tent.
This is the same glory that priests had to constantly make sacrifices and perform cleansing rituals in order to approach in the Holy of Holies.

This is the same raw power that was in the ark that Uzzah lifted his hand to touch and was struck down by.

God’s holiness is too good and too pure.
All sin and uncleanliness and wickedness and unholiness are naturally utterly destroyed by this glory’s pure power.
Darkness cannot be in the presence of light.
Unholiness cannot stand in the presence of holiness.
God desired nearness with us but couldn’t actually get what He wanted because of our sinful nature. He desired nearness, but how could Holiness and wickedness fellowship with one another?

(This is why Jesus, our perfect sacrifice, restore nearness and intimacy that God has always desired and designed us for. The Lamb of God has changed everything. This is why He has caused us to be new creations in Him. Our old nature couldn’t contain the indwelling presence of the pure, powerful Spirit of God. Thank God that the Son has made us righteous and our consciences perfect through His death, burial and resurection.)

His holiness cannot make room for evil to dwell.

God’s holiness is too good and too pure.

Everything that touches it must be holy or it will be destroyed.

Everything that touches You must be holy or it will be killed.

Not because You are malicious, but because You are that pure.

Uzzah was killed from touching the ark. His unholiness and sinful nature collided with the raw, unfiltered power of God’s holiness, and he simply could not withstand the weight, power and purity of it.

Though Jesus has changed everything for us by bringing the New Covenant into effect, I recognize this is still the same God we are talking about here.

This is the same God we are touching and coming before. This is the same power and presence we are encountering.


He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
He is still holy.
Unholiness is still no match for the strength of His holiness.

Though Jesus has made us righteous, this desire to be pure is still needed.

If the Holy Spirit has made His dwelling & home in me, I do not want to grieve Him with the contents of His temple. I don’t have space for unholiness in my spirit, in my heart, in my mind or in my body. He has made His home in me. The Holy One lives in me.
I want to honor Him and I want Him to be comfortable in His home. It is His kindness that He would want to dwell in me. It is His kindness that He would make a way for that to even be a possibility.

Everything unholy in me must yield to Him.
I want Him to burn away anything that grieves Him.
I want Him to utterly consume anything that is in His way.
I want Him to burn up and destroy all that dishonors Him.
I want Him to kill everything that contradicts the new nature I have received freely.

So this is my new prayer, in regards to all that is within me at any given moment:
Make it holy or kill it.

Kill it.
Unholiness must be destroyed.
Places where I agree with or submit to a pattern consistent with my old, sinful nature, must be destroyed.
Thoughts that aren’t consistent with the mind of Christ must be burned up.
Any hatred, unforgiveness, jealousy, contempt, and bitterness must be destroyed.

It must be holy or it must be destroyed.

I don’t have time to tolerate anything less.
I need and desire His constant purifying.
This is a matter of life and death for me.

I want to treat His presence with as much reverence, awe, and seriousness as those under the old law did.
I want the fear of the Lord the way they had it.
I want to know who I am approaching and talking too.
Oh, He is merciful and tender and forgiving and He is a friend like no other,
But make no mistake… He is holy.
He is a consuming fire.
He is righteous and He is just.
He has fire in His eyes.
He makes clean.
He washes.
He burns.
And He purifies.

Make it holy or kill it, God.
Whatever lingers in me. Make it holy or kill it.

I want every fiber of my being and every part of my life, interior and exterior to honor You.
Please, make my heart pure, Oh God.
Make me holy as You are holy.

For Your sake…


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