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Hymn of Protection from Micro-Organism: Coronavirus

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer’s Foreword

I am not good in notes, but from the local church trainings while in choir, I have come around with this hymn using another hymn. If you know the hymn beneath, then you can join me to sing this song unto the Lord.



The Composed Song

1. Thine own bruise is incurable

And thy wound is v’ry grievous

Fighting with you is micro-organism

But it won’t overcome you


Am going to use girdle and the

Medicin’ of healing to bind thee

And I will heal thee of thy wounds

That is what the savior says

2. Thine own bruise is incurable

And no one pleaded thy cause

And there is no help to overcome

The evil micro-organism


3. Thine own bruise is incurable

‘Cause I wound you as ‘nemy ‘ll do

For thine own friends and thy lovers

Everyone has forgotten thee


4. Thine own bruise is incurable

‘Cause I am the one who wound you

I chastised you without mercy

‘Cause of multitude of thy sin


5. Thine own bruise is incurable

‘Cause enemies have overcome you

But now I have come, and I am to

Deliver thee from their hands


6. For thus saith even thy Lord

I will give thee victory

Over that micro-organism,

And those other sicknesses


7. I will bring back unto thee again

The captivity of my people

I ‘ll have mercy on their dwelling place

And their cities will be built


8. You will see that thing that I ‘ll do

And you will be praising me

Voice of thanksgiving and merriment

Will fill the city center



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