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Humility, Grace, and Silent Gratitude

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.



Humility, as it is often understood, is about having something other than a high view of one's own importance. But humility just may be that quality of mind that helps us see how important we really are. Humility is not saying "I am not worthy." Rather, it is accepting the value that has been placed with us, and in us, while possessing, at all times, a deep and genuine feeling of reverence for those higher powers from which our significant worth derives.

Humility is acknowledging that which is greater than ourselves as we aspire to be better versions of ourselves. It is a space where arrogance and excessive pride has no place. Humility is a state of mind in which we wholeheartedly accept the responsibility of our worth and value to the greater purpose of peace and well-being for humanity and the planet that it calls home. It is having an appreciation for all things good. We bow in spirit to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. We salute the divine light that we see in all people and in all life. We bow to the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. We recognize God's light and loving spirit in all things. Humility is not lowliness because when we bow, we rise.


Grace is like a loving power emanating from above. It is God's energy, filled with light and always flowing. It is a gift that our humility allows us to accept, a gift that our reverence allows us to receive. It gives us the exuberance and enthusiasm to do God's work, which is to increase the light and expand the love.

Grace is also like an inherent elegance to reality, a kind of simple, all ranging beauty that is born of perfection, something beyond which our humble words are able to describe. We are all part of this reality, so we share in its elemental elegance. With this and our vibrant energy, we gracefully move about this world with compassion and understanding in our hearts and in our minds. And through our heartfelt and thoughtful actions, this energy, goodly and true, expands and affects wonderful ways. We make our way forward with honor and integrity, and, of course, humility. And for this we are forever thankful.


Silent Gratitude

Silent gratitude is a gratitude born of humility and grace. It is a moment-to-moment gratitude, a state of mind that enhances and enriches our everyday lives, shining a little extra light on the mundane. It is an appreciation for all things beautiful and for our ability to do good and increase the beauty in the world. Silent gratitude is a gratitude that is strongly felt. It helps us smile, bringing to us a little, or perhaps much, cheer and joy, as this state of mind becomes a way of life.

There are times, of course, when we do not feel very thankful and need to cry out. When we are in need, we say please; when we are hurting, we say help, and when we are ashamed, we say sorry. But, by way of our humility and grace, the silent gratitude makes its way back to forefront of our minds, reminding us of all the blessings we have received and the blessings that are to come, as well as everything for which we are thankful, and for everything that we have ever been thankful, including that exquisite breath that is life itself. We remember too all the small and simple things that make life sweet. This helps us in our desire to overcome the things that at times overwhelm. And while we may momentarily lose sight of these blessings during difficult times, we trust in the grace born of God's love to lift us and bring us back to our silent gratitude. So, when we need to say please, we can still say thank you; when we need to say help, we can still say thank you, and when we need to say sorry, we can still say thank you. This can only strengthen our thankfulness, possibly leading to times when our feelings of gratitude become so strong that the silent will become spoken, as we proclaim just how so very good it is.

And so, we move on to move forward. Through our compassion and kindness, we humbly, and with reverence, accept the responsibility, which has now become a sincere wish, to make a difference in this world. We move with God's enabling grace, and a silent but spirited gratitude in every step. This is our quality of heart and mind. This is God's loving nature in us. This is our significant worth. This is our importance.


© 2020 Paul K Francis

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