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How to Recognize False Prophecies



The word gives wanings

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves

Deuteronomy 18:22 when a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously; thou shalt not be afraid of him.

These are but two of a number of scriptures that basically say the same thing. If someone prophesies in the name of the Lord and the prophesy does not come to pass they are lying wolves and you do not have to be afraid of them. Keep these scriptures in mind as you read this Hub. The word warns that prophesies ae supposed to come to pass yet many sit in churches for decades listening to what never comes to pass and they never question it. God does not lie so if He spoke it will manifest. You did nothing wrong and did not miss your blessing you were lied to plain and simple. Now lets take a look at some things that should raise alarm bells when you hear them.

Watch out for those giving dated prophesies

Watch out for those giving dated prophesies

Time frame prophesies

In 1972 when I was 14 my grandmother went to see a preacher who was in another city. When she returned home she shared with us something he said. This minister told those who were in the audience that they should get out of town because something bad was going to happen in a nearby city on October 16, 1974. I was apprehensive and concerned but that date came and went without anything taking place. Decades later I was in a church where these time frame prophesies were being spoken on a regular basis. At this point, not one of them ever came to pass. About 20 years ago I visited a church where a guest preacher said that 30 people in the building were going to get new houses in 60 days. As I saw the congregants running and shouting I began to cry. First of all it's not even logical that 30 people in a church of working-class people were all suddenly going to obtain new homes. Second this type of thing is not what biblical prophets ever spoke. I waited 3 or 4 months and asked a member of that church did anyone give a testimony of a new home and he said no.

Watch out for the wolves

Watch out for the wolves

A spirit of familarity

Over the decades I have listened to preachers in churches and on television promise those who give in a certain offering that God was going to do something special for them in the coming days but again no one ever gave such testimony. I attended a Wednesday afternoon prayer service where the pastor told me and a friend of mine that God was going to bless us real good by the end of the day. Neither of us had anything special happen that day. This type of thing has caught on like wildfire in certain church circles and has become what I refer to as a spirit of familiarity. The preachers say what they have heard other ministers tell congregations and then someone else hears them and repeats it. The sad part is the people fall for it. I recently listened to an online service where a young minister told those in his audience that in 30 days God was going to blow their minds. Sometimes this is followed by I Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. This gives the false impression that God is going to rain down riches. If eye hath not seen it and ear hath not heard it them it is not in this earth realm. This scripture is talking about eternity.

Group prophecies

There is a tendency in certain denominations for preachers to speak things over an entire congregation which is not biblical either. In the Old Testament the children of Israel were all living in the same community so when God allowed their enemies to come in it affected everyone. Today churchgoers live and work in different places and are living separate lives outside of the congregation. Even so, a guest minister visited a church I attended and said these words: Everyone in this building is going to have uninterrupted favor for the next 3 months or I am a lying prophet. It never happened and when people questioned the pastor he made excuses for his ministry friend. I sat in a service where a pastor's wife said there would be no more death in the congregation and the increase was coming. People in that church continued and continue today to die and no one has received the millions of dollars that the prosperity preachers have promised.

Spotting false prophesies

There are 3 things to keep in mind that will help you discern false prophecy.

1. If a prophecy is given over a group of people ignore it. We are all in our own personal circumstances You might have a grandchild born on the same day the person seated next to you in the church has a grandchild that dies. One individual may be getting married and another divorced. Preachers in pulpits do not have the authority to pronounce blessings, riches, and long life over congregations.

2. If you hear a dated prophecy and the date comes and goes then you know it was a lie, If you were told God was going to move in 30 days then on day 31 you should walk away from that ministry. To be fair the Lord may show you something regarding dates in your personal life. When hospice said my mother would probably only live 7-10 days.I asked the Lord if I could have a 3-day notice. Two days later I turned on a radio and a song was playing where the chorus was "I'll be waking up early long before the sun." I told my husband that the Lord just revealed that when my mother passed it would be early before sunrise and 3 days later that happened.

3. When you hear extremes such as "God is about to blow your mind", "Our church is going to take over the city, God is going to do something big, etc. you know it's not real. I have been hearing these phrases in multiple churches for over 25 years without ever seeing a manifestation. These are no more than catchphrases and cliches. One reason people buy into it is these things are most often spoken in an environment where there has been a lot of worship and His presence is strong so you believe He is speaking, Please keep these things in mind and if you have ever experienced a group or dated prophesy that came to pass please share in the comment section. Please share your stories of experiencing false prophesies as well.

The Holy Spirit leads to truth

The church has been trained to respect titles, degrees, obes, collars, and large ministries. It's time we begin testing the spirits and allowing the Holy Ghost to reveal truth.

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