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How Should I Dress to Attend a Mormon Church?

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Are you planning to visit a Mormon Church?

Don't worry needlessly about what to wear; you'll be welcome at the LDS Church, and you'll fit right in.

Don't worry needlessly about what to wear; you'll be welcome at the LDS Church, and you'll fit right in.

What to Wear to a Mormon (LDS) Church

If you're considering visiting a Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or LDS), you may be wondering how to dress appropriately.

What to wear is just one of the questions you might have about the basics of the Mormon Church.

Yes, Mormon's generally dress modestly, and although nobody will think poorly if you're wearing something different, you will probably feel more comfortable if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Chances are, you can find an outfit in your own closet that will work just fine, so don't worry about going to the mall (although if there's a good sale, well, who can blame you!).

What Girls Wear in the Mormon Church

Girls and women usually wear skirts or dresses to Sunday worship services in the LDS (Mormon) church. There are no 'rules' about skirts, but it's the tradition that most females follow, and it goes along with the idea that you show respect by dressing in your "Sunday Best." But clothes certainly don't have to be dressy.

Skirts for adult women and teen girls should generally be no shorter than the knee. This is considered a 'modest' length, and for those who have been to the Temple and wear the undergarments of the church, that length keeps the garments from showing.

The top of the dress, or the blouse, should cover the shoulders a bit, for the same reason. A small capped sleeve will do the trick. But nobody will say anything if you wear a sleeveless dress.

The neckline should not be too low or revealing. Again, you can add a sweater or other top if you want to 'modest-up' an outfit you already have.

If you have a dress that doesn't have a small sleeve, and if you prefer blending in with the congregation, you can wear a sweater or jacket and it will work fine. Many women in the church buy dresses they like, but that don't have sleeves and they add a jacket or sweater top so they can wear it.

You'll find girls and women wearing the same shoes, jewelry, purses and other accessories you see anywhere else. The same goes for hairstyles. Mormon women can have the same stylish cuts or hair colors you see in magazines, so be yourself, and be as stylish as you wish.

What Guys Wear in the Mormon Church

Men and boys generally wear shirts and trousers or long pants to worship services.

While quite a few guys will wear a suit, it's certainly not required. The same goes with ties - if you have a tie, and you don't mind wearing it, that's what you'll see around the congregation.

Many males of all ages wear white shirts to church. This is not required (and some guys will wear colored shirts), but it is very common.

A dress shirt with a tie will do nicely, and Dockers or other nice-looking pants will work fine if you don't have trousers or a suit.

Some men wear facial hair, and some don't - so you need not worry about your beard, mustachio or "I need a shave" look.

What Mormon Kids Wear to Church

Children wear the same clothes you'll see anywhere else when attending church.

Children wear the same clothes you'll see anywhere else when attending church.

How to Dress Children for the LDS Church

Children in the Mormon church are usually dressed neatly and, of course, in clean outfits (clean, at least, until they crawl on the floor, spit up, or otherwise act like kids!).

Don't worry about dressing your child in frilly outfits or stuffy suits if you don't have those type of clothes. Kids grow fast, and those things are expensive!

Little girls wear dresses or baby outfits, and little boys wear pants of some sort, or even shorts. The main idea is for them to be comfortable and not be squirming due to tight, uncomfortable clothing they're not used to or that don't 'feel' right to them.