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How Do I Know the Bible Is True? the Bible Is a Miracle!

What is the Bible?

The Bible professes to be God’s written Word to us, it holds within its pages everything God wants us to know about who He is, ourselves, and our lives. It claims to be the ultimate source of truth, wisdom, and the knowledge of God, it holds the key to a personal relationship with him and a life of inner peace and fulfillment.

Can I write a book like the Bible?

Imagine trying to write a book with a single story using many different authors and contributors whose lives are spread out over 1000 years in time, some with hundreds of years between them. Even the few who were alive at the same time, are so separated by distance and circumstance, and without the benefit of email or Zoom, that there is very little chance for collaboration. Your writers themselves are very different from each other, some are rich, some are poor, they speak different languages and live on different continents. Some of them are well educated, and others are not. You will have kings, fishermen, doctors, priests, soldiers, song writers, lawyers and businessmen, criminals, wine tasters and government officials contribute. Your contributors can write in whatever style they want so some will write poetry, others write letters, some write history or law books, and many will even write prophesy and correctly predict the future. With all this variety, you must still have one consistent story or message being in perfect harmony without a single true contradiction.

Your book must also withstand the test of time, surviving unchanged for thousands and thousands of years, and remaining as relevant today as it was when it was first written. Not only that, but it must also show itself to be true under centuries of criticism and scrutiny, with an answer for every apparent contradiction and tough question asked by thousands of sceptics who are determined to prove it false.

The Bible is a Miracle

Of course, a book written under these parameters would be impossible for any of us, but this is exactly how the Bible came to be.

It was written over 1500 years by roughly 40 authors from all walks of life who lived on different continents and spoke different languages.

-The languages were Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic

The Old Testament is mostly written in Hebrew with a few sections written in Aramaic

The New Testament is mostly written in Greek with a smattering of Aramaic words and phrases scattered throughout

- the continents were Africa, Asia and Europe.

For Example - Moses writes the law from Egypt in Africa

Paul writes from Rome in Europe

Books written in Israel and Babylon are from Asia

And it really was written by an extremely diverse group of people. A few of them are listed below.

David and Solomon were kings while Daniel, Zephaniah and Isaiah were all royalty

Peter and John were fishermen

Luke was a doctor

Samuel was a priest as was Eziekiel and Zechariah,

Amos was a shepherd, which was also young king David's job

Joshua was a soldier, a commander of the army (as was King David)

The book of Psalms is a book of songs written by, among others, King David, King Solomon, Moses, Asaph and the sons of Korah

As a Pharisee, the apostle Paul would have been a lawyer

Abraham, Matthew, Ezra were all businessmen

Nehemiah is a winetaster for the king of Persia, who then makes him a Governor.

Moses was the criminal, although adopted into the royal family of Egypt, when God met him in the desert, he was on the run as a fugitive from the law after he murdered someone and tried to hide the body in the desert.

It is a miracle that in spite of all the diversity that went into the Bible, it still tells a single story, has a central theme, and comes together as one complete volume. The center of that story is Jesus Christ.

The Bible is tied together by prophets and prophesy

There is one thing that all the authors of the books of the bible did have in common. Regardless of their day jobs, every one of them, including the apostles, was considered a prophet, a proven spokesman for God through the Holy Spirit.

2 Peter 1:21 – For prophesy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

One of the best proofs that we have that the Bible is true is the fulfillment of the prophesies they made. These men spoke of events in their near future, their distant future, and the end times. In addition to the miracles or signs that God gave them to confirm that they were truly speaking for him, the words He gave them about their immediate or near future helped their communities recognize that they were true prophets sent from God and not fake prophets who "told" the future for their own gain. Therefore, hundreds of prophesies in the Bible have already been fulfilled.

Examples of these are:

-Moses told the Israelites the God was going to get them out of Egypt and slavery. Exodus 3:16 – 17; 4:29 - 31

-When Saul was out looking for his father's donkeys, he went to Samuel, who told him that his father’s donkeys were found, that his father was worried about him, and everything that would happen to Saul on his trip home. 1 Samuel 10: 1 – 16.

All of Israel recognized that Samuel was a prophet of the LORD because God let none of Samuel's words “fall to the ground”. In other words, everything that Samuel said came true. 1 Sam 3:19

-Isaiah, Jeremiah and others told of the Jewish exile, which occurred in their lifetime

- Ezekiel, while in exile, told of the things that were happening back in Jerusalem. Ezekiel 8

-Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar what his dreams meant. Daniel 4

There are also over 300 prophesies in the Old Testament that have been fulfilled by Jesus during his time here on earth. Many of them have to do with his birth and are events that he would not have been able to manipulate into coming true in an effort to trick us into thinking He was not who he said he was.

Some examples of these are:

-He would be from the tribe of Judah -Genesis 49:10 - Luke 3:33 and Matt 1:2 – 3

-Where he would be born - Micah 5:2 - Matt 2:1

-Born of a virgin -Isaiah 7:14 -Matt 1:18 and Luke 1:26 – 35

-Slaughter of infants -Jer. 31:15 -Matt 2: 16 – 18

Escape to Egypt -Hos. 11:1 -Mt. 2:14

© 2022 April Reynolds

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