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Home Where I Belong

Quite some time ago I heard a word that sent me an alert and began to change my walk with Jesus. It said "Some people seek God because he is useful. And some people seek God because he is beautiful" I was convicted because at the time my heart wasn't right, I had to repent and allow God to bring correction. I was led by my emotions and my spirit was troubled. I found that the wise learn to look in deeper places and locate the true nature of Father's beautiful heart. He desires to impart to us a new God created identity. He wants us to know him intimately as our Father.


Unlearning to relearn

God begins to change hearts and mindsets as we yield with the whole heart. Seasons change and we change with them. He will begin to guide our feet toward new day positioning. Deeper learnings. Learning that he is always for our great good. Learning that he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us. It's the deep revealings of his beautiful life plan over us that will recreate us. When we recognize the truths of who he has made us to be we can become like him. We become partakers of his divine nature. Christlike and strong in him and in the power of his might. God said "I want to use my people to show men how much I love them."

God keeps telling us to ask, seek and knock, to be anxious for nothing. There's no fear in his love. We're to present our requests for the good things Jesus said he is so willing to give. Jesus said a good father would not give a snake to a child who asked a fish, so how much more can we have confidence in the good gifts we have a right to access from our heavenly Father? I'm glad to know that I have freedom to ask for purity and holiness when the thoughts of my own heart accuse me. It's not our perfect performance, it's because His heart is greater than our heart. We're blessed with all spiritual blessings in his son and his desire is that we learn confidence in his ability to father us and build our life houses. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and he adds no sorrow to it. We're confident that from this day forth and forevermore he guards us from all evil. Psalm 121. Psalm 91.

When we've sat down in our assigned place of blessed assurance we have awesome and humbling power in prayer. That's not a light thing. When we've set ourselves down in humble submission to his mighty hand we can shine a bright light into the darkness that surrounds us. Because he is sovereign over all situations. Nothing that is within his will is too hard.

Life is so beautiful once we've yielded all control to him. Individual intimacy connects us to the wonder of himself. Partakers of his divine nature, being prepared to do the greater works that Jesus promised. All power has been given to Jesus and we set our heart in his rest. Possessing the land we have inherited. It's the beautiful land of God's delight, beyond senses and sight. The land where the good shepherd is leading. Holy Spirit is the Great Shepherd of the sheep, and we are delightful to him. Accepted in the Beloved. Where we do everything in love and we have all sufficiency in all things. Home, in God.

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