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How Do You Pray to Make a Prayer Work?

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Prayering Right

Prayering Right

"Dear Heavenly Father. I thank you for your blessings and the breath of life you have bestowed upon me, but I am in desperate need of a miracle."

The Quote above is me drafting the beginning of what may be termed as a begging prayer. I am thanking God for all he has done for me, well all he has done for millions of people as the same attributes that I have given, billions have been given too. But after thanking God, I begin to beg his mercy. I want him to help me in a particular situation where I have been faced with an uphill challenge and there is simply nowhere else to turn. But is this the appropriate way to ask for help or beg for help from God? Will he see my prayer and put it in a queue of prayers and desperate people suffering for decades waiting to get help? How does God prioritize prayers? What makes one person prayer answer and another person who is seen to be in dyer needs prayer still remains lost in the never ending wishes of stars? Well I may have a theoretical answer to why some people prayers are filed away while some people prayers gets answered quickly.

Sometimes Your Prayers Will Just Not Be Answered. - A Story of Mary

One thing that I have realized about the human being is that they seldom like to hear what is really true. They like to shape their world in damn of false living until the truth becomes the wickedest lie to their ears. The fact is many people pray but not all prayers will be answered. Why? Let us look at this short real life story about a woman named Mary. (Not her real name) Mary had been married for six years to Allan Chambers. After about two years into the marriage they decided they wanted to have a baby. They tried getting pregnant for about two years and simply couldn’t conceive. They visited the doctor and it was said that Allan had weak swimmers and also lacked a protein in his cells to allow fertilization of the egg. They were both saddened by the news and Allan was of course sadder. They decided to do an alternative way of pregnancy and tried artificial insemination but nothing seemed to work. Mary and Allan prayed night and day for a baby. Sometimes they began to doubt God by asking why he keeps ignoring their prayer after they have fasted and prayed. But nothing broke the prayer barrier as no pregnancy was forthcoming.

One day after church, Mary invited a few of her close friends over for a group prayer. It was Jill, Tom, Sue and Billy. All six persons were sitting and joining hands in the living room and the area was heated with prayer asking for a gift of child for Mary. Once the concluded the prayer, they were having small talks and Jill told Mary of a Doctor out state that had a 95% rate of getting couples pregnant who had difficulty. Mary and Allan decided to go out state to see the doctor. It was a costly journey but they were desperate. They met with the doctor who they sat with and they explained their situation. The doctor decided that he would do further test on both Mary and Allan to see what could be wrong. Mary insisted that she was cleared for conceiving but her husband had difficulties with fertilization. But the doctor had his own standards of examination and insisted that both be tested. The doctor informed them that he would diagnosis and call them when the results are ready.

Three days had lapsed and it was just about time for that call. Mary was anxious and sat jittery near the phone timing every ring hoping to see if the doctor had a solution to help her husband. The phone rand and Mary sprang to it like a leopard hunting its prey. Allan walked into the room the same time Mary answered the phone. Surely it was the Good doctor on the other side. Mary put the phone on speaker so her husband could hear and participate in the conversation. The doctor agreed that Allan had a fertilizing issue but nothing that he hadn’t seen before and could be rectified. Mary was happy and ecstatic until the doctor told her the rest of the results. After testing Mary, he found out that she too had a condition which was life threatening in pregnancy. If Mary ever got pregnant, her own cells would turn on the foreign body inside her and eat it away and continue until it damaged her own internal Organs. Any form of pregnancy would have surely lead to her death. Mary cried and Allan hugged her immediately. She began to hold up her hands in the air and thanking God. Allan looked at his wife in a pondering way, they never would have a child. But Mary understood. If God had answered that prayer of letting her get pregnant, she would have died and Allan would have lost a wife and an unborn child. God refused her prayer and also gave her a husband that sexually could not cause her that kind of harm. Allan and Mary prayed for a child, which would have brought death. But God gave them life.

Moral - You may pray thinking what you asked for is good for you. But God will always give you whats best.

Effective Praying

Effective Praying

Prayers Without Works is Worthless

Listen, we live in very trying and testing times. We all have to get up and put our best foot forward. But the truth is that there are just too many lazy praying happening right now. And as soon as the answers to the prayers aren't forthcoming, everybody starts cursing God and denouncing life. But look at yourself and ask yourself what are you really praying for? Is it health, a hot girlfriend, a car or a publishing deal which will allow you to make millions? Well, whatever you ask in prayer, may not manifest without a little effort from you. You can't sit around all day praying for a house and not working towards it. Angels will not lift one from a construction site and bring it and lay at your feet. You cannot be seeking a big publishing contract by merely writing a poem a year and expect to get massive recognition. Prayers for success follows working towards success. There is no room for laziness in prayers. It just doesn't work. Luck may work, which is often short lived, but putting in good works backed by massive praying does.

Praying For Forgiveness First Before Praying For Anything Else.

Are you worthy of praying to God asking for love, health or wealth when you have just committed the foulest of crimes and have not seeked retribution and forgiveness of your act? They Lord forgives those that ask to be genuinely forgiven. Don't play hypocrite in front of God. You pray for goodness in your life while you continue to do evil acts to tear down your neighbor, family, friend or a coworker. Listen, the math just don't add up. Don't be going around doing a swarm of bad things to people and then asking God to help you out when you reach in a pickle. Where is the fasting and prayer seeking forgiveness of your bad acts. Where is the sorry your have given to all the victims of your malicious behavior. You have to cleanse your heart before your prayers can be answered.

Praying Jokingly

You have some people who I have seen praying and in the middle of the prayer they slide in some kind of joke that disrupts any kind of reverendness that the prayer was channelling in its vibration to God. It is as simple as ABC. If you don't take your prayer serious, you won't get a serious answer to that prayer.


Conclusion- Effective Praying

Praying is not easy as the world makes it seem. It is not simply kneeling down by your bedside and asking God to help with your situation and then hopping into bed. Praying is channeling a certain spiritual energy from within oneself to communicate withe the energy of creation. Praying effectively involves change of spirit, clean heart, goodness of mind and spiritual reverence. Effective praying doesn't mean you have to follow a specific Faith, as many faith followers cannot pray effectively. It means cleansing oneself to receive the blessings from the energy of creation.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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