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Having a Worry Free Life


Life in general has its ups and downs and these can be pertained to the choices we make. As humans we are given a free will. This enables us to reason and make wise choices. The fall of man has caused us to become imperfect beings so at times our choices are not the best for us. The bad choices we make can cause negative results which then bring about stress. Having a worry free life becomes the challenge we face on a daily basis. It should be everyone’s interest to limit or avoid worrying about circumstances especially those that we cannot change


What Medical Research says about Worry

The medical fraternity has placed worry in various categories. Many people are diagnosed and treated according to the categories they are place. Learning and addressing the root-cause why someone worry can be more effective than treating the symptom. Medical research also examined and observed that there is positive side of worry and also a negative side of worry.

The good side of worry helps to indicate that there is a problem that needs to be solved. We can evaluate our own character when we are challenged by what causes us to worry. The negative side of worry leads to lack of sleep, depression, anxiety disorder and stress on the body’s functions. All these eventually affect the body which can lead to cancer and other dreadful diseases.

Reasons to be Worry Free

  • Being worry free helps to sustain our health or begin the process of the restoration of our health.
  • Neglect worrying will enhance our sense of purpose so we can be motivated to achieve our goals.
  • A worry free life will help us to dwell in peace
  • Being worry free will bring awareness to others that they can practice to become worry free too.

How Worry Affects Our Spiritual Life

To live an effective Christian life we must be a doer of God’s word. The word of God is spirit and life so obeying it will help us to become mature spiritually. It also helps to beautify our life when our abilities and wisdom are empowered by it. It is our action of faith that pleases God.

Daniel and the three Hebrew boys stood their ground even in the test of time and did not worry about the outcome of the circumstances. They acted in faith and did not bow to the threats they received. As their battles got more intense they did not panic they stood their ground and trusted God. The question we could ask, what if they had began to worry when they were threatened? I believe they would have panicked, bow to the threats and displeased God. They would not have experienced their glorious outcome and we would not have this testimony to read.

Worry creates doubts which limit our faith and make us fail in the battles of life. Worry also causes us to think negatively and say the wrong words, thus limiting our victories

Worry Affects our Daily Lives

Worrying impacts our daily activities by creating a lethargic feeling on our bodies. At times we are not able to focus on the task that must be done because worry impairs our ability to think. Even our prayer lives are affected when we worry. Worry can become costly when people who are affected by this have to take time off from work.. They may have to make constant visit to the doctor or visit psychiatrist for counseling.

How to Become Worry Free

  • Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything.
  • We should develop a positive attitude so that we are not engulfed by the negatives.
  • The word of God is spirit and life. If we apply the word of God we will experience true peace knowing that God is in control.
  • Take your fears, doubts and worries to God in prayer (Matthew 26: 27- 39 and Philippians 4: 6– 7). When we are threatened by circumstances we need to talk to the Lord. Jesus was in anguish over the approaching physical pain, separation from God and death for the sins of the world so we went to pray. in the garden of Gethsemane This should be our resort. His prayer reaffirmed His desire to do God’s will (Matthew 26: 39)
  • Seek godly counsels- Whatever is not adding up Jesus has the answer for us. He will use His servants to instruct us in the right path (Proverbs 11: 14)

How to Maintain This Freedom

  • When we release ourselves from worry, we must continue to evaluate our thoughts. This will help us to block all the negatives that come to trigger worrying.
  • Obey the word of God.
  • Confessing the word of God with the knowledge that God’s plans for us are great.
  • Seek to make right and wise choices that are beneficial to your prosperity.
  • Have God fearing friends who can encourage you in your spiritual walk..
  • Be hopeful and don’t worry. Matthew 6:34 encourages us not to worry about what we think might happen tomorrow. We are not in control of tomorrow, therefore, worrying about it will not benefit us. Let our hope be in Jesus Christ.
  • We should occupy our time with projects and activities that are beneficial to us.
  • We should not worry about tomorrow. Worrying about tomorrow is time wasting. We must be confident that God will make our tomorrow better
  • If we replace worry with joy, then this will eventually transform our lives and eliminate the threats of depression.


Instead of allowing worry to overtake us, it is far more beneficial to confess the word of God. This will impact our spirit man and build our confidence. Worry is not given to us as a tool for battle. It is a device of the enemy to destroy us. Let us put worry away from our lives and rise in confidence to be effective in our generation.

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