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Guardian Angels and How They Speak to us Through Numbers: 444, 414, 441


Many religions teach that each of us is given an angel at birth, one who protects and guides us.These guardian angels communicate with us through dreams, whispers in our souls, and, often, through others. In the Old Testament, guardian angels guided Moses and Tobias; in the New Testament, Jesus was ministered to by his guardian angel in the Garden of Gethsemane.What gratitude we feel for this evidence of God's love and grace.

"Angels are the lights burned in the Light which has no beginning".

"Light without beginning " it is our God. And every angel, and so a guardian angel, is the spiritual light, celestial being who is constantly watching the face of God enjoying the presence of God. And it's not just a godly thinking about angels, but serious doctrine that is based on the reputation of the Holy Scriptures.

When Jesus speaks about Guidance on sin He says:10“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven. The Angels were the first of God's creative acts,endowed with the power of the victorious against all evil in the world, full of unique love for us humans. They can protect us, guide us, protect us from every evil. Our guardian angel can be our very loyal lifelong friend. And it is all up to us whether we will accept this gift, as it provides the sky or not. God does not force us to believe in guardian angels.He respects our free will. We can believe in him, or not. Good Christian joyfully and gratefully accepts all of God 's gifts, including the gift of a guardian angel .

Pope Pius IX. gladly and often told stories about the experiences he had as a boy, and that proves the miraculous help of his guardian angel. He was in the Father's House chapel as a young boy where every day he had a duty to serve at mass. One day while he was doing his severance as usual he felt in his heart an unusual anxiety and fear. He did not know why that is. He even felt his heart pounding in his chest vigorously. Therefore, he involuntarily turned his look at the other side of the altar, just like as he was searching for someone 's help. There he saw a beautiful young man who called him. Confused by this vision, he did not dare to follow him. But that bright opportunity was calling him an even stronger and more pronounced. The boy then jumped up and ran to the other side. At the same time the heavy religious statues fell from the altar precisely at the place where the small boy just kneeling. The boy, later a priest, bishop and pope, often told stories about the unforgettable experience of his childhood, praising it as the protection and guidance of his guardian angel.


Prayer for Protection

You, who is constantly looking at the face of the heavenly Father and His secret - you are my companion since childhood, my protector and leader in the search for the eternal God. Jesus, you have revealed to us that secret. From all of my heart I thank you for this great gift You, my angel, whom I have never seen, but whose presence pleases me, please be with me!

Thank you for staying faithful to God and did not follow Lucifer and his followers. I promise to be loyal to you and listen to you in the name of our Lord. Please warn me if I have insulted God, and warn me if I am in danger. Do not be just my protector, be my friend! Help me to preserve my baptismal covenant with God! Preserve me a clean heart that one day I may be worthy to watch the face of God.


Our Angels Speak to Us Through Numbers: 444,414,441,041,1144 and all combinations of these numbers

When you see the numbers “444”, ”441”, ”414” on the clock or on some other thing it is "a sign of the power of God's love." I have had more than a decade’s worth of wonderful experiences with 444’s 414’s and 441’s and with many other combinations of these numbers. Everyday I try to do my best to figure out these numbers. I usually read the Holy book Bible hoping I will find what angels are trying to say. Although I know some things I can't fully understand the meaning yet. People always ask me about these signs. They want to know what is really going on. Every man who has something with these repeating holy numbers can be sure that angels are with them.


I can not explain this powerful set of numbers, but I think it is something special. I don’t know whom to confide my experience, because they might think I'm crazy. Throughout my whole life, these spiritual things are happening to me. In the past I was afraid of these numbers. I was so afraid that I couldn't even turn off the light at night.

When I was 15 years old, I felt strange force and for the first time in my life I was waking up at the same time, 7 days in a row. (04:44 in the first two days, 04:14 in another three days and 04:41 in the last two days). Some will say it's in my subconscious. It might be, but I don’t think so. Believe me when I woke up from a dream I had already known what time is it. At the beginning of this experience, I was dreaming that I was flying across some beautiful land and it was great.

(I can not describe this feeling, but if you've experienced it, you will know what I'm talking about. Furthermore in my dream, people admired me and asked me how can I do that, how can I fly without wings. I told them that it is all in my mind. I can do that with the power of my mind. I told them that they need to have faith to be able to do that. And suddenly I had woken up, looked at my watch and guess what: clock was at 04:44. In another three days I was dreaming about some weird things(I can not exactly remember what I had dreamed of, but it was weird). I was so afraid to go to sleep so I had to turn on the songs on the phone and listened to them until dawn.

In the last two days I was dreaming about very, very weird thing.(I'll tell you just the end of it)In my dream came my aunt. We were all together in one classroom in a school. Suddenly other people all fled out except my aunt and me.I didn't understand why. Everything was fine. I remember I was telling some jokes and funny things to my aunt and suddenly I ran away(I can not remember why). I was terrified. Then, I immediately returned to that class and saw my aunt. She was like a devil. I came closer and began to pray over her. I knew it was the only way to defeat this force. I prayed in Latin.

Pater noster,qui es in cælis,

sanctificetur nomen tuum;

Adveniat regnum tuum.

Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in cælo et in terra.

Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie.

Et dimitte nobis debita nostra,

Sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris,

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem;

Sed libera nos a malo.


I know that this prayer is used to remove the demons from the soul(Exorcism). Exorcism (from Greek ἐξορκισμός, exorkismos - binding by oath) is the practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person or an possessed area.

I didn’t know in that time what do I have with all of this. I think that my little angel was trying to warn me. Maybe I was in some danger and he protected me. I believe in guardian angels. I have looked for answers in my Bible. In the book of numbers in Bible there is something: "44 These were the men counted by Moses and Aaron and the twelve leaders of Israel, each one representing his family. 45 All the Israelites twenty years old or more who were able to serve in Israel’s army were counted according to their families. 46 The total number was 603,550. "Perhaps the Lord God is preparing us for something big. Maybe He is angry at this world. Maybe He wants to open our eyes and see what is happening right now in this world. Everything is about money. The world is living without God.

Maybe he needs us in the final battle against evil. If so, my God I will answer to you: "I am ready". You made me, and I will praise thee for ever. And If I have to go into battle for you I will do that no matter what. Lord, come into my heart, in my home and make me stronger.


If you suddenly find yourself waking at 4:44 a.m.,4:41 or 4:14 consider yourself blessed. Your angels probably woke you. You may be wondering all your life what all these different set of numbers mean.

My advice: Find the answer in your heart because anyone who seeks will find that. And if you look deeper in your heart you will find faith love and hope( And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love) and that means that you have found God, our Father who is pure love.

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