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Gods Salvation Because of Adam and Eves Fall From the Garden of Eden

We are uniquely made. The more things we learn about our origin, the better prepared we are for the future. I hope I can challenge someone!

Driven from Gods Presence

Driven from Gods Presence

Salvation by Adam and Eve falling from the Garden of Eden and God sending a deliverer to mankind....

This is about exploring the question of why do we need salvation? Is it because God, a supreme creator, became fixed upon his first human, Adam and then Eve; resulting in an everlasting covenant of love and redemption for the ones who transgressed and disobeyed his command?

Adam and Eve. The first humans. They started out in paradise, in a blissful garden. Choices they made ended us all up in the earthly domain of life. How the first couple became subject to heat and cold, hunger and thirst, and temptation? Working by the sweat of the brow. Pain and sorrow. Labor in giving birth. Separated from God. But God made a covenant with Adam, that he, GOD, in 5,500 years would come to earth and be condemned to death by kings; so that through his offering of blood for the sins of mankind, Adam and all his seed after him would have opportunity to re-enter the presence of God through the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the interlude, many generations have come and gone, many civilizations have stood and fallen. Many individuals, both men and women, have been called by God to serve in his kingdom. The tools of Gods kingdom are established on the faith of the believer in Gods Word.

The power of God is based on his living word. Jesus was the living bread that came down from heaven. The Spirit of God is the Living Water that flows on this side of Golgotha. Yes, we can have some of the promises that Holy God made to Adam. The Gift of God in Salvation at the Cross established a new kingdom, in which, though we still live in fleshly bodies, we now have access to heavenly gifts. In his word God states that his blood would flow out upon the bones of Adam at Golgotha. Did Adams bones get carried upon the Ark in Noah's day, and be buried at Golgatha's Hill? That is what archeologists are saying. and I will put my faith upon Gods word that it is so.

Adam sinned, causing his expulsion from the garden of Eden along with Eve. Even so, God so loved Adam that he determined to redeem him back to the garden through God himself becoming the redeemer. Hebrews refers to Jesus as the second Adam, leading us back into the Garden and to Gods presence. Do you know what life and truth is really about? It is about escaping from the liar and deceiver of all mankind, Satan. Satan took Gods most precious creation away from him. God loved Adam and Eve. If God had not acted to show Adam a new covenant, then Adam may have died and we might not be here today. In the process, God challenged Adam and Eve and asked him over and over, "Did Satan give you all he promised?" Of course not! God went to Adam and showed him mercy, and showed him how he would save him in the end, but most importantly, Adam was sorrowful. Adam did cry out to God at the gate of Eden, "God, please have mercy, and please restore us to your presence!" Yes he did! And God listened and was merciful!

It is about having Eternal Life In Jesus Christ and being born again with him in baptism unto a new life. It is about being reclaimed unto God as an heir to his kingdom. All we do in this life is vanity if we do not accept these teachings and follow his salvation plan. Much of modern technology is based on Satan's kingdom of darkness and depending on mans knowledge. The problem with that, it is so much lower and less than the light and knowledge of God. God proved it when he asked Adam, "why doesn't Satan give you all that he promised you, when he tempted you to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?" The simple and only answer was that sin brought Adam into great suffering and grief; but not into Godhood as Satan declared he would. Satan can only lead you to destruction and departure from God.

In Adams plight of sin, God devised a plan of divine redemption to restore Adam and Eve, and to bring every one who will, back into his presence. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish , but have everlasting life." Jesus said, "behold I am the light of the world. a city that is set upon a hill cannot be hid." Peter the Apostle said "beloved now are ye the sons of God." We may have been born the sons of man, but through Jesus lifeblood, we can become the sons and daughters of Almighty God and have access to those living waters. One last thing, Adam and Eve changed from a bright spiritual nature when they left the garden into an earthy state of being. Now they had need of earthly food and drink. But they knew that it was different. They knew the water was different even outside the garden. They could no longer physically see the angels and beings of heaven unless God specifically showed them, as it is with us now. Their eyes were darkened to spiritual things. God spoke to Adam that it would be so, until Satan was defeated in Jesus death and resurrection. That living waters would flow after Jesus descended into hell and took the keys to the kingdom, defeating death, hell and the grave. Today, we are witnesses of living water and of spiritual renewal purchased by Gods salvation action at Calvary: Of his death on the cross, His burial and Resurrection, and of his ascension back into Glory. Acts 1:1-8

But the Word of God says, in 2 Thess. 4: "But ye shall be changed, in a moment in a twinkling of an eye, ye shall be like him.. ye shall be caught up together to meet the Lord in the sky." We shall be re-united with our God, with Adam and Eve. we shall have life eternal in the heavens. But know this, if you do nothing, Satan already has you as his servant of darkness. We are born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Psalms 51-5

Only if we repent of evil, "God, I am sorry for my sins", and turn to the Living God.(Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life") Confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Receive baptism into the body of Christ, in his name; Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Romans 6, Acts 2, Luke 24. Don't just read one portion, but all of Gods word leads us to his divine salvation. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable.." 2 Tim. 3:16
Paul said it all when he said, "I count all things but loss, if I don't have Christ." Phil 3:8 : Jesus said, "without me you can do nothing" John 15:5

By not knowing what our salvation is to us, it is Satan's strategy to keep millions from being saved. He will do anything to keep a soul out of Gods presence. Jehovah said "my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6: It is so critical that we share the Gospel message, "for this gospel will be preached unto the entire world, and then shall the end come." Matt: 24-14

Jesus said to his disciples: “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which someone found and hid; then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." Matt: 13-44-46


How important is your salvation?

Did you know that the purpose of salvation is Gods plan to restore us to his kingdom and to have fellowship with us just as he did with Adam and Eve?

Did you know that (the redeemed) will forever more reign with him and have everlasting life?

Did you know that the living word that come down from heaven is Jesus Christ?

Did you know that the living water spoke of in scripture is the Spirit of God?

Does your flesh get in the way?

Do you know how to gain victory over the flesh?

Did you know that this state of being human flesh is only temporary?

Did you know that the rewards of salvation far outweigh the cost?

Did you know that Jesus death purchased that salvation, that we only must enter into it and live by it?

What can I do to help someone else be saved?

In my theological studies, I have come to believe we were withheld some important information. History declares that the Lost Books were part of the written bible before the 1800's. They were excluded when our modern bibles were copied and sent to the North American Continent. Church leaders and printers of the Bible together decided that the center section, the Apocalypse was no longer necessary to have within the modern bible. It was considered outdated, and too costly to print. So we got gypped out of having the rest of the bible due to bible printing budgets of that day, as well as the presumption of church leaders that it wasn't any longer necessary to include within the biblical text. Even though, the bibles in England and throughout Europe printed prior to 1800 were inclusive of having the middle section, the Apocalypse which included the Books of Adam and Eve, and the other books of Solomon, etc. I find this reprehensible and inconsiderate to the point of cheating us of important biblical/historical accounts of Creation and the following events of Mankind upon the Earth.

New Observations from the Past.

1)Recently I made inroads to discover what it meant when Moses was instructed by God to hide in the cleft up on Mt. Sinai lest he be overcome by the hinder parts of Gods presence. It was not a simple matter such as that. Moses was positioned upon a rock and he was shown the hinder parts, or transferred if you will into the chaos of the beginning to see God create: the terrible darkness, and then the dramatic moment of Light on the first day. The dividing of the firmament, and subsequent events.. He was in the supernatural realm with God. It was because he continually had asked God to show him his divine glory. You can look into this, or you can google Dr. Mark Hanby: Prophetic Message: Utube: "The Voice Behind Me".

2) I have reason to believe also from my studies that Adam (and his wife Eve) may have lived almost 3000 years total.. You say What? Its easy to come to this simply by using Bible Scripture where a thousand years is as one day (Gods Time) and as Adam and Eve were created pretty early on the sixth day, so that was almost a thousand years and the the entire year of Gods Rest, that's an entire thousand years, So they existed almost 2 thousand years in the Garden BEFORE the expulsion and their almost a thousand years as simple, or modified Humans on the post-Garden of Eden's "Earth". They had been changed through a Divine Process from being a spiritual being of the garden Era to becoming this new Earth creature.

OR-- you could sum it up a different way by saying they lived almost 2 entire years as divine beings inside the garden realm, and about 930 years afterwards in the natural/ Earth realm.

This also concludes that the earth is a bit older than we are taught in Sunday school. Its the age we know it as , about 6000 years old Post garden of Eden, Plus the 7000 years Pre-expulsion, during the days of creation. We also know that we are stepping into the 7th millennium currently and have to see the fulfillment of that era - before (biblical speaking- Rev. 10:6) "when time shall be no more". How does 13000 years suit you, to realize 7000 garden years plus 6000 earth years comprise this sum?

3) People don't realize that Chinese, as almost the oldest pure language, has had a terrible time hiding the truth of the symbols used for the root of the word "MAN". the root symbol denotes both male and female as having their foot coming out of the earth, as created from dust. This flies hard in their culture that now teaches evolution. they cannot however erase their origin, and neither can we.

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Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on June 08, 2018:

You are very right, in that Jesus paid the way for all men of this age of ( and women) to have access to eternal life!

charlie from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth in between the oceans on June 07, 2018:

Oscar- I do not agree with much you said here. I can see we do not follow the same path of understanding. I fully believe that as scripture says the source of all truth is the Holy Spirit of God which Jesus possessed and which possessed Him. I do not follow bibles (which I do use) and interpret scripture without all the man made additions and assumptions in them. I do not believe we need anything but a word for word translation and the Holy Spirit to interpret. I will however ask the Spirit if there is truth in what you have to say but at this point I do not believe so because like the rest of scripture (the parts commonly used) it all depends on the translation you use if you do not

speak the original languages. The translators are "bible scholars" apostate men leaders of the church system of men leading men and not speakers for the Holy Spirit of God which we must access ourselves to find truth. As well as there are many words in scripture that have unknown meaning today, so we cannot learn ALL TRUTH from man but ONLY from the Holy Spirit of God. Not the false holy spirit dispensed by the apostate churches of the church system of men following man. That is why to be a disciple of the risen Christ we must possess the Holy Spirit of God and be possessed by it as is Jesus. Be one Spirit with Jesus and doing all He requires makes us One with God as He is and is the only way that can make one a son of God, nothing else. In this age we must understand Jesus is in control until the judgment when He returns all authority to His Father and sits down at His Fathers right hand as His first born son as they live WITH/AMONG all of God's sons on the new earth, not in some mysterious place called heaven as God leaves heaven and moves His throne to the new earth. If Jesus was God as apostate men teach this would be impossible.

God is a Spirit and carnal man cannot understand that as a Spirit It can be possessed by man (male or female) and the man can be possessed by It. In other words God as the Holy Spirit that lives in Christ and in His disciples but they are not God only God is God. WE are possessors of His Spirit. At the end of this age, the judgment, there will be no more human, those who are not of God will be burned up in the lake of fire (not tortured as apostate man teach) and those belonging to God will be transfigured (which is not explained) into immortal beings.

In this age it is all about the man Jesus Christ.

Previous ages were different, the age previous to ours access to God was only available to Israel and a few selected others and only through the priesthood.

In this age the only way to God is through the man Jesus Christ, and access is available to all who will meet the requirements set by Him, only real disciples of His can grant access to God through Christ. Men without the real Holy Spirit of God cannot impart the Holy Spirit of God but they do impart a false holy spirit from satan as scripture tells us they will.

In the garden access by man was direct man to God and God to man and man was to be eternal until Adam disobeyed God then all that changed. But access to God was still direct until Moses when the people demanded an intermediary and God gave them priests and kings that they demanded and man no longer had direct access to God and will not again until after the judgment when the true sons will inherit the new earth, God's eternal kingdom, and live there forever with their Father and brother.

Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on June 06, 2018:

Celafoe, I am not in disagreement of your statements about the process of disobedience. But overall, I remain convinced that it was a result of the choices they made that brought the series of punishment,curse of sin. I connect the Lost books of the Bible, most importantly the Forgotten books of Eden to the covenant, Promise given by God to Adam of his eventual reconciliation of man. I think you can find much of the purpose or intent also in the King James, if not stated as an outright covenant. Isaiah says much. Hebrews says much about the intentions that God had from the beginning. I am certainly not trying to mess up your religion. there is commentary made also in the forgotten books of Eden where God gave instructions to have Adams bones transported on the Ark that Noah would build. As much as we all like to stand only on the cannonized, approved by King James books, the books I mention are just as old, and were part of of the original writings, (do you understand?) they were all in the same library of Biblical writings, Essenes, recorded history of Gods writings to man. the Compilation of the Bible that we know today is a selected portion of the historical documents. It is believed by some that when Christs blood was shed, that the blood spilled upon the bones of Adam. I know we have such limited knowledge and we have been somewhat funneled? into a scant knowledge base of Genesis, but if you were to read the forgotten books of Eden, One is quite long, and the second one is quite short, you will find virtually nothing that contradicts the Bible that we know, but much! that authenticates and clarifies our Judaical history and even shows answers of Adams and Eves plight outside the Garden as the first Cave dwellers, and how God still loved them, even though they were estranged from him, he dealt with them and guided them to great degree. Some of it seems out there, but really they were "out there". But they were still Creation of God and I wish I had read and known the things that are in those writings when I was younger. I have no reason to discredit or disbelieve, neither do I deny the Bible. I just know that the Bible was only a portion of the writings of the patriarchs.

So far as my mention of the nature of God. Duet clearly states Gods position, that " besides me their is no savior".. Isaiah 9:6 clearly states and his name shall be called.. comeon, you know this scripture. Jude 25 '' Now unto the only wise God our savior be grace and truth amen,

So, to me, God isn't 3 separate divinities, but One God who is the Savior, through the only "begotten" son, Luke 1 and 2. God is the father Jesus is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the comforter, The same god in spirit form. Jesus said "whom the Father will send in my name.".. Even though God used this family type drama in the Salvation story, Jesus said clearly, I come in my fathers name.. can you believe the words of Jesus? even the great commission is atypical of Gods plan.. Matthew mark luke and john and Acts chapter one record the same day, the same story, and I promise you when they began to carry out the instructions of Jesus, the Apostles only baptized in the Name of Jesus,. that is fact, all through Acts., and Luke 45, do you see it is worded different, and more precise than Matthew? all the 3 person, trinity, and other terminology was written and introduced by the Roman church which became the Catholic Church.. YES Jesus was a person in the flesh. God himself never was a proper person with flesh and bones as we have, except in Jesus. Jesus was in God, he was the almighty God of the Old testament. God who in sundry times, thought it not robbery, to take on him the robe of flesh,, and go to the cross.. II cor 15 22 I think it says, one day the role, office of the earthly Christ will be fulfilled and he would give all power back that God might be all in all.. Isaiah, Duet and many other books of the bible declare that God is one.. there is only one God. many witnesses to the claim of Jesus as God with us.. ( not a seperate God.). So I mean, yes we can state there is a father and a son and a Holy ghost, but they are essentially A God Of compassion. A God who couldnt stand to see his creation,( us) go to hell and be eternally lost. he devised a way to come here and provide a sacrificial lamb,,. One place it says that Christ was hid in God or that we should be hid with Christ in God. Certain Roles that Jesus plays as the Christ may make it look like he is competing for God ship, but the reality is he doesn't have to compete for that position.. His christ purpose (nature) discussed us with the Father role and yes a dove was sent to represent the Holy spirit, but that does not mean that the holy spirit is a literal dove.

See, when you have been indoctrinated certain ways, brought up in different churches, different values seem to be placed ... however.. only the truth will remain and stand.. I do not despise or resent anyone who has been taught in trinity doctrine but truth is that the word trinity and its taught doctrinal terms are not vocalized, or written within the pages of the Holy scriptures.. yet the Godhead I timothy 3:16 IS written and it states.. And without without without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness, God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into Glory.. Almighty God became flesh.. through the Bethlehem Joseph and Mary and Jesus and Elizabeth and John the Baptist..Salvation Story.. and it does seem in my mind, having read the account of the lost books of Eden which, by the way have been preserved and are in print; that there isn't any reason to dispute or fail to accept. have you read? I have an old old copy.. which my parents and Grandparents have read until its very delicate.. No I don't have to put it above the Bible itself, but I have no reason to call it false. it was part of the books/ records which they chose/selected the canonized books from.. I think its time for Christians to begin reading the rest of the story of creation.. If we did we would never have to question creation vs evolution. I would much rather believe biblical content than so called scientific content. believe me, if anything did refute or disagree with the bible I would be first to question. I appreciate your honest questioning..I hope I have met the challenge for I have much to gain, and much to lose.. the same as you..

Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on June 06, 2018:

wow! well, your comment here encourages me this morning! thank you! the part mostly about what Jesus has done!

Erica Ligocki from Colorado on June 05, 2018:

Great article! I agree with you that we need to be focused on the light that God has brought us into rather than the idea that we're merely escaping the Devil's hands. In fact, I just read in Colossians today, "For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves" (Ch. 1, vs. 13). We need to start viewing the Bible through a post-cross lense in which everything has been finished, otherwise we will wallow in our guilt in sin. God has served as the propitiation (appeasement) for our sins so that we don't have to be bound by them any more (1 John 2:2). Great article- it got me thinking! Haha.

Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on January 29, 2018:

Im so glad for your comment, celafoe!

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