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God Wants You to Finish Strong

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We Are Never Defeated in Christ

Our life is like a very long road that you cannot even see the finish line because it is going to be a very long journey. In that journey, you will encounter a lot of different things just like when we walk or drive onto that road it will never give us a smooth road because sometimes you will go through the rocky one. Going through that kind of road can be during daytime or nighttime with different seasons such as summer, winter, or spring plus there could be obstacles as well, for example, a giant blocking your way to hinder you from continuing the walk or drive on the road and that's when you will think if you are going to choose to keep going or stop from where you meet the giant because you already got frightened.

We all have our own journey, it will never be the same season, kind of road, time, or the kind of giant we are going to face and how we would want it to end up. Please know that even though we all have different timelines or seasons in our journey, we are not alone! God chose to be with us in each battle we are going to face because the children of God are never defeated.

Imagine you are a kid and walking all alone on a very dark and long road that anytime you can encounter a big monster that can eat you alive without you having the capability to fight for yourself because you are still a kid and not strong enough to pick up or wear something to protect yourself and you got nothing to do but cry. God doesn't want that way for us to fight our battles, what He wants is to wear our armor and grab our shield. Face the giants and fight while He is sustaining us along the way because we are His warriors and not cry babies. God got our backs!

Joshua 1:9

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.


Choose to Be a God’s Warrior

Have you ever seen a warrior without wearing armor and carrying weapons? I don't think we can still call it a warrior as it will only get defeated easily because obviously there is no protection. Remember, God's warrior should be wearing the armor which is our knowledge from the word of God, having the sword which is our faith, and shield which is the truth about the Gospel.

When we are choosing to be the warrior of God, expect that it will never be easy because no matter how hard the battle is, we need to remain standing on the ground and hold on to the word of God while facing all the giants. As we fight, God will never leave us. When we are done doing our part, we would see ourselves getting down on our knees, which only means that the battle has just begun because it is God's turn to fight the hardest part and while He is doing it, we should not lean on our own understanding. We may not understand how God is fighting for us, but know that we can always have victory against evil.

Every warrior would want to lie on a green pasture after a long fight on a battlefield and get victory. Imagine that you are lying down on green pastures and teary-eyed looking up at the sky and grateful that the war has finally ended. After all the endurance, keeping your feet standing on the ground, choosing to get up over and over after getting down on your knees without being defeated is indeed going to give you a very fulfilling feeling because the hardship has already stopped and that is because of our mighty God.

I hope every time we encounter hardships in life, may we remember being a warrior and looking forward to lying on a green pasture after a long fight. The victory belongs to God, He will never be defeated. Every hardship has a counter of lessons, never say no to hardships because that will make us stronger to face the next level. There is no room for us to be frightened. God will always be with us wherever we go.

Our Battle in Life Will Make Us Stronger

In every battle we face, we learn something, and at the same time our character is being molded, from being too scared and weak to face the giants, it can turn you into a stronger person and brave enough for the next level of hardship in life. May we also learn to embrace the hardships because they can leave us a testimony that in our darkest hours, God did not abandon, forsake or leave us. He always chooses to be with us no matter what.

One of the learnings that we can get from facing our hardships is always thinking and spreading positive things to others. You were probably the person who always rants and makes complaints when encountering trials in life, but by the time you have learned to fight the battle with God, you did not even notice that you have transformed into a positive and encouraging person.

The experience of being on a battlefield can be a testimony that we can share with others on how God helped us to get through it and how amazing His grace was. When we encounter God, we never boxed Him, He deserves to be known by people, and He deserves to be shared with people who haven't encountered Him.

When you choose to fight on a battlefield, you will never go home tired, but you will be transformed into a stronger child of God because again, God wants you to finish strong!

Just like the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly that comes out beautifully and soars after getting the victory with God.


Worship Songs for You

Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Isaiah 35:4

I will be strong and will not fear for my God is coming to destroy my enemies. He is coming to save me.

Exodus 14:14

God will fight the battle for you.

1 Corinthians 15:57

Sometimes God will put you in a battle empty-handed so that when you do get the victory you'll know it wasn't you, but Him.

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