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God Gave Everyone An Assignment

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


God did not leave anyone out when He gave assignments. The problem lies in the fact that too many people don't work in their assignments because they claim they don't know what their assignment is. That's because they have neglected the signs along the way. God would not give people assignments without letting them know what they are

An assignment is anything you have been entrusted to do. You are responsible for completing your assignment in a timely manner.

God gave assignments to people throughout the Bible. Look through the list below and see who received which assignment. The names are listed in the order they appear in the Bible.


Adam's Assignments

God was generous when He gave assignments to Adam, the very first man. God gave Him two assignments.

Adam's first assignment was to take care of the garden that he had been placed in. Adam was responsible for it as long as he was in the garden. Notice that God placed Adam in the middle of his assignment. Perhaps you are in the middle of your assignment.

The second assignment God gave Adam was for him to name the animals. That was a short-term assignment that Adam completed in just one day. God helped Adam by bringing the animals to him. God will help us with our assignments as well.


Noah's Assignment

Noah's assignment caused him to be a laughingstock in the community. God assigned him to build an ark at a time when it did not rain from above as it does today.

Just as God helped Adam by taking the animals to him to name, God helped Noah by giving him the exact specifications, including the measurements and which materials to use.


Abram's Assignment

God gave an assignment to Abram, who was a pagan at the time. God told him to leave his country and his kindreds. Abram did not hesitate. The Bible summarized what he did in just three words in Genesis 12:4, "And Abram went."

In other words, as soon as Abram received his assignment, he did not talk it over with anyone or question God. He left his country and family immediately without having to sleep on the command overnight.

There should be an urgency to do what God tells us to do. Abram completed every assignment God gave him in an expedient manner. He was obedient and faithful. The Bible says Abram became a friend of God. His name was later changed to Abraham, and he became the "Father of Many Nations."


Moses' Assignment

Like Jonah, Moses tried to get out the assignment God gave him. When God told him to go to Egypt to set His people free, Moses gave Him a series of excuses. God had an answer and a reassurance for every one of Moses' excuses.

One of Adam's assignments was completed in a day, but it took Moses much longer. Leading the Israelites across the Red Seas and through the wilderness should have taken only eleven days. However, it took Moses forty years to lead them.


Samuel's Assignment

Moses was 80 years old when God gave him the assignment to deliver His people out of slavery in Egypt. However, God gave Samuel an assignment when he was a small child. He completed simple duties to do in the temple at Shiloh with Eli the priest. Samuel made sure the lamps were always burning.

Samuel lived his life being a faithful servant. Therefore, God gave him assignments as a judge and prophet.


Elijah's Assignment

God gave Elijah a strange assignment. The prophet was told to hide out by the brook in the days of a drought. There he was fed by ravens with meat, bread, and something to drink every day. That was indeed unusual because ravens are unclean birds.


Nehemiah's Assignment

Nehemiah had never been to Jerusalem, but he heard about the ruined wall surrounding the city. He couldn't stop thinking about it. At the time, he was a cupbearer in Persia to King Artaxerxes.

The king noticed that Nehemiah was troubled. So he gave Nehemiah time off from his job and financed his trip to go to Jerusalem 900 miles away to complete the assignment that was from God.

The wall had been in ruin for many years, but Nehemiah and his crew completed the job in only 52 days. After the work in Jerusalem was done, Nehemiah resumed his job with King Artaxerxes.


Ezekiel's Assignment

Most assignment God gives is for someone to do something. Ezekiel's assignment was to refrain from doing something. He was told in advance that his beloved wife would die. His assignment was not to mourn her death. He was told not to cry and show remorse among the people. He was not to participate in anything to show his grief. It was very hard, but the prophet did what God instructed him to do.


Hosea's Assignment

Some assignments are harder to carry out than others. The minor prophet Hosea was given a very hard assignment. His assignment was to marry a prostitute as an object lesson to demonstrate the way Israel was treating God.

Gomer would leave her husband to prostitute herself with many men. Every time she left home, Hosea would find her and buy her back for twenty pieces of silver. Even after Gomer had two children, she still went back out again. God commanded Hosea to "love her tenderly."


Jonah's Assignment

Not everybody considered the urgency of their assignment. When Jonah was told to go to Nineveh to preach to the people, He went in the opposite direction. Because he did what he could to avoid completing his assignment, he ended up in the belly of a big fish for three days and three nights.

While inside the fish, Jonah prayed and the fish spit him out. Then Jonah ran all the way to Nineveh to complete his assignment. Even after the assignment was over and the Ninevites repented, Jonah sat down and pouted because he didn't want to do what God had commanded him to do.


Jesus' Assignment

Jesus' assignment preceded Him and was older than He was. Before Jesus was born, His name and assignment had already been prophesied, according to what the angel Gabriel told Mary who was a virgin at the time.

Gabriel told Mary that she would have a son and His name would be Jesus. He would have the assignment of saving people. This was the same thing the prophet Isaiah had prophesied thousands of years before that Jesus would come as the promised Messiah.


God has not stopped giving assignments. He won't give you the same assignment He gave biblical people, but surely God will you an assignment that you can carry out with His help.

Hopefully, you observed a life application in each of the above assignments that also could apply to you and what you should do to complete your assignment.

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