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God Blesses You When You Give Out of Your Need

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


If the truth is told, most people give out of their abundance. However, it is more beneficial in the spiritual realm when we give out of our need. What does it mean to give out of our need? The answer to this question is very simple, but a lot of people do not operate that way.

To give out of your need is to give away the little that you have in exchange for what you will get in return. That might sound contradictory. One might ask, "Why can't I just keep the little I have instead of giving it away since I need more of what I already have?" Giving out of your need is a biblical and spiritual principle that works miracles.

If you keep the little that you are holding tightly in a clenched fist, then what's in your closed hand is all that you will have. If you open your closed hand and release what's in it, then you will receive more as the replacement.

It is easy to ignore the need of others when we are in need ourselves. Very often God calls us to supply another person’s need even as we are in need in order that He might not only meet their need but ours as well. In fact, He gives us more than enough.

If you do not believe that this is true, read the examples from the Old Testament, New Testament, and a personal testimony to prove that principle.

Old Testament Example

A story is told in I Kings 17:7-16 about a destitute widow at Zarephath. She was preparing her last meal for her and her son. God sent Elijah to the widow for a meal. The poor widow tells Elijah she does not have enough food to keep her and her son alive. Elijah assures her that God will not allow her supply of meal and oil to run out. The widow in need believed and acted on the Word of God that was given to her by the prophet. Because of her faith and obedience, she received and experienced no lack. After she shared the little she had, she had enough food that lasted during the three years of drought.

Because the widow gave the prophet the little that she had, God gave her much more than she gave away. God considered her sacrifice more than He considered the quantity. A sacrificial gift always results in a greater return on that gift.

Never look at what you don’t have or what you need, but hear the voice of the Lord in that situation and obey Him even if it requires a great sacrifice. Never let your lack hinder you from obeying God and giving out of your need to help someone else. Miracles will always soon follow.

New Testament Example

There is a story in Mark 12:41–44 and Luke 21:1–4 about another poor widow who gave a sacrificial offering. Jesus was teaching at the Temple in Jerusalem when He noticed people giving into the offering. He saw a poor widow giving only two mites. They were the smallest and least valuable Roman coins in circulation at that time. They were worth only six minutes of an average daily wage. The poor widow goes down in biblical history because Jesus explained that the poor widow put more in the treasury than all the rich people. They gave from their surplus wealth. However, the poor widow gave from her poverty. She contributed all she had to live on.


I always give out of my need. It has usually been a sacrificial giving because I grew up not having much. Every time I give, God gives back to me. While in the flesh, I might want to keep all that I have. However, I am led by the Spirit to give. Therefore, I trust God, and I never experience any lack.

Water Pump


I learned early in life about using the little of something to get a lot more. I grew up in a southern state where my family did not have running water from a faucet. We had to go outside to get water from a pump. We could not turn a knob and water would start streaming out. Instead, we had to do what is known as "priming the pump."

We had to always keep a little water on hand to pour into the pump to get it started to provide more water. In other words, we had to use the little we had to get an abundance of water to use for drinking, cooking, brushing out teeth, and bathing.

Giving out of our need is not limited to the physical act of priming a pump. Instead, it is a spiritual principle that works with EVERYTHING! The next time you need something, try giving away the little that you have and see if God doesn't provide an abundance of whatever you need just as He did for the poor widow in Zarephath and just as He did for my family from the pump.

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