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Giving in Fully to Hope

Feeling Stuck

Have you ever felt like you have entered this "in-between" space in your life? When you look at all of your circumstances, life is good-it truly is. But there's also this urge to move forward in a certain direction and you're not quite sure what that looks like.

I have had quite a few of these moments in the past few months, where I feel like God is leading me into a deeper realm but there is a disconnect between the promises that are embedded in my path and where I am currently standing.

These moments have left me feeling rather stuck. But being stuck with the inability to move forward is not in God's plans for me. I realize that it's a byproduct of not being fully surrendered to hope.

Biblical Hope

If we do not determine in our hearts to fully give ourselves over to biblical hope, it is only natural that other things will make a determination for us and that's where deception occurs. When we put our hope in Him, we will never be dissapointed (Romans 10:11). And why should we be? We have the all-loving, consisting in all goodness God ruling over our lives.

Sometimes we put our hope in circumstances as well as God, rather than making Him our full hope. When we don't see those circumstances change, then our hope is very fragile and turns into dissapointment, which can equate to "God didn't come through for me." If we turn our hope away from God, or if there is even a resistance to giving Him our full attention, we allow that open door for circumstances and opinions rather than God's word, to dictate where our hope is placed.

Hope is Active

We can be reading the Bible, listening to worship music, and creating an atmosphere that elicits hope. Our actions can seem worthy of producing a hopeful mindset. And yet, we still need to determine to hold onto the hope of God no matter what. Romans 4:18 says, "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, 'So shall your offspring be.'" He had to stand against all of the circumstances that where going against his promise from God while simultaneously standing in hope. If we're honest with ourselves, there are times when our hope looks more passive than active. Abraham experienced passive hope, and the result was him taking the situation into his own hands. He knew that he was supposed to be a father of many nations. Hearing God's word on any level produces some sort of hope in our hearts. But he wasn't a full participant of biblical hope in the beginnig of his story, and he produced a child through his own method. The amazing thing about this story is that his son was still blessed by God, and Abraham was still able to receive his promise from God. However, he received the full extent of his promise when he gave himself over fully to the hope of God and when he determined in his heart that God was faithful. When we fail to make this conclusion a truth in our hearts, other people and situations will try to prove their faithfulness to us. And even though their faithfulness will obviously come up short, in our desperation to seek out comfort, our hearts can become easily attached to things that are less than the absolute truth. Let's determine to fully give ourselves over to who God is, and the promises that come to pass will just be something extra!


Erica Ligocki (author) from Colorado on February 17, 2020:


That’s wonderful to hear that you walk this out with your family! I absolutely agree with you, that when you have hope in God, then issues are just issues!

Erica Ligocki (author) from Colorado on February 17, 2020:

Hi Oscar, I totally agree. It seems as though hope and faith are always intertwined, and that they’re avenues to propel us to reach our destination.

Yes, I have definitely spoken out my goals before and I really need to get back in the habit of that. Words are so powerful! Thank you for that reminder!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on February 17, 2020:

Such important ideas of faith. Thank you for this piece that is a delight to read. In my little home we live hope. Yes we are all about the Bible and it seems that hope just settles in. Trials and tribulations and money issues and health issues are just those. Issues.

Faith and hope let us rise above.

I like Oscar's comment and hope you have more like them.

Oscar Jones from Monroeville, Alabama on February 17, 2020:

Hi: Nice! I understand the disappointment of losing hope, because I have . But; like the scriptures you give, hope is a component of our faith. Or, maybe faith brings us along the pathway to hope. neither one seems to be the destination however, does it? Both seem to lead us to the destination (of whatever is hoped). consequently I try to regularly speak out my destination, or goals. do you do this? when I was in struggles over this, I was told I needed to set and hold down some goals, and then my activity, (actions) would become focused. Its like wow! even though we've searched for years, there is still something to reach for.

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