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Giving Thanks and Thanks Giving


Thanksgiving opens gates that are closed, because it takes a grateful heart to appreciate who the Creator really is. Creator, I repent to give to You thanks, understanding that I am functioning in, and through the fall,

In everything give thanks, in the good times, and the bad times, be thankful so that you can repent to receive your own soul. Nature shouts very loud who the Creator is, I call nature the Creator's relentless prophecy, declaring all, and who is the maker of it all,

All nature shouts glory, even though change, and tumultuous seasons. The terrestrial embraces resurrection from season to season, without the demonstration of resistance. We as beings can learn from nature, how to endure adversity, in silence and quiet, Just in beholding wonders,

All that happens in the lifetimes of valleys, and mountains have and could have only prepared me for this moment and the life song of thanksgiving, it was depending on my shifted perspectives. I am learning through, and by divine nature, how imperative a heart of gratitude really is,

The gates that can open which grant the permissive rights to enter into the courts of thanks; and what beauty lies beyond them, as I enter this breath ordained purpose, not to receive thanks but to always be mindful to give thanks,

Thanksgiving is a key to unclog pathways and unlock closed passages. Closed gates are ones that the key of thanksgiving is not being used, and closed courts are those in which the key does not work to open praise for its right use, Just to give thanks and receive nothing,

The way into the kingdom can be seen through the life of an earthly king, named David, who left us instructions on how to enter the King of King's Kingdom...Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and proceed into His courts with praise.

Giving thanks is a valuable key but repentance is the most valuable way to use the key of thanks correctly, so that no ungratefulness can follow the thanks you give.

In everything give thanks

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