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Give the Christmas Gift That Lasts All Year

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Some people think long and hard about giving the perfect Christmas gift. They want to give their children things that are on their list. They want to give other family members things they want. They try to please their friends by giving them exactly what they think is the perfect gift for them.

Sometimes they get it right with their gift selection, but sometimes they give gifts that do not satisfy the recipients. There is one gift that can be given to all. It is a gift that can be unwrapped all year long and not just on Christmas Day. It is a gift that does not rust, rot, get too small, or go out of style.

Here is a suggestion to give the best Christmas gift. It is one that lasts all year long.


Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year when people wait with anticipation to see what gifts they will get. Many gifts are in boxes and bags. They are in beautiful wrapping paper and decorated with bows and pretty ribbons. The sad thing is that some people are let down after they have unwrapped all of their gifts and did not see what would give them the pleasure they had been seeking.

Based on Luke 2:1-20, there are five things about Jesus as the gift that everyone needs.

1. Jesus: An Instant Gift

When Jesus was born He came as an instant gift for everyone. His birth was just as the prophets had said that a virgin would give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel which means, "God with us."

Jesus was an instant gift that God gave to all. That gift is still being given thousands of years after His birth in Bethlehem.

2. Jesus: A Valuable Gift

Jesus came as a very valuable gift. His birth was an indescribable gift. The angels recognized the special gift. The shepherds ceased working to celebrate the enormous gift they were given. The wise men traveled to give gifts to the one who had come as a gift Himself. They give Him their most valuable gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh

Jesus' birth was the greatest gift ever given then and it still is the most valuable gift No matter what material gift you can give anyone, they all fail in comparison to the valuable gift of Jesus the Christ. If you count all the gifts you received and Jesus wasn't included, you did not receive enough.

It is amazing that the gift of Jesus is valuable, but He is free to everyone. It costs us nothing to receive Jesus, and it costs us nothing to give Jesus away to others. The beauty of this is that we can give Jesus as a gift and still keep Him for ourselves.

3. Jesus: A Gift That Takes A Lifetime to Unwrap

When Jesus was born that day in Bethlehem, it was just the beginning of unwrapping that gift. Mary, His mother, wrapped Him in swaddling clothes. That was over two thousand years ago. Since then, we get the chance to unwrap another part of the gift that God has prepared for us. Just when we think we have unwrapped it all, there is more to unwrap.

All of the days of our lives, through Jesus we can unwrap gifts of love, peace, joy, faith, kindness, gentleness, goodness, meekness, grace, mercy, safety, security, protection, provisions, and so much more.

4. Jesus: A Gift to Give Away

When we are given a gift, usually it is meant for us to keep it for ourselves. It is for our personal use. However, when we receive the precious gift of Jesus, we can keep Him for ourselves and we still can and should give Him away to others.

Jesus is not just our gift, but it is a gift for all to receive. We are to share the good news of the saving power of Jesus to others.

5. Jesus: A Gift That Changes Lives

God sent Jesus to change the lives of those who accept Him. He changed the lives of the shepherds from the moment they found out about His birth.

Before we receive Jesus as the perfect gift, we must walk alone, forsaken, and without hope. After receiving Jesus as the most valuable gift, we no longer have to walk alone, be forsaken, and be without hope.

When we receive Jesus, He walks with us and talks with us every single day. We are never alone and we are never forsaken or without hope. Before receiving Jesus, we live in sin. Our sins have been paid for in full because Jesus redeemed us on the cross.


If you have a list of Christmas gifts to give and Jesus is not on it, then your list is incomplete. If you will be given gifts and Jesus isn't presented to you, then those who are giving you gifts are failing to give you the only gift that keeps on giving.

Let this Christmas be different. Let the gift you give and receive be one and the same: Jesus Christ.

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