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Get It Right

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We always have a choice in everything we do. So if there is conflict, let's choose to handle it in a good way to be gentle to others as well


The Conflict in Your Happiness

Just because we all have our own preferences, desires, yearnings, wants or even wishes don't mean we all want to have the same specific things in life. There are things that work for others and might not work for me. If something is right or not right in the eye between you and someone else's, that is "conflict".

I know that it makes you happy when you have finally got that something you have been longing for and is ready to become part of your life because you are finally experiencing it. I know it gives you happiness even if it has no guarantee of becoming a lifetime or just temporary happiness, you will still go for it for sure. But what if that "conflict" will be a hindrance to that happiness? The happiness that you have makes other people unhappy or choose to disagree. Would you still call it "happiness"?

It is easy to understand that when you say "happiness" it makes people happy, but it can hurt you too because your own happiness can also make other people unhappy. Indeed! It is a conflict.


Where Sacrifice Kicks In

There will be times you will ask yourself these questions so no one will get hurt or become unhappy, "Can I just choose none of them?" or "Can I just choose both of them?". We need to accept that black is not a shade of white and white is not a shade of black, they can never be as one; positive and negative can never be the same, they are totally opposite and most especially, the light and darkness can never be together in one place. Bottom line? we need to choose one of them and that's when "sacrifice" kicks in.

I know that feeling of sitting in silence like everything is okay even though you feel like you’re dying. It is a scary place to be; fighting, healing from something that has caused you so much pain. Waking up every morning to fight the exact same battle that left you so exhausted the night before, and doing it all alone.

Maybe you have a friend or family member who’s there for you, who tells you that you can turn to them, but they will never understand the pain you are in or the never-ending battle you fight every single day unless they will experience the same thing as you do.

I hope when the time has come that you need to sacrifice, may you choose to be happy for others and not vice versa.


Conflict Is Not Always a Bad Thing

This one is for everyone who is trying their best to heal from the things they don’t speak about because it requires them to choose and can't provide the decision right away. This one is also for those who are fighting their battles in silence, no matter the reason.

It’s not hard to figure out what conflict is because we experience it every day. it’s inevitable. Why? Because we’re human, and humans mess up! None of us are perfect, and when imperfect people try to do things, conflict can easily come up. But conflict isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, healthy conflict can lead to healthy relationships. But, when we don’t deal with conflict in a healthy way, it’s like poison. It will slowly seep into our relationships, infecting everything and everyone we interact with.

Look at your left, there is a conflict, look at your right there is still a conflict. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we can't do anything about it because it is with us and we cannot escape from it. But the good thing about it is we can always find good ways to deal with it to have a good outcome.


God Wants to Make It Right

Sometimes we fear conflict because we’re not doing what God wants us to do. When we trust God, we know that He wants our relationships to be in the right place. When we choose to avoid conflict and allow it to poison us, we’re hurting relationships that God wants us to make right.

We can start to overcome it. God is bigger than your fears, and fear is not from God. So, when you’re worried about conflict, pray about it. Ask God to give you wisdom and to give you the right words to heal that broken relationship. Your relationships with people and your relationship with God are directly connected.

Basically, before making things right with God, we need to make things right with others.
So if you are one of the people who are in this situation, may I just remind you that you are not alone and you will never be.

Things may get so difficult to understand each day but nothing is too difficult for our God if we surrender these things to Him.
Choosing one of those options may be hard, but if we ask God, He will answer us and will end up making a decision easily. LET'S GET IT RIGHT!!


Be Like Jesus

One thing to remember is that dealing with conflict in a healthy way won't always fix our relationships. Sometimes, people may not accept your apology. And sometimes, the conflict may not go away overnight. But, learning to handle conflict in a healthy way heals your heart, even if it doesn't heal your relationship. Why? Because when we deal with conflict the right way, we become more like Jesus.

So, let's embrace conflict, Let's be like Jesus - humble and forgiving.


Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Philippians 2:4

Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.



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