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Sundown Devotional: Defeating Evil By Doing Good

MsDora, a former teacher and Christian counselor, presents practical Scriptural principles for joyful everyday living.

Peaceful Sunset (Photo Credit: ejwrhouben)

Peaceful Sunset (Photo Credit: ejwrhouben)

The Devotional

Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.
(Romans 12:21 NLT)

When we steal from the neighbor who stole from us, we add to the number of thieves in our neighborhood. When we criticize those who criticize us, we enlarge the community of critics. We are called to disarm evil with good.

We may feel victimized by the misdeeds of others, but when we try to hurt others who hurt us, we also hurt ourselves. Why would we want to subject our lives to the stress of emotional and spiritual discomfort that comes with retaliation? Besides, after all the offenses we have caused, it is wise to submit ourselves to God’s mercy, at the same time we submit our offenders to Him. We are forgiven as we forgive.

The Bible counsels us to pay back those who do us wrong in several ways other than retaliation. These efforts fortify our minds against the desire to get even, strengthen our character and instill an inner peace which is beyond our human understanding.

Love: “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.” ―Leviticus 19:18 (NIV)

Patience: “Don’t say, ‘I will get even for this wrong.’ Wait for the Lord to handle the matter.” ―Proverbs 20: 22

Kindness: [Saul to David] “You have been amazingly kind to me today, for when the Lord put me in a place where you could have killed me, you didn’t do it.” ―1 Samuel 24:18

Self-Control: “Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.” ―Proverbs 19:11

Blessing: “Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. Instead, pay them back with a blessing.” ―1 Peter 3: 9

Prayer: “Pray for those who persecute you!” ―Matthew 5: 43, 44

When we extend the grace which God gives, He keeps on giving. Then evil doers become attracted to the good which God empowers us to exhibit toward them. Often, that good conquers them.

Prayer: Gracious God, we are sorry for the many times we have been offensive to You and to our fellowmen. Thank You for your forgiveness. Please empower us to extend it to those who do us wrong. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Scripture quotes are from the New Living Translation unless mentioned otherwise.

Just keep praying. (700 Club)

Just keep praying. (700 Club)

Ten Quotes on Overcoming Evil With Good

  1. “When people become difficult to love, love them harder and pray for them even more. That's how you overcome evil with good.” ―Jeanette Coron
  2. “No greater trespass against God and angel and man; than a human who can say that they are entitled to repay good with evil.” ―C. JoyBell C.
  3. “The way to overcome the angry man is with gentleness, the evil man goodness, the miser with generosity, and the liar with truth.” ―Indian Proverb
  4. “Evil is powerful, but good is more powerful. In fact, evil is so powerful that only good has the power to overcome evil. Darkness can be driven away only by light.” ―Jay E. Adams
  5. “Hold only love, only peace in your heart, knowing that the battle of good to overcome evil is already won.” ―John Lewis
  6. “God’s favor in its fullness is that which allows strength to overcome with weakness, love to overcome hatred, God’s goodness to defeat Satan’s evil nature.” ―Sunday Adelaja
  7. “Nothing can resist a person who is nonresistant... When you overcome negative with positive...hate with love... evil with good. You've turn a loss to a win... You have become profound.” ―Val Uchendu
  8. “Christians are not simply to sit back and wait for the time when they will be totally like Christ; they must be constantly and energetically active in the struggle to overcome evil with good.” ― Melvin E. Dieter
  9. "You may have the power to straighten out your critic. You may feel like giving them a piece of your mind. Your emotions may tell you, Get in there. Pay them back. Get even. Instead, listen to what the apostle Paul told his protégé Timothy: “Be calm and cool and steady” (2 Timothy 4:5 AMP). He was saying, in other words, “Don’t give away your power. Keep your strength under control.” ―Joel Osteen
  10. “So then, the command "Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good" is a clear witness to the fact that you can be a winner in the battle against evil.” ―Jay E. Adams
Hold love in your heart. (Photo Credit: Ylanite Koppens)

Hold love in your heart. (Photo Credit: Ylanite Koppens)

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