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Festivals and Funerals - Praying for the Grieving on Holidays

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Praying for the Grieving

Praying for the Grieving

There are many special time of year where people come out to celebrate. They indulge in togetherness, laughter, fun, food and many times the exchange of gifts. One of the most special time of year when millions of people indulge in festive activities is Christmas. During the Christmas holidays, there are vast celebrations globally. Family and friends come together to celebrate whatever they believe is the meaning of the season. But there is also grief within the festivities as many people have lost loved during the festive season. Some have lost loved ones on the very same day that the holiday is celebrated, and each time that day comes up it brings sadness to many instead of joy. So for those who need a little more love and support than many of us, here is a little prayer to keep you strong.

Praying For The Grieving on Holidays

Dear Lord, as we come together to celebrate this festive season

Remember those that have lost loved ones and are grieving

Touch them and strengthen them even though their pain is still great

Hold their hands in the midst of the storm and restore their faith

Dear Lord, it is hard to lose someone you love dearly

To not see their face, to feel their touch, it is heart weighty

So I ask that you cover them lord, cover them in your love and glory

Walk with them, hold their hands, and give a listening ear to their story

Heavenly Father, no one knows why things happen the way they do

We cry, we grief, we get lost in our thoughts and begin to question you

When our loved ones get taken from us so suddenly

Even though we pray day and night for a loving miracle

But lord you knows best and it is thee that sits upon the pinnacle.

God, give the grieving joy in this holiday season

Show them life, show them happiness, and give them a reason

To go on and celebrate the love of the ones the lost

Walk with them in this dark moment where they are surrounded with festive,

yet their hearts are saddened

Wash them in your bosom father, do not forsake their pain

Remember the children too who care not for a doll, a car or a toy train

But just to see their passed Mom or Dad again

For the mother or father who have lost a child,

hold strong

For the wife who has lost a husband or the husband who has lost a wife,

hold strong

For the sister who has lost a brother or a brother who lost a sister

hold strong

For those who have lost good friends

hold strong

Have faith in prayer, it will strengthen you through the days going on.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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