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Faith and Belief Always Gives Courage

Faith and belief always give courage

When I was in matric, I was a very carefree student who has nothing to care about and who does not like to study and cram the whole syllabus. I was not so good at studies because I love to do paintings and sketching and invested my time in these hobbies.

I always wanted to enjoy life and teased other fellows and friends of mine. All of my teachers loved this side of mine and always appreciated me to enjoy life.

But when the whole year passed, and I have not studied anything about my syllabus, my mother was furious because she wanted to make me a doctor. After all, as a teacher, she always had a dream that her daughter becomes a doctor.


When she heard about my condition, she took leave from her school and invested all her time in me. I was an intelligent student but not a hard-working student because doing hard work; I felt bored. So due to my mother's fear, I crammed the whole syllabus in 1 month under the strict supervision of my mother.

After the examination, when the result was declared, I secured excellent marks, which was a great shock for my family. But I was pleased with my result. On the next day, when I went to school, all of my classmates were very depressed.

When our math teacher enters the class and asks the students about their results. Most of the girls started weeping, but I was happy. A teacher asks me to stand up and tell me why you are smiling. I stand and tell her that I am satisfied with the decision of Allah. Because I know all know everything, and he will provide his blessings to us from a place we had never expected. She started clapping for me and advises other students to understand the concept.


After that, when I have gone to the college for the intermediate examination, I was very determined to top the test because if I got excellent marks in matric without studying, then after doing hard work, I will be at the intermediate examination. I started researching the whole day, and I skipped all my activities of joy and pleasure. I always said the prayers, raised my hands for prayer, and still demanded to top the examination.

I always called Allah for help, and I know that Allah is with us in all times of difficulties and hardships. I have firm faith in Allah that I would excel in the examination because I have faith in my prayers.

But when the result of intermediate declared, it was shocked for me because I was failed in Urdu. My mother was shocked because this was unexpected for the whole family, friends, and teachers.


My mother told me to weep because she thinks I got depressed. But I said "No" because Allah has chosen something else for me, which is very beneficial. Everybody around me thinks that I got mad, but I knew that I was happy no matter what happens to me because I know that Allah is always with me. Besides Allah, I do not need anyone, and this was my firm faith in Allah that I said the prayers and thanked Allah because I know that Allah is always with me, no matter what happens around me.

Everybody like my class fellows teases me, which hurts me a lot. Because I was a shining student, but I did not lose my faith in Allah, and that year, the government announces the policy to cancel the exams of one subject and allows the students to balance the matter of their own choice. I was pleased to hear this, and I canceled the result of Urdu. And without wasting my precious year, I appeared in the re-conduct exam, and I got 86/100 marks.

From this, I understood that whatever happened to me was Allah's will. Everybody was surprised because this is very surprising for all of us. But I think this is my firm faith in Allah, which always gives me the confidence that everything is right if Allah's blessings are with us.

Now I am sure that everything that happens in this world is for our good, and Allah knows better, which is good for us and what is bad for us. All the hardships in life are nothing, but they are blessing in disguise for all of us. So we should pray to Allah, reciting the Quran, and have firm faith in Allah.

All these things will make you capable of getting success in life and always helping you get through your tough times. There is nothing so powerful, but faith or trust in Allah is the most powerful thing you have if you have full confidence in Allah.

May Allah always bless us with His blessings and give us the courage to help those who are needy and seek help.