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Everything will be ok...God is working things out.

God is working it all out - Listen to this video it will help remind you.

Everything will be ok. God is working things out

For more of God's work in action check out my blog.  Beautiful evidence of God's miracles working everyday in the world, nature, and at your door.

For more of God's work in action check out my blog. Beautiful evidence of God's miracles working everyday in the world, nature, and at your door.

Everything will be ok...

As things move and change, making most of us uncomfortable, and uncertain of what may happen next, please hear that "Everything will be OK. God is working things out."

As I write this hub, I think about Paul - who sets an excellent example that reminds us to encourage ourselves - if need be - as he did while locked away in prison. He knew that everything would be ok. God was working things out. So he was able to keep focused on Jesus and his works and what he taught them before his sacrifice. He kept the word of God on his lips at all times and in his heart he nurtured it. He never allowed his faith to whither - not for one moment. He kept pressure on the enemy who was assigned with the mission to destroy his faith.

I keep all kinds of words of encouragement around me in my office so I will not forget that everything will be ok. God is working things out. For here is where I spend most of my time during the week and I feel good surrounded by the encouraging reminders.

My newest, yet one of the most valuable reminders to date, is a little posted note that is simply stuck on my computer that says, "Everything will be OK... God is working things out." I see this everyday first thing in the morning. It makes me feel happy when I look at it because it reminds me that even though everything is changing, moving, decisions being made, etc. all will work out - with me in mind. God has not forgotten me and my problems.

Especially on those days when the enemy gets a good shot in on one of my weak spots, I just lift up my head and I see my little posted note reminding me and encouraging me that Everything will be ok God is working things out and it fills me with strength and confidence again. I am able to stand strong again. Despite what is going on that I know about and all that I don't. I am refreshed and after glancing over to read it over and over a few times, I am back, good as new. Amen! Who would have thought that this little yellow posted note would do so much for one woman and her spiritual walk?

This little piece of paper has gained so much value with me. There is nothing fancy about it, it's not marked up with different colored highlighters, covered with rose petal flowers or even typed out. It's just written in my own handwriting with a regular black pen. Underlined to confirm what is written. Because when you put it into words it becomes real to you.

Before I had written it, I use to get at work in my office and begin to flashback and forward about what may happen and what should I do to prepare as I unfold my day. But, now. that I've had it here on the lower left of my computer for about a month or so I don't find myself anticipating what to do next when... I don't care who sees it, in fact I hope it helps anyone else who lays eyes on it for that is its purpose.

The God we serve is a thorough planner. He has knowledge of our tomorrows that we have no idea about so he is equipped to create a master plan that will allow us to gain the victory over all of our situations if we just keep our faith and trust on him. One of the best pieces of news I can share with you is - you, me - WE ARE ALL INCLUDED IN HIS MASTER PLAN AND HIS PLANS NEVER FAILS! So relax everything will be ok. God is working things out.

We can place our trust our burdens on the threshold of the Lord and he will include them in his planning and rezoning. He will have them all worked out all the way through to the last details. Showing you justice and equality. Awarding you miracles delivered to your door by your worst enemy. He just asks us to step aside (be still) and allow him to do his work. All we have to do is "trust" in him and his abilities.

So, I close to say, if you need some encouragement, some uplifting good news on a daily basis. Get yourself a little posted note and write yourself a reminder and when those rainy days come, and your faith gets shaken up, glance over to your little posted note and rest assured that all - truly will be OK, because God is working things out for you and me.

Be blessed, hold your heads high and be the child of God he has called you to be. We are separate and different from the world. We must shine from the inside out. We are to be an example of Christ. I love you all, in Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

Blessed - Be reminded always


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