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Escaping Your Dark Seasons

Seasons come for us in many forms. Some are easier than others. But what about the dark seasons? How do we escape them?

Life comes in seasons. And sometimes it may seem we are trapped in the same season of darkness. Dealing with the same problems, fighting the same old battles, spiritual ware fare reopening wounds that God healed long ago. My heart goes out to you.

What I have learned is that I not only need to trust that God has good plans for the future, and pray that I continue to trust that, but I need to actually claim those promises on my life. When God gives us something, a gift, a promise, we usually say “Thank you God for this, I trust what you are giving me is good” but we don’t actually reach out and take it. Because when God gives, we need to receive.

Imagine playing a video game. You’ve almost beat the entire game and now you’re on the last level. It takes you a few try’s to learn how to pass the level and then get to the point where you fight the final boss. You end up beating the boss and the game is over. But then you go back to the beginning and keep playing the same level over again ready to fight the boss once more. I use this analogy because I think this is why many of us find ourselves stuck in dark seasons. There are hard times, God walks with us through them, we learn our lessons, and grow stronger. We have completed everything God intended us too. Level complete.

But we’re still playing a game many of us beat weeks, months, or even years ago. And this is where Satan gets cunning with his attacks. He watches while we struggle with the same things, over and over and over while we wonder why it is we are still in a season we don’t want to be in. “God I thought you had good plans for me! When is the good coming?” Meanwhile God is so eager for us to move on as well! It’s great that we trust God with our futures. But along with trust we need to ask God and He says we shall receive (Mathew 7:7-8) in order to move forward, we need to put down the controller and trust THEE Controller, and quit the game you won years ago. There is so much more for you. So Perhaps in order for God to move, we need to move out of our dark seasons, let them go, take action and claim God’s promises to us.

I encourage you to write down things that may be holding you back from claiming God’s calling on your life. Because I promise it is more than what you are currently struggling through. Is it fear, doubt, holding onto something negative? Write these things down and then pray.

“ God thank you for my life. Thank you for all the good you have in store for me. You have given me the strength to endure————- ( and then I name what it is I have survived) and come out the other side victorious. God I pray that as I leave this darkness behind me, that you would protect me from the enemy. I claim all the good you have in store for me. You are a good and generous God who takes delight in me. So as I move forward help me claim your promises and never let them go. In your name, Amen.”

And then take the paper with everything written down that you want to let go of, and rip it into pieces. Because you are now free of that darkness and ready to step into a new season, a new light.


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