Encouraging Bible Verses

Updated on November 28, 2019
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I am a fellow Christian who believes that God alone is the source of all things good (James 1:17).

1 Thessalonians 5:11

Encourage one another
Encourage one another

God has given us His Word to sharpen and encourage us.

Encouraging Bible Verses

We ought to encourage each other. Our encouragement comes from God. God has given us His word to sharpen and encourage us. I pray that these verses make a positive spiritual impact on your life. Take a moment to reflect on some of these verses and think about how they can change your life if you will let them.

Philippians 4:13

Christ gives us strength
Christ gives us strength

We have a powerful God that we can lean on.

I can do all things

If there is one verse that believers have used for encouragement, it would be this one. We have a powerful God that we can lean on. Those who belong to Christ have a Friend that understands all things and has gone through all things (even death) out of love for us. We can turn to God for strength. When we are within God's will, we can trust that God is in total control of everything that happens.

Jeremiah 29:11

God has a plan for your life
God has a plan for your life

For I know the plans that I have for you

I have used this verse in other lists as well, and for good reason. This verse can be very encouraging when you feel like you are lost or fighting a losing battle. Think about this for a moment: The God who holds the whole universe in His hands has a plan for your life. Many times, we try to struggle against the forces that push against us in life. Things could be a lot smoother if we would just focus on the fact that God already has a plan. It is a lot easier to seek God for His plan for our lives instead of fighting against everything around us.

Once we know what God's plan is, we can rest assured that God is able to bring these plans into fruition. All that we need to do is align ourselves with God and His plan. If we focus on these two things, we allow God to do His work in and around us.

Isaiah 41:10

Do not fear because God is with you
Do not fear because God is with you

If we truly believe that God is with us, why would we fear?

Fear not, for I am with you

What if we saw the first part, 'fear not', as a commandment? Here's another question: If we truly believe that God is with us, why would we fear? Perhaps we need to make a choice between serving God with our emotions instead of our need for comfort.

Maybe we need to focus on the fact that God is with us instead of the fact that things could go wrong. Every day, we need to choose the fact that God is our God instead of feeling dismayed.

I have found that asking God to give me sense of His presence in my life helps me to focus on Him instead of my situation. What if these situations were meant to teach us how to see God in everything - instead of only when it is easy to do so?

Psalm 27:4

I want to dwell in the house of the LORD
I want to dwell in the house of the LORD

Seeking God alone

Perhaps the most encouraging thing for us to realize is that our comfort lies in God's presence. Things get uncomfortable when we look for things outside of God. God could be offering all that you need, but is waiting silently for you to discover that it can only be found in Him. If you find yourself in a situation that disturbs your peace, invite God into that situation. Pray that God goes before you so that you can enter into His presence when you walk into that situation. Let your struggle for peace become your search for God.

Isaiah 40:31

Those who hope in the Lord will have their strength renewed
Those who hope in the Lord will have their strength renewed

Only God can make things right.

Those who hope in the LORD

What does it mean to hope in the LORD?

It means that our focus is on God. We acknowledge that only God can make things right. We hope in the LORD when it is no longer about when the situation will get better, but when God will intervene. In one train of thought, we hope that the situation will improve. Instead, we should hope that God will do what only God can do.

I personally know when I am focusing on the situation instead of God when I think of ways for God to fix it. It is almost like I forget that God almost always does things in such a way that I would give Him the glory. God moves in mysterious and unexpected ways. When I give God a list of things to do, I am focusing on the situation. In comparison, I can rest easy by knowing that God loves me and that God will do whatever is best for me in the long run.

Psalm 34:8

The LORD is good
The LORD is good

God is good

Sometimes, all we need to know is that God is good. In fact, there are situations where we will struggle until we remember this simple fact. Negative struggles often amplify how good God is. It is not easy to see the power of a light until you find yourself in complete darkness.

Let these two sentences wash over you:

  • My God is good
  • I am blessed because I take refuge in Him

1 Corinthians 10:13

We don't have to succumb to temptation
We don't have to succumb to temptation

Many people have faced the same temptations as you.

No temptation is too great

Your temptations aren't unique to you

I have found great solace in the fact that many people have been tempted in exactly the same way as me. When I read the stories about some people who have fallen prey to temptation in scripture, I place myself in their situations. I find that, almost all of the time, I wouldn't have succumbed to the same temptations as them. In a lot of other situations, though, I can admit that I would have made the same mistake as the fallen.

We tend to think that the temptations that we go through are unique to us. Clearly, they aren't. Many people have faced the same temptations as you, and many more will face the same temptations after you. For some reason, this fact alone makes my temptation look a lot smaller. Maybe it is because I no longer feel alone and isolated in my struggle.

God says that you can bear it

The fact that God won't let me be tempted beyond what I can bear is strong form of encouragement. It makes me feel like it is possible to beat whatever temptation I am facing. This reduces my current temptation to a fire that I need to walk through instead of a wall that I can't break through.

There is a way out

I find the fact that God has made a way out as another powerful form of encouragement. Instead of biding my time through something that feels impossible to overcome, I can simply look for and use the way out that God has already provided for me. Pray for the wisdom for God to show you the out that He has provided. I have found most of my 'ways out' to be personally provided for me by God.

For further help on overcoming temptation

How to Overcome Sin and Temptation
How to Overcome Sin and Temptation
I am planning to write a post dedicated to Bible verses for overcoming temptation in the future. In the meanwhile, if you struggle with this, I'd highly recommend reading a book that is dedicated to the subject. If you struggle with temptation, you would know how much it could wreck your life and throw you off the path that God wants you to walk. This book in particular is written by John Owen. He is one of my favorite authors. Take some time by reading this book (or another Bible-based book that offers practical ways of dealing with Temptation). Your chances for success are much higher when you are armed with the right strategies to overcome habitual sin.

Proverbs 17:17

A brother is born for times of adversity
A brother is born for times of adversity

Seek a friend. Be a friend.

This verse encourages us to be a friend to someone who might really need it. It also encourages us to seek out good friendships when we really need it. I'd like to discuss the latter first.

Seeking help from others

Many of my own hardships were brought on by the fact that I wanted to deal with my issues on my own. There are too many people who act the same way. God created us to be social beings. God is love and demands that we love others (1 John 4:7-21).

There are some things that we can only deal with once we open ourselves up to help from others. Once we experience the power of help from a loving friend or sibling in Christ, we learn how to do the same for other people. This brings us to the next point.

Being of help to others

This verse encourages us to be there for others. We are often so involved with our own plight that we don't consider or pay attention to the plight of others. This is the opposite of love. Open yourself up to others and love them. This opens the door for people to abide in you. You can change someone's life, but they need to trust you first. Someone might really irritate you before you discover what they are actually going through. If you want people to trust you, love them unconditionally first.

Exodus 15:2

God is my defender
God is my defender

The LORD is my strength and my shield

I find this verse to be extremely powerful when I need to be encouraged. It shines a light into the darkness that tries to entangle my mind. The harder it is to say these words, the more I need to hear them. It is like using a flashlight in the darkness. Flashlights aren't very useful in the middle of the day. I believe that God will occasionally put us in harsh situations where we have nothing left but to hold onto who He is. These times give us a greater understanding of the goodness of God.

John 15:13

Jesus loves us so much that willingly He died for us
Jesus loves us so much that willingly He died for us

Rest in the love of God

Sometimes the best encouragement that we can get is a fresh revelation of God's love for us. This revelation empowers us. It gives us hope. The love of God is what we were made for.

I particularly love this verse because Jesus refers to Himself as our friend. God is my friend! If God is my friend, I can do anything. I can face anything if I know that God loves me.

Deuteronomy 20:4

God goes with you to give you victory
God goes with you to give you victory

Our God is a God of victory.

God goes with me

If God is on your side, your God is with you wherever you go. You cannot escape Him - and neither can your situation. People, things, circumstances or events cannot escape from God. God is in control of everything. You are never alone. God does not lose battles. Our God is a God of victory.

What would your life look if you walked into every situation knowing that God was right there with you? What if He knew more about your situation than you do? What if He made a plan for you before you even came across your first difficulties?

We become God's people when we fully submit to God. A life submitted to God is a life victorious over everything else - what a powerful thought indeed!


My hope is that these quotes from the Word of God and my accompanying thoughts have encouraged you to live life in God's fullness, authority and victory. When we humble ourselves to God, we are exalted above everything else (Matthew 23:12).

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I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments below.


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