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Double for Your Trouble Is Not a Biblical Promise

Cheryl has a BA in Psychology and Church ministry. She is a licensed/ordained minister and founder of two outreach ministries.

Misquoting scripture

Misquoting scripture


Isaiah 61:7 says: For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them. In context, this scripture is addressing the children of Israel, who are going through a difficult time and being attacked by their enemies. The Lord spoke through His prophet Isaiah to give His people comfort that things would eventually work out for them and they did. Many modern-day preachers have misquoted this text by telling parishioners and or television audiences that everything they are going through is a test and God will give them double for their trouble. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people saying this to someone or even to me myself. When you speak something like this on His behalf and it does not come true, you are a liar. This scripture is a favorite of prosperity preachers who tell people to sow into them and God will give them double. One popular teacher, Joyce Meyer who has promoted the double blessing hs admitted that she was wrong to teach prosperity. Again, this was written to the Israelites and it did come to pass in their lives.

Joyce Meyer no longer teaches prosperity.

Joyce Meyer no longer teaches prosperity.

No obligation

It is important to note that the Creator is all-powerful and can do anything He chooses. He is not, however obligated to do is to move on anyone's behalf because they quote this or any other scripture like a magic charm. The prosperity doctrine has brainwashed believers into falsely believing there are principles and keys that will make the Lord move on their behalf. Something that should be kept in mind is that Romans 18:9, which references Exodus 33:19 clearly indicates that He has compassion and, mercy, on whom He chooses. He does not owe anyone anything based on how much they attend church services, tithe and sow seeds into their spiritual leader. If you can remember to read entire chapters and put them in the context of who was speaking and whom they were addressing, this will lessen your chances of being duped.


Learn a lesson from the pandemic

If nothing else proves this point, then it should be the COVID-19 pandemic. Thsi coronavirus is no respecter of persons and has infected and killed people from all realms of life. Many Christians have been shocked because entire churches of people have tested positive and at least 50 plus prominent pastors and Bishops have succumbed to this dread disease. God Almighty holds our lives in His hand and He has allowed the pandemic to affect and take the lives of those whom many believe should have been protected. If tithing, sowing seeds and having a title meant what we have been taught that it does, then these things would be indicators of who does and does not get the virus. I know people who are not Christian and do not believe in Jesus Christ but they and their families have been fortunate not to be infected. Sadly, many of those who are believers in Christ who died and or their loved ones probably were told that they were going to be healed and get double for their trouble. This is what comes of lying on the Lord.

Questions and answers

I know people who have questioned why they have not seen the "double portion" that was promised and the preachers have come up with many creative answers. One said that just because it has not shown up does not mean that it won't and she will still believe. There is nothing wrong with believing the Lord to come through ina situation of need but the double blessing was never promised by him. It's like Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch every year on "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." He waits for the Great Pumpkin who never shows up. I heard a pastor tell a member that he must have missed one of those principles or his faith was not strong enough. Another pastor told the congregation that you have to give an offering the same amount as your tithe or greater. There are other excuses and in the midst, faithful believers are dying without seeing the promised blessing. We all fall short and these tricky preachers use your shortcomings against you in order to keep themselves protected. There is not one person on this earth who never misses it but they would have you think your blessing escaped you because you did not attend a Wednesday night service or missed church two Sundays in a row. Why would the Lord punish you for not going to church, when He never instituted church service in the first place? The bottom line is to remember that Isaiah 61:7 was promised and delivered to the Israelites. Yes, He is able to give you double, I have experienced it many times. Is He obligated to give you double because someone spoke it over you, absolutely not. You can believe Him in your personal walk for anything you choose, but telling others Ge is going to give them double when He did not day it is lying.

If He chooses He can do anything for you but: Double your pleasure and double your fun is a commercial for Doublemint Gum. It’s not a promise for every believer in Christ.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston

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