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Does God Work In Mysterious Ways?

Understanding how God works in our lives can be difficult. But through God can we know all things and understand all things.

This is a question that many of us ask ourselves when we struggle to understand certain events and miracles that take place in our lives. But just because we have trouble comprehending things, or how things have happened in our lives, does that really make them mysterious?

The phrases “God working in mysterious ways” and “ The mysteries of God” are two very different concepts.

God has many qualities to Him that we find intriguing and mysterious. And that is because as earthly human beings we have a hard time comprehending the things of God, heavenly things to which I believe, we will only be able to fully comprehend and understand in heaven. As humans on this earth, we are limited in many things as to what our minds can fathom. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the capacity to further understand God. We may not be able to completely understand everything about His mysteries, however like school, we can further our education in knowing Him. God gives knowledge to those who seek it. And how can we find this knowledge? We can find it through His word, through the council of others, through prayer, and being still in the Lord. Even in heaven will we be able to continue to learn His secrets. And in heaven our ability to learn and grow and fathom will only increase. Only God possesses infinite knowledge about everything but through Him can we only discover more.

As for God working in mysterious ways, here’s some things to ponder.

Humans grow. We mature and develop. We mature in our faith, our physical bodies age, and we increase in knowledge in our life. So is it a mystery that the you now is different than the you from the past? Is it a mystery as to how you’ve grown in your life?

It isn’t like one day you were young in your faith, a child, and then years later you magically changed into a mature adult. A mature believer. No, there had to have been a process involved. And that is how God works. Everything He does is through a process. Even miracles in your life have undergone a process. Through prayer, through through faith, that is the process. It may seem that God suddenly changes your situation and in that moment to you it feels like a mystery. But God works behind the scenes too. And just because we can’t see what He is doing behind the scenes doesn’t make His ways mysterious, it only means that His ways are higher than our ways. God orchestrates things, carefully planned.

Is it a mystery that there is Day and night?

Is it a mystery that there are humans and animals on this earth?

God created. In the book of Genesis it is very clear that God called things into existence, not mysteriously, but by a process. He worked for six days, each day He created something new and spoke it into existence. And then, on the seventh day, after creating, He rested. He planned how He wanted things to be. And called everything He made very good.

When God works in your life in ways you don’t understand, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to understand. God will always clarify Himself and reveal Himself to you. With Him, things don’t just happen out of the blue. We may be shocked and surprised at how He works and why but we can always ask Him. And He will always answer.


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