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Did God Actually Exist?

A corner of Paradise


What is religion?

I want to feel free to fantasise that if we knew who we were we would have never invented religion. The French philosopher Ernest Renan sais it quite well “Religion is a sect that made it to the top”. The Gods and the idea of God were an obvious yet natural outcome of our ancestral fears. It is easy to forget how many thousands of Gods man believed in at one time or another.

I like fear, I heard it whispered that it is the mother of intelligence. I resonate with it. If our fears run so deep (and they do) it must mean that our intelligence does too.

Fear of death is obviously numero uno along with the fear of not having enough or the fear of not making it. Then we have the fear of the future, of the past, fear of inadequacy, responsibility, fear of emptiness and rejection, silence, loss, darkness…intimacy?

Isn’t it logical that as evolved beings we can safely hypothesise that God only exists in the spiritual quantum of our free attention and clearly does not exist in the atomic realm (our physical consciousness). Is it blasphemous?

A busy mind cannot see itself. Why is it so difficult to realise collectively that we have undergone a quantum genetic mutation probably right around the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. We have been given the right to go beyond the Gods to become the Gods ourselves. Shocking?

Look at us since 1780. The elevator, the telegraph, the steam engine, vaccines, dynamite…fast forward to the computer, the car, airplanes, etc. Can you imagine someone from 1780 landing in a city on an airplane? In 1780 not 500 B.C. or 5 million B.C.

You had me at goodbye. Our minds are so innocently far up our derrières in fear that we can’t even see what has happened to us. We are free from the Gods! We truly are the new Gods and we don’t really need them anymore. They are a thing of the past.

All we can say is thank you and feel deeply grateful, now can we have our time? To place things in perspective, we are so lost on the mundane mental plane with our busy agendas, political or otherwise, that we cannot see who we have become and the age we now live in.

Spiritual consciousness is a beautiful and well-practiced awareness of the unfathomable, a kind of ethereal reality that evokes the totality of existence way before the big bang—before time itself.

How can the totality be a time construct? Beginnings and ends are time-bound not the whole. Only the free and present attention of the heart in total watchfulness can traffic in the unknowable; you must let go of everything in order to even begin to sense it. Any attempt to know or understand it is doomed.

Only free attention can navigate being without fear or a compass; it is in my understanding the very essence of what we are.

Note: these essays are musings in intuitive awareness not scientific facts being offered as truth. Many of our scientists use intuition to establish paths of inquiry and advance possible theories. We see ourselves as traveling mystics and emotional spirits filtering universal consciousness in the now. We are clear that there is a great cosmic joke in our being on this plane as part of the great mystery of life. We favour a philosophical exploration through our own intuition rather than fit-all reason.

Life is not serious, we are.

© 2020 Eric Stone

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