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A Christian Devotional on Genesis 1:1

Pastor of Iglesia Conexiones, a baptist church in Jessup, MD. B.A. in Bible, B.S. English Ed., M.S. in Educational Leadership.

Photograph by John-Mark Smith, available in Pexels

Photograph by John-Mark Smith, available in Pexels

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth— "

— (Genesis 1:1, LEB)


The very first sentence in the Bible, short as it is, is the foundation for the rest of the Bible. Everything the Bible says makes sense because of what that first sentence says: that a God exists, and that He created everything that exists apart from Him. This sentence has the power to uphold the story and the logic of the Bible.

This same sentence also has the power to transcend the page and alter your perception of life and reality. What you believe about humanity's origin (including your own), what you believe is the way you ought to live, what you believe is possible or not, what you believe is your personal destiny, and what you believe is humanity's fate is all largely shaped by your belief in the actual existence of the God of the Bible.

And that's exactly what the Bible "wants" you to do. It "wants" you to first make sense of the biblical story by looking at it (understanding it) through the lens of this one truth—that the Creator God exists—so that afterward you can make sense of reality and your own life by looking at it through this same lens—that the God of the Bible exists, and that He is the creator of everything that exists, including you (and us).

The more you read your Bible with faith in its very first sentence, the more it profoundly transforms your life—you will not be disappointed.

Prayer Starter

[Use this prayer as a foundation to start and shape your very own prayer.]

Lord God, I believe in you, and I trust you. I believe you are the Creator of everything that exists, I believe you are the ultimate reality, and I believe you are my Creator.

I praise you, Lord, for your great power and your great wisdom: your wonderful works are countless.

I want to know you more: as you have revealed yourself through the words of the Bible and through Creation, reveal yourself to me in a personal way. Help me to understand the Bible and to see how it connects with reality and with my own life.

Transform my life so I can live the kind of life you want me to live. I offer my prayer to you in the name of Jesus Christ—that is, having welcomed Jesus Christ, your Son, into my life. Amen.

Questions for Reflection

Use the questions below in the following ways:

  • discuss them with God as you pray
  • write your answers on a journal
  • meditate on what your answers mean (to you and to God)

You can also share your answers (or part of them) in the comments section below.

  1. Do you believe the God of the Bible actually exists?
  2. Why do you pray to the God of the Bible?
  3. Why do you pray in the name of Jesus?
  4. How has your belief in this God's existence transformed your life?


Don't forget to memorize this verse. Read it aloud to yourself, then copy the first letter of each word in the verse on an index card, notebook, or post-it note. The way this works is that, next time you want to recall the verse, looking at the letters will provide you a hint that will help you remember the verse without actually reading it.

This, then, is what you should copy in your index card to memorize this verse (each letter stands for each word in the verse, and the reference given abbreviates the book of the Bible):


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Five Reasons Why You Can Believe God Exists

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