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10 Characteristics of a Godly Mother

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.

Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May.

Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May.

Mother's Day

Most preachers preach about a biblical mother on Mother's Day. However, some preachers might deliver a general motivational message for today's mothers. This article reminds women of some of the characteristics of a godly mother.

The characteristics include those of a mother's lifestyle and not just those that describe her at a church on Sundays.

A Godly Mother

No doubt everyone will agree that Mary, the mother of Jesus was a godly mother. Therefore, Mary is used as an example of a mother who possessed godly characteristics that mothers today can imitate.

Luke 1:34-38 is the passage that shows Mary as a godly mother even before Jesus was born. Throughout the rest of her life, Mary displayed many other characteristics.


1. Believes the Promise of God

When the angel Gabriel approached Mary and told her she would have a baby, the young girl was baffled because she had not known a man. She said she did not understand it but she would accept what the angel told her and she believed the promise of God.

If mothers want to follow in the footsteps of Mary, then they should believe the promise of God even though they don't understand it.

A godly mother praises God.

A godly mother praises God.

2. Praises God

Even though Mary didn't know what was going on, she praised God. She was betrothed to Joseph and she stood the chance of being stoned to death, yet she praised God. In the midst her confusion and the knowledge of the consequences that could happen to her, she praised God.

Godly mothers praise God at all times no matter what is going on in their lives.

Godly mothers demonstrate patience.

Godly mothers demonstrate patience.

3. Displays Patience

Mary was a very patient person. We know that because she had to wait nine months for the promise of God to be fulfilled. Also, she never complained during her riding on a donkey during the long trip to Bethlehem. The Bible recorded nothing about her complaining when there was no room in the inn and her baby had to be born in a stable and put in a manger.

Godly mothers are patient and don't complain when things are not as they want them to be.

4. Is Productive

Mary's baby wasn't born in a warm hospital with all the things a baby usually needs. She improvised and was productive. She used strips of cloths to wrap the newborn in.

Godly mothers can be productive when it comes to providing for their children. Like Mary, other mothers are creative and use what they have for the comfort of their children.

5. Follows Protocol

Even though Jesus was not born under ideal conditions, Mary followed protocols, according to the Jewish law. When Jesus was eight days old, she took him to be presented to the temple and to be circumcised. Mary was also purified after giving birth.

Godly mothers follow society's guidelines to have their own children vaccinated and enrolled in school when they get to be the age determined by their state. That's what godly mothers do.

A godly mother is a proud mother.

A godly mother is a proud mother.

6. Proud of Children

Godly mothers are proud of their children. Mary and Joseph were always proud of Jesus. When he was only 12 years old, he sat among the religious leaders who were amazed at his knowledge.

Mary was also proud of Jesus when Joseph taught him the carpentry business.

7. Ponders Things

When Jesus was left behind in the temple when he was 12 years old, Mary didn't understand what he meant when he told her he must be about his Father's business. After Jesus' remark, the Bible said Mary pondered those things in her heart.

That what's Godly mother do. They ponder what their children say instead of prying or lashing out at them.

8. Is Perceptive

After Jesus' remark in the temple at 12 and Mary pondered what he said, there is no other account of Jesus until 18 years later when he was 30 years old. His mother was perceptive enough to provide for and protect her son without knowing what he would do for the whole world.

Godly mothers are preceptive mothers.

9. Experiences Pain

All mothers hurt when their children hurt. Mary was no exception. As she stood at the foot of the cross and watched her son being crucified, she must have had the worst hurt of her life. Jesus did not want his mother to see him die. So, he turned her over to John, his beloved disciple. John took her home, and Mary did not see her son die on the cross, but she still was sad about the pain he experienced.

Godly mothers hurt when their children experience pain.

Picture of Mary and her baby

Picture of Mary and her baby

10. Not Perfect

Godly mothers realize they are not perfect, but they do the best they can in order to keep their family healthy and happy. Mary wasn't perfect. Even though she gave birth to him, she will have to bow down to Jesus and confess that he is Lord like the rest of us.

Godly mothers know they are not perfect. By acknowledging their imperfection, they can change what's wrong.

More Characteristics

There might be more characteristics of godly mothers. However, the ten that are listed above are a good start.