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Bible Study: Lost in The Darkness Part 2 of 4

I am a certified pastor and an active Christian of over 15 years, The Lord has made His voice known to me. I have heard and seen His angels.

Where There is Light and Where There is Darkness

Last week, we talked about getting lost in the darkness. In order to understand the struggle between good and evil, we must understand what light and darkness is and where they come from. Just as before, I recommend a quiet place and an open heart. This is your time with Jesus. Take all the time you need to prepare yourself. Once you’re ready, read on.

In pictures, movies, stories, and even the Bible, we see the darkness portrayed as evil and light portrayed as good. For example, Star Wars movies refer to the good guys as the, “bright side” and the bad guys as the, “dark side”.

So where in the real world is light? And what is it? Today we will discuss these questions as well as questions revolving around the Darkness. We will discuss what it is and where it comes from.

What is Light?

In 1st John 4:16 (ESV) God Is referred to as love:

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

God is also referred to as light in the following verses. Think about it, how can God be two things at once?

To answer the question above, I think of it like this: A teddy bear can be both cute and cuddly. Why can’t God be two things as well?

If God is light, then His light must be love.

Where Is It?

In John chapter 8, we learn that light is where God is. If we follow God, we follow the light. By following him, we are children of the light.

The awesome thing is that if we do find ourselves wandering too far into the darkness, there is hope. Light can brea kthrough the darkness by: giving hope to those that are grieving; showing us the way when things seem helpless; and finding our calling on the brink of giving up. These are just a few examples of finding light and exiting darkness.

Dwelling in The Light

Everyone has seen dark times. Think back to one that you have encountered. What pulled you out of the darkness? How can you use this motivation to keep yourself in the light?

Think of one thing you can do each day to help keep yourself in a good place and a positive state of mind.

I recommend taking some time to reflect before reading this next section. Let the last section settled in. Pray about it and ask God for wisdom both in dark times and light filled times.

What is Darkness?

In Acts chapter 26, verse eighteen (ESV) we learn that Satan is Darkness:

to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me

The beautiful thing about it is that one can be rescued from the darkness. Our Heavenly Father has given us a way out of the darkness through his son, Jesus Christ. All we must do is except it.

How Does Darkness Effect Us?

Jesus spoke about the darkness as recorded in John chapter 11 verse 10. He shares with us that walking in the darkness makes us stumble, lose focus, and lose our hope. As discussed in last weeks study, where light shines, darkness cannot exist.

Where Is Darkness?

Now that we know what darkness is and that it is of the devil, we must discuss where it can be found.

Where is it?

Take a look at this next scripture. Focus on keywords. Write them down and pray about them. God uses specific vocabulary to help us understand His word.

Diving Deeper

Think about it, darkness is associated with wicked deeds. Who causes those wicked deeds among us? Who can you think of that wants us all to be sent to hell along with him? You’ve got it, the devil.

Now think about the second half of the passage. God is referred to as light once again. It is also communicated that His light reveals all things. That includes both good and bad deeds.

We must also remember that even though we may not be proud of everything we’ve done, if we claim Jesus as our Lord and our Savior, we are saved from our wicked deeds. Asking forgiveness is hard. But in the end, it saves us and changes our lives.

To understand light and darkness, we must discuss the source of the darkness. It didn’t always exist. As a matter of fact, the creator of the darkness was once a very beautiful and good angel. The book of Isaiah Describes lucifer’s fall into darkness:

Lucifer’s name became Satan.His new mission, to drag as many sinners down to the depths of fire and brimstone as possible. He fights dirty because he has nothing to lose.

Take Away

Just as most fairytales and movies portray a good side and a bad side, so does our world. There is a constant struggle between good and evil. But just like the fairytales, the good side always wins. God is more powerful than Satan. That will always be true. So do not worry. God has the whole world in his hands.


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