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Be Gracious to Me

A believer, in recovery, looking to the Bible to know who I am in Christ.


Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your way with those who love your name. Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me.

Psalm 119:132‭-‬133 ESV

It's a Loving Relationship

I am a believer. So I get to ask God to turn to me. Now, of course that's from my view point. He always is paying attention to all of His children in a special way. But He wants me to ask.

I get to ask Him to be gracious to me. It's a loving relationship. I don't come to Him as if He might not listen. No, I come to Him fully expecting that He knows me and is of course listening and wants to be gracious to me.

Why? Because I'm His child. I love His name (May that grow in me).

I get to ask Him to keep my steps steady. Just to be clear, that means my decisions, not how I physically place my foot down on the floor.

In this particular case, when I looked at the context of Psalm 119, it looks like he's talking about other people's iniquity (wickedness) overtaking him.

I Will Fear No Evil

The world is an evil place. We need protection. We get to ask Him for protection.

But most often, when there is trouble, I am my own worst enemy. My pride and shame can make for a mean cocktail. I need His help to steady my steps or I will act the fool. No question about it.

In asking Him to turn to me and be gracious, to steady my steps, I am reminded that I don't belong to myself. I belong to Him. I represent Him. I follow Him. I must believe His words and act accordingly.

He also intervenes when the enemy is the evil I don't see, the dark forces which want to tear down what God has made. "I will fear no evil, for you are with me."

Lord, help me have so much faith in you that I ask you to turn to me and to be gracious. Lord, enlarge my ability to love your name. I want to be all-in. Not a half believer. May I have the kind of faith that asks you to protect me and knows you protect me from evil. Today. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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