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If your reading this then I know your alive.

The body of Christ need not be so concerned with COVID-19 ending so they can get back to that favorite pew. Take a moment and truthfully ask yourself what is church. To most in Western Christianity they look at Sunday as the most sacred day of the week (everyday is the Lord's day). It's a time when one see's their fellow brothers & sisters of the faith, sing some songs and hear a sermon. Can I get an amen? Amen! We put high value on this time for we say: It's the Lord's day. I know many miss being in physical fellowship with one another for which I count myself in those numbers during COVID-19. The real question one must ask him or herself is what do I really need? Do I really need to get back to church so quickly? Is it that important.

COVID-19 has isolated many Christians via social distancing and disrupted their weekly Sunday routine. Come on, you and I know that many of us are social butterflies. Going to church or that church building
was an outlet for Christian fellowship for many who didn't receive any during the previous six days. Prior to COVID-19 we were very social as encouraged in Scripture. What we really need to do is examine life before SD (social distancing) and life during SD and what we should expect it to be after SD.

Life Before SD
Going to work, transporting kids, Sunday Service (sometimes all day like when I were a kid) or dinner with friends giving many a packed schedule. Here's a few things some Christians do besides those listed above: occasional gossip, back stabbing, cheating, false accusations, envy, jealously, impatience or the lack of a prayer life. Christians aren't perfect for we're just forgiven as we are a work in progress. That work in progress doesn't give us a license to do wrong though at times continue to allow that old sin-nature into our lives. We take grace for granted like it's a license to do wrong knowing God will forgive and forgetting there's a consequence to the sin.

Life During SD
Being separated from those who are a part of the household of faith for any extended time can be difficult for some. Now on the other hand it could be a tremendous blessing for others. Why must I say that you ask. There are some within Christian circles who look at it as a moment when they are no longer being gossiped about, put down for not having a certain gift or talent, not having to deal with mistreatment and such. This is what is known as church hurt, and for them they're loving it like your favorite meal. Church hurt is real and has been dividing fellowships for decades. Both scenarios lead to sadness of heart and sometimes depression while in isolation. One needs to take inventory of the life they claim to live during this time of SD formally known as Social Distancing.
Every year companies take an inventory to see what they have and don't have. This allows them to see what they're stock looks like. We need to look at life during SD as a much needed oil change. That change is an evaluation of our walk with the Lord.

In other words, If you followed this reading and been reading with your heart and not just your head you'll kindly see where I'm going. Like I said, in other words, we need to get Back to Being The Church rather than looking to go back to church. Our time at this moment during SD shouldn't be about the coming fellowship celebration we plan to have in a building (nothing wrong with that) for I like a good party too. It should be more about going deeper in fellowship with Jesus Christ in prayer and personal study of the scriptures. For far too long many Christians have relied on the Pastors Sunday sermon and neglected to spend quality time studying the scriptures themselves. My question to you is: have you ever studied and not read an entire book in the Bible? If not, start with Jude for It's small. It'll be like tackling a small debt you owe. Don't let this extra time you have during SD be wasted on countless hours of binge watching movies. Enjoy your favorite program but make this a time to get Back to Being The Church rather than Back To Going To Church. Pivot to something fresh between you and God.


Christ wants you to come to the table for the table is set. He wants you to feast on His Word so you can be all that He desires for you to be and that is: Get Back to Being The Church rather than Back To Going To Church.

© 2020 Martin Barrett


J McRae BA MA Psy from Desert Southwest U.S. on April 29, 2020:

Thank you!

Liz Westwood from UK on April 10, 2020:

I like the clever title. You have raised some important points in your thought-provoking article. I think that now that many churches have quickly developed an online presence, this will continue as a means of communication with those who, for whatever reason, do not or can not get to a physical meeting.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 09, 2020:

You brought up some very good points about church. The church is just a building built with bricks and mortar, the church is the people who seeks guidance and forgiveness. Thank you for sharing,

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 09, 2020:

These notions are very much the impetus for the near 250 Eric's Sunday Sermons. Good folks just may not want to attend their place of worship regularly. Also people do not like scripture of any sort crammed down their throat. Fair enough.

I happen to love going to worship with others though I am not social in that regard. Give me the service, short time to thank a few folks and I am out of there.

SD works well for me.

manatita44 from london on April 09, 2020:

I really like your articles ... your call to the Divine. We are all His, but yes, we have strayed like sheep and your call is necessary to bringing us back. This is a very lofty piece:

'we need to get Back to Being The Church, rather than looking to go back to church.' Serving in Light, bro, serving in Light. Glory be!

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