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Are There Unanswered Prayers?

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What to Do With Unanswered Prayers?

When we see that our prayer is not being answered which has been a decade of waiting, it can be or not unanswered prayer yet. You have to check it first before considering one. Because one of the reasons He is sometimes saying no is He wants you to know, learn, and realize something. It is good to check these things first for yourself.

  • Check your relationship with God - How often do you talk to Him or cry to Him? Have you been reading His word? These questions can be asked to ourselves to know how our relationship with God is. Are we doing devotion? Are we obeying Him? How important He is to us? This is a good way of reflecting to know our status of relationship with our God so we can be better followers of Jesus Christ every day. We don't pray because we need something, but we pray because we want a better relationship with God and to know Him even more.

  • Check your relationship with others - Are we treating people nicely? Are we being mean to other people? Do we love others as much as we love ourselves? Have we understood that the reason we can love it's because God first loved us? These are the questions that we can ask ourselves too that there might be a connection between our relationship with others and why we have unanswered prayers. This is good to see and check our hearts if what we are showing and doing to others is good or not.

  • Check how you are asking - By knowing how we ask or pray to God is one way of knowing what God is telling us to do. Are we asking God to do something in detail? Are we being bossy when asking Him? Are we being selfish about our prayers? Is the reason behind the prayer with good intentions? Is our asking has something to do with a bad thing? These things are good to know by heart so we would know if our prayers should or shouldn't really be answered. If you know that what you are asking has bad intentions behind it, God will definitely not answer it. So it is good to know how you are asking God when you pray.

  • Check to see if He answered - Pray to God to open your eyes and hearts to see the answered prayer very clearly. Because we probably just don't see it because we are too focused on the exact prayer we asked Him. Sometimes God answers our prayers not in our own way. Remember to trust His ways and when you do, you will be able to see that God has answered your prayer and you only thought that He didn't. God knows your heart and intentions even if you don't say it. And if He saw that your heart is pure, and your prayer is aligned to His will, He will give you your asking. Just check it with your own very eyes.

  • Check your persistence in prayer - Do you pray every day? Are you praying based on your situation? Do you pray when you only feel like doing it? Do you pray when you only need something? Are you praying because you just got something you have been wanting to have in life? Are we thanking God whenever we are praying? How consistently do we pray to God? These are the good questions that we can ask ourselves. By knowing this, we would be able to know why we are getting unanswered prayers. God wants us to be closer to Him and that is by praying. He wants our hearts to be connected to Him. Never stop praying for what you really want in life.

The Value of Unanswered Prayer

We might be thinking that when we have an unanswered prayer, it will make us stop praying because we become demotivated from doing it Please know that there is value in having unanswered prayer. God knows if what we are praying for is good for us. God knows if what we are praying for is not being asked for something about revenge. God knows if what we are praying for is for selfishness. Sometimes if we need to check ourselves or our prayer if it is good for others and for ourselves. God knows what's in our hearts, we can never hide it no matter how hard we try.

When you are being rejected, blocked or stopped by God, embrace it because it is His ways of saying to you that there is no good in that thing or He has prepared something way bigger than what you are praying for. Don't be sad or don't feel bad when you have an unanswered prayers because it is also God's gift of protection if He sees that there is danger or if it will be harmful for you.

Trust His ways, He is not ignoring your prayers, He just want you to know that He has more in store for you.


3 Ways to Press Through Unanswered Prayers

Even if there are unanswered prayers, know that God wants the best for us and our prayers will never be set aside or ignored. He only says no to us because He can see everything ahead of us. So when He did not answer your prayer, just trust Him that He really cares for you and He doesn't want us to lean on our own understanding. Let God do His amazing work for us.

Here are the ways for you to press through the unanswered prayers:

  • Know with confidence God hears your prayers - If you believe in what you are praying for, you can have it. Just know that you also need to trust the Lord that whatever you have prayed for, He will do it, or He will give it to you as long as it is also aligned with His will.

  • Trust that prayer makes a difference, even when you don't see the difference - It is important that when we pray, we also put our trust in that prayer. As mentioned in the bible, faith without works is dead. So when you pray to God, you must have faith. The faith that will make us continue to pray no matter what the situation we are in. Believe that your prayer will make a big difference that how powerful the prayer is.

  • Tell fear it has no place in this conversation - when we pray, we don't just pray about what we want to receive from God, whether it is a material thing or a baby that you have been longing to have or a future spouse, we should also ignore or don't entertain the fear because it is not from God. Fear is a lie that we should not believe, it is from the enemy. So when fear is trying o distract you while praying, ask God for the Holy Spirit to fill you and the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to replace the fear with hope. Keep praying!

Bible Verses

Allow me to share these verses with you all.

Ephesians 6:18

Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God's people.

James 5:16

Pray for each other. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Psalm 16:8

I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me.

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